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On the Road!!


Well Enough of poetic mood.. Bored u enough with my poems, this time the writer is back with another incident Pal faced!!!

It was a Sunday and for a BMW employee its the 3rd day of the week, So what do u expect an employee to do after finishing half week in office?? Obviously u would like to chill out and go out to refresh urself. It’s hard to believe that u are working on a day when the whole world is enjoying the weekend. As usual Mr. Tutu took the friends on ride and called us for a movie (7:30-10). Now don’t think anything happened in the cinema theaters this time. Luck favors u only once, not every time!!. After the movie was over we had to split, Tutu went to meet his aunty, and Pal left for home. Now moving from E-square to B-square Pal was enjoying his ride on bike. All of sudden he realized that Honda activa was coming from behind in speed, blowing horn so that Pal gets out of her way. Pal made way for Activa to lead the way, but Pal found that the rider had more beautiful eyes, being in a place like pune where gals cover there face and what u get to see is just there eyes. The gals have an ugly habit of covering there face so that the dust does not spoil there skin complexion, and the skin does not get influenced by the YUVI rays. The only reason why the keep that portion uncovered is to see, where they are going.

Trust me what happened after that was real fun, Guys have a bad habit of following gals, but Pal didnt he was enjoying the ride, and suddenly he realized that while riding he has again overtook the gal and he still was not aware of that, he came to know that when the horn again start blowing. This time Pal was in deep thought, he was thinking about the romantic movie where it was shown how 2 strangers meet and they become close friends. Since the thoughts were interrupted so he was annoyed and decided that he will not leave this gal, he will race along. So he allowed the rider to over take her and take some lead , he then raced his 150 cc bike against the 100cc scooteret, and in a matter of second he overtook that sweet eye gal, but by this time gal realized that its a race, and yo baby the heat turned on. So both of them were racing and pushing there vehicle to new limits. Both of them enjoyed racing and the fun was reaching its peak.

About a sharp turn the sweet eyed gal made a swift turn and overtook PAL. Annoyed Pal again overtook the gal and raced along but the gal was smart and she took a shortcut and overtook PAL. This time PAL decided that he will take the lead along the next swift turn. But the luck had something else stored for both of them. While taking the turn Sweet Eyed Gal’s activa lost balance and she slipped off from the vehicle. Pal some how managed to break the vehicle and the gal got harsh scratch. She was bleeding.

Like a good old gentleman Pal halted and helped the gal. He helped the gal in standing; the gal really had soft hands. She then lurched to road side. The vehicle was lying on mid road he brought it to roadside where she was sitting. Now Pal was a bit hesitant of what to say and what not to say. He then made a brave move and asked if she was seriously hurt. Gals have a bad habit of lying. She said in a soft tone “No everything is all right”. But before she could finish her statement blood crawled down her feet and she was bleeding. In the mean time she tried to stand up, in this attempt she met the real pain in leg. She started crying.

But she was not in a mood to get help from a stranger, now why the hell gals are so stringent. Like a gentle man he asked again that “Can i help u madam?” But the gals as usual have a habit saying a blind “NO” Before even a guy finishes his question. So Pal decided to move on but as he turned his back the gal ran all the horses of her mind and said ” Aee.. Hello..”. Now why do gals lack common sense? We are gentle man… aren’t we??

She then with eyes in her tears said “Its late night and if her parents saw her bleeding then she would be dead. So can u please help me out”. I tell you gals have this very bad habit of making guys sentimental with there tears. Pal then helped her and took her to dispensary on his bike. Still he was not able to see gals face, why the hell gals tie this cloth so tight. At dispensary the doctor asked if she would like to have an ATS injection, now like all other gals she fainted as soon as she heard injection.

She denied and normal dressing was done. Doctor by that time asked to remove the cloth and get some fresh air. She was really beautiful and not only her eyes were sweet her face was really cute. Pal then just went took her back to accident side where her vehicle was kept. Pal just wiped the scratches on bike and apart from one major scratch which was near the front wheel mudguard all scratches were minor and won’t be much visible once the vehicle was washed. To the gals surprise vehicle didn’t suffer much damage.

Pal asked one last formal question that will she be able to drive or she needs a lift. To which the obvious reply was “NO Thanks”. Do u think Pal would have asked her name?? No he didn’t, instead he kick start his bike and made it ready for the gal. She took the bike said a formal thanks and went away in dark night. Pal took that smile stored it in her eyes and with a smile on his face moved on. There are some questions which might have arouse in readers mind but the only answer to them is life wants to move on, it never ask u to demand from it instead it asks u to do ur best and forget the rest.

Some times really sweet things happen on road.. It really demands you to never stop and keep moving.

Moral of the story: Ride safe and ride slow.

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