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The old t-shirt

old t-shirtAfter movies and lots of masti!! It was something which an Indian waits right from their heart all the time, An Indo-Pak clash, and what if the clash is in world cup, the exictment reaches its maxima when its the final of the world cup and what if the previous clash ended in a draw and that draw was decided by a nail biting bowl out!! all this thrills u, isnt it!! now here no Pal in this story , just a look back at our Indian mentality!! Yess i am talking about T20 world cup , where our team performed out of skin to get the world cup back to our nation after 24 years. We were crowned the world champs in cricket no matter the version of game was much shorter this time. But we proved to others that we did better then them to get this crown.

After our satisfactory performence in England , people back home were not expecting anything big from our young team who reached the African peninsula without the big 3 SACHIN , RAHUL & SOURAV. Should i call this a smart thinking or a wise and smart prognosis, the big 3 rested themselves and left it to the young and the enthusiastic to give their best, as the big 3 were missing, the people back home did not expected much . Just a couple of months back our team was in hard knocks, an early exit from the world cup and the big debate back home regarding what went wrong with our team??

Should i call it our teams bad luck or the sad saga for which our team is chased all the time, it was just one bad game against Bangladesh earlier this year which brought out mental torture for our team, the publicity before the world cup (ODI) was so huge that we were in do or die state, and a lose in a match meant that all the money and all the expectation will sink up like the old British ship “TITANIC” , I know u will now start thinking about that beautiful movie. But What i want to ask myself and other Indians is, why cant we learn to take a lose as a lose , why do we need to create problems for the player, after the early exit the “TEAM INDIA t-SHIRT” was packed back in to the suit-case and every one was cursing the team and all the big players for their poor show. But if cricket is religion and Sachin ,Sourav and Rahul , Sehwag are god… then why cant we expect that even god make mistakes. Lord Shiva created problem for himself by fullfilling “Bhasmasuras” wish. Lord Rama had to face exile for no reasons, Lord Shiva beheaded Lord Ganeshas head without knowing that he was his own son. Now if god can make mistake and can have a bad day, our cricket team comprises of humans with super human abilities. Humans do make mistakes, all those commenting on the team must look at themselves first, Never it happened that they had a bad day?? Never did they perform badly?? Never it happened that they tried their best but the luck never favoured them. If our team was not upto the mark or they took Bangladesh as minnow then how come did they put the highest total in the next match.

But this early exit sent back the team India t-shirt back into the cupboard. Then came the England series where we won the test series and gave a good fight in the ODIs. But still the people back home never expected a miracle from our T20 team. Now this is what i want to bring into light, see we never expected anything from our team and when team was under no pressure it turned the table for the ODI world champs and proved them that they might be a good side but still they need to perform everyday, although they perform everytime but in the new edition of world cup they had 3 bad days and they were out of the world cup in semis. After the giant was down, people back home started celebrating again. In finals we meet another team who had a bad world cup like us in march. Yes Pakistan was another victim of criticism that they faced back home. Both the team gave up there big name and made way for the new generation, Although experience is the essence of a team but if it lacks enthusiasm then it makes no sense to play , both the team had a good mixture of youth and experience and the new blend spread freash fragnance in this new edition. Both of them came up with flying color and made it to the finals.

What a grand finale, the stage was set, 2 arc rival and that too last match was decided in bowl out, crowd was back and the peoples cheer were with the team again. The “old Indian t-shirt” which was dumped in was back to its business the tri-color tattoo was back on face and the tri color was flying high. The slogan of CHAK-DE INDIA was in the air!!!

The whole crowd was behind the team and celebrating with the team, but where were the same people when we lost in the world cup and came back home early, the same people who were celebrating were busy that time sending e-mail, sms and writing blogs!! about our poor show and cracking jokes on our poor performence. I mean why?? why do we need to be so harsh on player, when they do bad and why make them the king when they do out of their skins!! why cant we treat them as just players after all its just a game . Why not we celebrate the victory of our hockey team?? why not we cheer for our Kabbadi team which brings us the gold medal in Asian games?? Why do we need to put so much pressure on our cricketers?? Is it just that cricket is having money and all those who put their money on our cricket team want worth of their money?? Why cant we put in our money on other sports viz hockey ,tennis ?? Why were the cricketers given prizes when the hockey team also won the asia cup? If some business men awards the cricketers it makes sense but why government?? Our young gun won the cup and now our old reliables are questioned for their performence?? Why do we need to test the reliability of a wall which has been tested for over a decade??  Why a second treatment to other sports?? Why do we need to question the performence of the big 3 who had served the nation whole heartedly for over a decade??Who asked us to give our expert comment on our teams performence?? Is media not hipping the good and the worst?? who is responsible for criticism that our players face ?? Why do we expect so much from our cricketers when we know expectations kill performence??Why do we keep such a dual mentality??

