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A breeze that touched my soul

The words that I couldn’t hold

So warm, so fresh, that i still cheerish

Sweet moments they havent perished


Blink of my eyes still reminds me

Thoughts of you still paralise me

The world looks numb & i become dumb 

Memories so sweet yet incomplete.


Doddling down the dark streets

thinking about the temple streets

The days are gone and time passed by

But why these memories are still alive


Sitting somewhere in the canteen seats

Sipping down soda letting world free

The quater of day just flew by

And with heavy heart I said good bye


Promise to change, I made many times

But the change of time has brain washed my mind

Lucky were the moments spent with you

More lucky are those which now i cant measure..


Life is a battle sometimes silent sometimes it rattles

Days come by and days past by, they just dont settle

Joy and sadness, feeling of complete madness

Moments so sweet withou them this life is incomplete

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