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ishq ka kalma

Now if the last one was for my friend fosla this one goes for one who got his love. Strange naa… some one loose some one win in this game of love. Hope that this one gives reader the same delight as the previous one .


tere ishq mein duba hun is kadar

ki khud se ho chuka hu bekhabar

subah se hoti hai shyam na koi khabar

meri yaado ka hai kuch aisa manjar


har ghadi har pal sunta hu tujhe

khwabo ke sirhane mein bunta hu tujhe

tujh se kaisa hai marasim ye mera

na samajh aaya kya tera kya hai mera.


lamho ki kaleen par sunahri yadein hai teri

jinko chune se badli hai jindagani meri

saath bitaya har pal saugat hai teri

jin mein basi hai kitni khushiya meri


tere saath ka tah-e-dil se istakbal karta hun

aur yeh sab ko ek bar mile ye bhi dua karta hun

un chand lamho ko har pal mahsoos karta hun

aur apne alfajo ko yun he bunta rehta hun…

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This one is a tribute to my friend Sukhvinder!! whom we use to call  “FOSLA”. Now i dont need to tell you what FOSLA means, fosla fell in love with a gal name MONA NAIK. And what he felt he told me and while talking to this sweet freind of mine, I came up with these lines…Hope you all will like it..



In search of sleep, I tried so hard

To give running thoughts a small halt.

Running into emotions I cried so hard,

The heart fell into pieces & I shouted aloud.


But with me now was silence my friends,

An oath to wait & let this time pass again.

Things will change, my heart brings hope,

But the lone ray of hopes has fallen apart.


Waiting and waiting I am tried of myself

Loosing my patience I am out of my control.

My habit to smile has left me now and,

Comic sense has finally said to me bye-bye.


More I forget the closer I find,

Vicious whirlpool and never ending turmoil

Thoughts in my mind has made me remind,

U were never mine, U were never mine….


How can my love be just one sided

Giving you no chance and leaving u undecided

I gave you my life, I gave u my time

Searching in your heart,  that rhythm divine.


Years passed by and many days ran away

But u will come back why do I always say,

Why thoughts of leaving you leave me gray

And tears in my eyes come from no where.


Every fallen tear, carries the pain I bear

I can’t feel my wounds just don’t heal

I still respire but I lack all my desire

Without you I dream to reach no higher


From the bottom of my heart I still love you

My love this side is still waiting for you

Come hold my hand and make me alive

Insomniac and dieing now I cant survive…


Do let me know if you like it…

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