When will we learn to take sports with sportsmen spirit!!

So many question unanswered, but still its good that our old TEAM INDIA t-Shirt is back in business and the smile is back on our faces!! 

Any ways cheers for hockey and cricket, and hearty congrats to the team who kept our flag high!!

Wish all the players a grand success in future and hope that they keep brining smiles on our faces.!!!

Chak de India !!! Jai Hind!!!!!  

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hail darkness

hail darknessAfter a long blog which borred u all alot, here is another one, hope this shorter version comes to u and me as an elsevier. Hope u like it!!!

PAL as u know is so innocent that messes up even the simplest of things, i hope by now u kow how he lands up in trouble, and here is another incident reflecting that. For BMW employees the weekend is not as usual as others, they have to work on sudays also, Now this is worst!! right from childhood u are told that sunday is a holiday and all along ur school and college life u wait for the weekend defined by the seventh day of the week termed as SUNDAY!! and all along ur life u pray from monday that next sudnay comes soon and u make plans for it right from monday, which u usually dont do for any weekdays. Hope no one has any objections on this.

So now u will wonder that when is PALS weekend, its on wednesday!! JESUS ME why the hell wednesday?? who the hell in this world can enjoy on wednesday thinking it as weekend !! BUT yes we BMW employees do it, and we enjoy it thats why we are a bit different!! Anyways office is a funplace but still as we are taught from our childhood about the importance of weekend , we need one!! So now what does PAL does on weekends, goes to theaters for watching  movies at a cheep rate, isnt it an advantage??? what did u think that PAL always cry for what he does not have,  NOW here is what will make the story more intresting.

Very few people in this world love darkness, most of them are scared by lord of darkness an ugly looking face  with a stick and sword in both hands, or if u go to the indian menatallity they will see dark skulls hanging around or see wild animals surrounding them, or they will think of the worst horror of there life, i mean darkness has always been considered bad .But what if darkness gives u some of the most memorable moments that u can think of and laugh out aloud. Now wondering what rubbish is this author talking about.

Ok if u dont agree with author here is a story of PAL again, which i suppose should change ur mindset for darkness. Pal was sitting in his room reading the morning newspaper, suddenly a tune starts ” come to me. bhool jaye saara jaha” now dont u wonder, this is his mobiles ringtone, searching for mobile in a big heap of papers and cloth is like searching a needle in a heap of grass only good thing here is the needle cant give ringtone and vibrate like mobile does, so finding mobile becomes easier. Yet it took sometime for PAL to find his mobile now u can imagine how critical the situation might be!!

He picks up a call and guess wat who is at the other end, the funck!! “tutu”, ya one of the best pal of PAL. Usually tutu is very lazy and has passion for only few things chat, novel, movies and to the maximum part of life, the one and only sleep. The last one is so dangerous that it took some 25 full calls and 5 mins of door slaming to wake this demon up, I can now very well imagine the problem that RAVANA might have faced to wake up KUMBHAKARNA. But to surprise of Pal , Tutu woke up early today and invited PAL for a movie show. No great movie was in theater but still the word movie show is so attractive and so enticing that u just cant deny it and that too when u have a company of a good friend. They still decided that they will go for a show cause its cheap, even if the movie is not that great they can still sleep in A.C. cause there will be a powercut that time. This is what is called wise thinking, I hope theater people will raise there eyebrow and put there heads down to think over this. How can they afford to loose money so easily, how can they allow people to watch movie for cheap and that too when people come with such intentions. 

