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Wondering where was pal all these days!! Ok let me not keep this a secret!! Pal went for an official trip to haridwar!! Now wondering what was pal doing in haridwar?? Has he left BMW and joined some religious organisation!! The answer to all this is a very big NO. He was there for an official trip and has to look after vendors of those regions, due to the high class quality delivered by the vendors he has to make sure that the vendors don’t over perform. The biggest surprise and the twist of story are yet to come. And this time it’s none other than TANDUMAN. Now wondering who the hell this character is!!! Well let me introduce you all to my hero of this story Tandu man. During college days he was a very shy person and a person who use to speak less, but yet bring out miracles. He had done lot of ASH in college. Which is still being missed, I hope college friends agree for this. This super hero use to call himself friendly neighbour long before Spiderman movie was written. So friendly was this hero that after giving his assignments he use to get less marks and all those who copied from him use to get higher marks, but such was the determination of this hero that he never got frustrated and the aura of Tanduman spelt many charismatic deeds during college days. Finally he managed to land up in an oil company IOPL.

It’s well said no matter what so ever a hero never changes, and the legacy of the hero is like his shadow, same happened with Tanduman. It was a year after college ended, things changed on both sides, Pal as usual witty and funny as u all have seen him in blogs, but if u wana see the biggest change it was in Tandu man. Wondering what was the change… Well a change is best defined as the least expected incident. Now if I say that it was the biggest change then I swear by the horn of devil its gona be my last day on earth because the superhero will turn into super-villain. But any ways it’s on all u people to decide whether it’s a change or not, coming back to suspense it was a Delhi gal accompanying Tanduman.

Coming back to our meeting I was waiting in a restaurant and was looking around for my superhero and suddenly with a wink of my eyelash I saw my superhero flying in the sky, some said it’s a bird , some said it’s an aeroplane , I said its Tanduman!!!! But whats that a gal along with superhero!! I tried to enquire about it; being shy he just said just another heroic deed!! Unaware of the history of last one year, I thought that my superhero has fulfilled another dream of a gal. But for me the biggest shock came when I got to know the hidden story from the superhero after gal went away. He started off in a lazy fan saying Aisa kuch nahi hai!!! Now whenever someone says this it always smells fishy. Aware about my superhero’s dialogue and million repetition of “ Aur bata “I finally got to know what he did!! And to my goodness what he did was nothing less then Spiderman scene.

Rightly said he deserves the title of friendly neighbour, Trying to maintain his physique my hero was in for a morning jog and all of sudden a gal came running around and my superhero recognised it as her office colleague, she had no way out rather than to ask for help from my superhero, and my hero happily agreed for this, for him it was just another routine job to fight the evils!! Which he did in the most stylish way. But as always the villains don’t give that easily they come back again, but they can’t mess up with the hero so they again come back to heroine. Its rightly said that one smart can change ur life same happened with our heroine she used the most rare resource used by gals, the common sense, she called our superhero and our hero was on for rescue in a flash and the villains were treated like dogs, he warned the villains that if they repeat this act again they will suffer consequence, he ordered the villains to run towards jail else he will take them there in his own way. Scared and terrified the villains ran their way hard and heroine was watching all this from the corner of her window, impressed with my superhero she kissed her on his cheeks, now if this is what can happen in holy city of haridwar , What should i recommend to my other friends who are in metros!!Now the condition is that the hero is accompanied with heroin everywhere no matter how things go from here but my hero will still be honest and say “don’t worry dear kuch nahi hoga” now i don’t understand why the hell guys always do this they should learn to accept things and say bravely that yes i am having a good friend who is a gal and i am enjoying her company and things will move in positive direction ( lets not mix it with love) But as always my chit chat with my superhero will end up in a fight and the same happened in our meet and Being angry with my hero why the hell he does not understand “with great powers come great responsibility” now that life has created a twist for him ,why is he letting opportunity go!! People I request you to post comment on what my superhero should do and what’s the way ahead for him… Hope u all will do it for my hero!!

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