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It was 7 pm in the evening when I reached home from office, dead tired after a long, hectic day and suddenly the phone bell rang. I went to pick up the phone with an anticipation of my fiancé’s call on my birthday today.
My fiancé was working in Bangalore and we were getting married a month later. The wedding cards were already sent out to the guests.
My expectations were soon shattered when I heard my Aunt’s voice on the other side. She had called to wish me happy birthday.
I was literally in tears… thinking of why didn’t my fiancé call me on my big day?
Suddenly I thought of my ‘wrong number friend’!
Yes… I know that it seems to be a weird name but that’s what I used to call him when I met him five years back….
I was 18 years old then and in my 1st year of college. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I wanted to speak to one of my college friends. I picked up the receiver and dialed the number.
The bell rang and a deep, husky voice answered the phone.
“Hello, Can I speak with Shalini?” I said with a slight hesitation.
The voice answered “Wrong number!” and kept the phone down.
I dialed the number again and got through my friend. But somewhere deep inside that voice kept on bothering me…
I was somehow attracted to that voice and wished to speak that guy again.
Suddenly, in a matter of a few seconds I picked up the receiver again and dialed all possible permutations and combinations of my friend’s number, in hope to get that number again.
I tried once, twice…. so many times but the right number didn’t click. I was about to give up when suddenly, the same voice answered the phone… The same deep, husky voice….
The guy smiled and said “So, we meet again!”
We talked for a good long 3 minutes that day. There was something that attracted me to him… something different and quite amazing!
The next day we talked again, this time for half an hour!
As months passed by we grew closer and developed a relationship which grew out of a part of him and a part of me.
Everyday we’d talk for hours on the phone on our lives, films, music or even cricket… we could talk about anything under the sun!
It was almost one and a half years now that I knew him and I must admit that I was falling in love with him. But somehow didn’t have the courage to convey my feelings to him. What if he said NO or what if he belonged to some other caste and my parents being conservative would never agree to our marriage!
I was feeling restless and suffocated as he was the only boy whom I loved unconditionally from the bottom of my heart without actually seeing him in person or even knowing his name.
One fine day, just a week before Valentine’s Day I called him up again and told him that I was leaving for Bangalore for my post-graduation. He gave me his Bangalore’s office number and asked me to call him up once I reached there. But I never called him up… don’t know why?


 In the meanwhile, my parents fixed my match to an investment banker passed out of one of India’s top B-Schools and earning a handsome 7 figure salary package. I was still not too happy with the match but like an obedient daughter, I had no choice.
My fiancé was an ambitious and a career-oriented guy. We were quite apart he being practical and calculative and I being sentimental and emotional. We got engaged but in our 5 month courtship I hardly got any calls or messages from him. I used to hardly meet him once in maybe 2 months and I could interpret him to be a very moody and highly ambitious person. He used to talk on and on discussing his office, job profile and future professional goals of which I had no clue since we both worked in different fields. However, he never interfered in my personal life and always gave me my space and freedom.
It was my birthday today and I was expecting his phone call or maybe a small SMS, but all in vain.
So, with a heavy heart I took out my phone diary and decided to call my ‘wrong number friend’.
It had been 5 years since I had known him but the depth in his voice had not faded away.
I said “Hello” and he without a second thought answered…
“Hi Senorita! Wish you a very happy birthday!”
Senorita… that’s what he used to call me as I was always very hesitant in disclosing my real name to him.
We were talking like long lost friends, when suddenly he informed me that he was getting married… I was shocked! I had never expected this to come up, so after a while I told him that I had some work and would call him later.
I thought that this was the end of it as now it didn’t make any sense to call him as he was getting married. I just took it as an unfulfilled dream… Days passed by and my wedding was soon round the corner, when one day my Mom called me up….
I was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe what I had heard just a few seconds back… The ground below had swept off my feet!
My fiancé had met with a serious accident and died on the spot…
I didn’t know what to do and whom to share my grief with. I thought of my wrong number friend but had no strength to speak to him.
The next day I packed my bags and took the first flight to my hometown. I along with my parents went to his family’s place. The environment there was very sad and everyone was grief-stricken at such a tragic and unexpected death. I wanted to cry but was in a total state of shock… like any other girl I had built my own dream house after marriage and was very excited about my married life…. But that had all gone.
I went to my fiancé’s room and looked around. There was an almirah right at the corner. I opened his almirah and saw 5 packets of gifts, neatly tied in a beautiful pink ribbon. They had ‘Happy Birthday’ written on them. There was also a small letter written in a beautiful handwriting…. It read…
“I always wanted to tell you but was shy. I always wanted to share my true feelings but was scared at the thought of rejection. I always wanted to let you know that you meant the world to me but was hesitant. I always wanted to tell you how much I LOVE YOU. Many Many Happy Returns of the day! my dearest Senorita.
Always yours – Wrong Number Friend”.
God always gives us the right numbers, it is we who interpret it as wrong!



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She is my first and the only love till this point. Her name is Somika, a software engineer by profession. She is turning twenty-four shortly and she is undoubtedly the most beautiful girl on earth. I made it a point to share my feelings today with her, hoping this letter would do it all. I have not written any letters in my life till now, and this is perhaps the first time I pen down my thoughts and expectations for the person I love the most on earth. Its been four years since we met each other and a strong bond has grown between us through these years. I was unaware of her love for a long time. In fact, I hadn’t spoken a word with her till about a year I had seen her for the first time. It was in one long journey in train, I understood her love for me. It happened a year ago. It was a trip from Kanyakumari to Chennai in Kanyakumari Express. We had passed Vizhupuram and it was 3 am in the morning. I thought I was the only one who was awake in the whole compartment in that early hour. But to my surprise, she was also awake. I didn’t know then that it was for me she had got up that early. Hardly had she seemed to move her sight away from me. She smiled at me very often and every time I encountered that cute smile, I started eagerly awaiting the next battle with her smile and shining eyes. Her smile had everything in it, the story of unbelievable affection, care and what not. From that moment, till now, I too have loved her to a great extent. We have never exchanged words about the love we have towards each other, but words are too less to reflect the amount of affection and love we share. I have always thought that the love would remain throughout our life and it happened to be the same till three months back. Vivek had come into my life three months back. In fact I myself had waited his arrival for quite a long time, but from the moment he arrived, he has been the worst enemy in my life. Sominka and he had grown close over times, and the fraction of time she spent with me got lowered to a great extent. Even the latest Sensex fall would be less compared to the fall in her affection for me. I have wondered how it could suddenly happen, after near to four long years of understanding and love amidst us. At times, I have felt like killing that guy Vivek, but I have not had that much strength or braveness to do that. Still, what can he do? He did no mistake to his part, except for being born charming, cute and fair. Two days before when I saw her, she was feeding food for him and I was hurt to the core on seeing the incident. My anger had boiled down to tears, and I broke. It took almost close to three hours for me stop crying, I felt I had cried more than how much I would have cried when I was born. I have been trying to understand where it all went wrong, but to my fortune, till now, I havent been able spot it out. Once for all, I decided to tell all my feelings to her, no matter how she is going to deal with it. I have heard my dad saying a lot of times Something is better than nothing! and I made up my mind to do something. I fixed today to be the DATE for throwing open in front of her the TALE of my pure love for her. I don’t know whether I will get a positive response from her, but I pray God that only the best happens. Trrrrriinnnnnnggggg My school bell has rung. The lunch break is over. My UKG classmates would be ready to welcome me with the same cute smile as ever. I hope my MOTHER Somnikawill be alright, understands me and shares some time with me also, apart from that she spends with my three months old rascal BROTHER Vivek. See you after a break!!!

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