So they made up there mind and went to the multiplex. They decided to watch a romantic movie, now thats really weared, usually romantic movies are seen with ur girlfriend around but still they went for it, cause they wanted to watch a movie. Well the movie was BECAUSE I SAID SO. But all along the movie PAL never felt that heroine said so, infact director and dialogue writter asked them to said so. So the first half went around watching people sitting around him. Suddenly he noticed that right next to him a nice girl is sitting, wow isnt it lovely, so u got a reason now to see a romantic movie!! But god damn it why the hell movies are shown in darkness, all along the first half he cursed the darkness cause he was not able to see the girl sitting next to him, and while the show was going on, an emotional sceen came up, he watched her, she was wipping her tears , he thought of lending my clean and white handkercheif so that she can wipe her tears, like a good gentleman!!, now his curiosity increased, and attained new heights and he started cursing the darkness more.

Suddenly that scene ended and the lights turned on, but by the time he could turn back and look at her she was gone. Now how can a girl miss a romantic movie where emotional scenes are going on, he was not enjoying the movie but in fact was thinking why the hell girls are so sentimental, for him movie was like a person shouting on a dumb ,his mind was tickling somewhere else!! But suddenly a bell rang in his mind and the alarm said that the rat in his stomach are jumping and if he doesnt take any actions the elephants will soon start giving them accompany!! The case was same with tutu and both of them decided to have something, as he wanted to see that girl he asked Tutu to bring a sandwich and a coke for him, by the time both that girl and Tutu came back it was dark again and he again cursed the darkness, but it seems the dark lord got fed up listening to same old curses so he said lets do something for this poor kid so that he never curses the darkness.  Since it was a morning show so it seems most of them didnt have their breakfast. As a reasult all cup holders in chair were occupied, PAL kept his pepsi cup on left , which was right to that girl, and started eating popcorn . He then gave up the thought of watching that girls face, so he started watching movie, and ya thanks to the director of movie the second half was better then the first one, eating popcorn sipping pepsi, eating popcorn sipping pepsi…..eating popcorn sipping…hey my pepsi is missing, now how can this happen. Who dared to take it!! he had a feierce  look at the neighbour but the look suddenly changed cause u cant give feirece look to a gal who by mistake took ur pepsi cup thinking it to be hers!!! Now what do u think happened next!!!!???

Pal took a deep breath and thought ya this is his chance and clearing his throat he gently said “Excuse me madam !! the pepsi which u are drinking is mine and ur pepsi cup is on ur left side, u can still drink the pepsi if u like it so much but kindly change the straw cause i am suffering from cold and i dont want that u also suffer from cold!!”. Now who the hell on this earth can be so caring as PAL is, but look at the bad luck of PAl the girl took it in the other sense, and she immideately kept the cup and removed the straw from it, God damn it this was the dumbest act a girl can do, and all the anger she had came on the poor straw of PALs cup, she crushed it and bended it like anything, Pal could not count how many fold that girl gave to that straw!! Now the problem for Pal increased as he has to sip directly from the cup, poor pal could not see the girl also and lost starw for no reason!!! Now PAL was happy and gladly accepted the darkness without cursing lord of darkness…

Suddenly a comedy scene the first of it came on screen and another voice came up dekha jo tujhe yaar maan mein baje guitar…. now no body dared to sing that but Pal got stuned how can his heart sing song that too so aloud that its audible to others , suddenly i realised a young men forgot to keep his mobile on silent and i took a siegh of releif!! but i really dont understand why cant people keep there mobile on silent mode during a movie!!

Both Pal and that girl gave a hasty look to that person, Pal just wished that she also felt the same, but its like another Brayn adams song:- “just another east side story” hope u all know this song, which tells about a boy who use to see a girl everyday and wanted to know her no. and name but he never succeeded. And both of us kept silent agin, The movie was about to end and Pal was thinking that at last he will get a glimps of that girl but as soon as the movie ended she ran away it seems she got too much embarassed by PALS offer of pepsi, before PAL could reach the door she was out in a flash. Now really thats another east side story!!!! PAL will always pray for such a great dark situatation!! And will hail darkness if such situation happens again in life!!! HAIL DARKNESS!!!

He thought of sharing this story at my office and wanted to know what they would have done if they encountered such a situation. NAD about whom i will write soon in my blog which will be completely on the bloopers of Pals office mate, said excitedly if i would have been at ur place i would have let that girl finish my pepsi and then ask her for a pepsi treat, now everyone had a hasty look over NAD cause we are supposed to be gentleman, and gentle man never ask ladies to pay for them. All of them read the book “Anything for u madam” where the author emphesises so much on adequates and manners to be kept in mind while being with a lady!!!

Poor NAD got smashed again and every body laughed aloud for the cheep idea that NAD gave and every one made a fund cause if he would have done this then surely he would have got a treat but not sure weather of a drink named pepsi or a dish named “SANDLES”.

POOR PAL did it yet again….!!! But thats life lets keep it going and live it with full spirits!!! But still if darkness can be so impetuous then kudos to the lord of darkness and HAIL DARKNESS!!!

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the KVS experience!!

THE KVS experienceHello friends back again with another bang, i hope u had fun with fun time story of pal , that was when he was in school, now he is a grown up “GENTLEMAN”, now u have to judge how gentle is he in this act??? Before that let me tell u , my champ pal is now working in bye-bye motor works [BMW] , and that too in BMW he got the department of his choice, i.e. the one and only Metallurgical dept., now god only save this dept, and the cars coming out of BMW. Now lets get back to work, before going into details of what this gentle person did, let me tell u the story in BMW so far!! for about 40 days the “Experienced” HR of BMW kept the freshers busy in induction program and factory visits!! if i can summrize this whole program in nut shell it says “Coorporate world is chaos and u were much more better in ur campus.”  Due to such a long induction the freshers got over-baked and as a result the “Experienced” HR has to send them on to rotation as soon as possible. As the roatation started the groups got divided, a huge chunk of people got fragmented into small bits and peices, the group in which Our champ Pal was in went for R&D[Robery & Duplication] rotation Which is termed as CRC [Cleaverly robing center] but unfortunately in BMW this work is also not done cleverly. But now that PAL is here so things are surely going to change, so the day one like the whole induction program the group was tested for patience and was made to wait in a nice Air conditioned conference room, without making noise, now how long can u sit like a dumb person in a luxurious room, provided u cant sleep!!!

So next day the department allotment was done, PAL was excited, that he got a department which he has studied in college for 4 long years, unaware of the fact that what problems he is going to face. He was asked to report to a AGM of that department and from where he was redirected to another person named “KVS” dont ask me to expand this as because i may goof up. So a breif description of KVS , tall, dark, handsome and the most eligable bachleor of that dept., but after completion of one month of project PAL got the news that the most eligible batchlor was detained , for the simple reason that he was getting married. Now ask any bachelor the excitement of getting married, what if some one tries to temper with that feeling, this is what PAL did and here is another story of how PAL messed up with his boss and landed up in trouble.

It was another normal day , PAL has finished one months in Metallurgy lab and he was glad today so he just wanted to know how he has performed in this one month, he goes to KVS to ask for a feed back, completely unaware that what trouble he is iniviting!! He enters the cabin and says a warm hello to KVS!! now this warmth was so touching to KVS that he gave a nice warm smile ,I am not sure that was warm or crooked!! he gets a nice feedback , happy and excited PAL came back to the cubical , following PAL came the big KVS with a big camshaft!! from some babyco company! PAL taken by surprise that is he kidding asking the champ to do the complete analysis of that big camshaft!! GOODNESS ME!! PAL had a good look at shaft and said to himself that he invited trouble!! for 2 continous days he worked hard for that , on second day he got the news that KVS is getting engaged, although KVS wanted to keep this a secret to dept, but our mangoman is a master detactive. Will tell u more about our mangoman in my next blog!! So the news spread like a fire in forest, now PAL thought that he got a chance now!! and to his luck at 4:30 KVS comes and asks for report!! PAL an innocent guy knew now what to do, to impress the boss he took help of BALLU bhaiya, who always repeated the same work that by 5 u wont be able to make the report and u wont be able to release it, but PAL managed to complete the report by 4:55 just 5 mins before the office closes  and happily reached KVS. Suddenly mobile of KVS rang with a popular MUNNA BHAI song ‘PAL PAL PAL HAR PAL” PAL thought that this song was for him, but here is the twist it was for the wait that KVS has to do for engagement, and u dont want any intruder to disturb u in this sweet dreem, this is what PAL did!! he mailed the report and asked him to correct it while he was on call, now who in this damn world would care for a report while talking to his fiance!! he said he will do it but now PAL thought he can show the extra sincerity so he replied he can wait and would like to see the final report!! KVS gave another smile & u can make out how annoyed was he with PAL, he corrected the report and said he will get the print out and then go, so that PAL leaves the cabin, but PAL wanted the revenge,so he too said , not a problem sir, I can wait!!. In a hurry he took  a print out and asking the person on call to hold on!! the wait of that one second means so much to KVS hope the readers understand, but PAL was having fun, In few seconds came print out but to the bad luck of KVS it was not in format cause of some problem in the printer. Now KVS got totally antagonized, why the hell all the troubles have to come when he is talking to his fiance, he said very calmly to her that he will call in 5 mins. He had a good look at the format of document and verified the preview and found that he has to edit the formating so he thought cleverly to give this task to PAL and so that he can talk again. PAL took the chance and went to near by pc and did the job in 2 mins but could not connect to printer, he went back to KVS cabin and guess what he was on phone, now KVS gave a very hasty look, PAL could guess that he asked the procedure to connect it!! he explained it in nutshell what he does in 10 statements he did in 2. Isnt it quiet unusual, PAL brought the report in mean time he came 3 times to KVS cabin asking for stupid doubts. Finally he came with the report and KVS said again in a polite to his fiance that i will call u back in 2 mins, he had a good look over PAL and then over the report, it was quiet hasty look. He wanted to point some mistake but by that time 2 mins were over and mobile rang again, so he gave up and signed it without any further delay. The job is done for PAL he should leave now but he comes back again to cabin to return the keys of other room now KVS was red hot, For GOD sake cant u go away u sticky devil!!! this is what he thought for that instant.He again smiled and took the keys, and immideately said have a great weekend and happy holiday, clearly asking the devil to leave the cabin right away!! PAL knew anymore delay can be hazardous and can cause severe consequence. So he too gave a big smile and greeted all the best and a happy married life to KVS.

 Now after coming from engagement KVS was looking in for the prey who caused a lot of problems. PAL had no chance to run and now as a punishment, PAL has to complete assignments and reports in half a day , 4 times faster then normal work rate in META LAB of BMW.

Moral of the story: Do not try to mess up with your boss specially when he is getting married!!!

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Pal at its best

Now here is a story of a boy named pal, so simple yet  so different, now let me tell u the greatest bloopers of this magician aka illusionist, a mystro in handling chemicals, can produce the most undesirable results from the most unwanted chemicals also, here is a small illustration of that, if u add 50 ml of water to 50 ml milk will it make a difference, based on this principal, my superhero mixed 5 ml nitric acid in 95 ml alcohol resulting in vigrous reaction and an explosion isnt it amazing only pal can do this!! this is not it, moving from chemistry to physics another basic subject in school age, now here is an illustration of how good he is in optics , well people say that mirage can happen in day time only, to this brilliant guy mirage happened in night time also, wondering how, here it is!!!

Its night time !! my champ pal is cycling on dark road, was alone and guess what he saw 2 giant head light taking a turn and running at a fiery speed towards this chaps cycle, and poor pal, unable to notice the heap of sand kept at the road side, like a hero takes his cycle on that heap  and slips down, now the lights were just few inches away and like amir khan in gulam he tries to run away from those aproching demons leaving his cycle on road, as soon as he reaches the road side the demon passes his cycle, but nothing happened, cause this was mirage, those 2 head lights were 2 bikes running parallel with same speed, god damn it !! why the hell this has to happen always with pal only!!!

Well if u still think he still is not so bad, here is an example how good he is in mathematics!! Going in a school trip to a amusement park, my hero pal was the class moniter and was assigned a simple job of keeping a count of students all the time, the class was having fun and was moving from one joy ride to another roller coaster!! suddenly pal realised that one amongst them is missing, he counted not just once ,twice but thirce!! and he realised that there was one missing amongst them he started shouting yelling and went running back to previous ride, missed out to inform the teacher, he is brave dear did not wanted to give this bad news to the teacher, but he could not find the one missing guy in there group, he went all around the park and could not find anyone there!! now he started crying, poor class moniter went to the teacher and told the whole incidence, teacher counted the whole batch and came back to pal and slapped him tightly not because someone was missing but for not able to count himself!! poor chap thought that he would be cursed for his poor sense of irresponsibility but he never dreamt that he would be slapped for not able to count himself, since he missed out to count  himself he created panic in group and for that he was punished!!

So my poor pal!! so good yet so poor!!

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