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me alone

aloneAlone I sat in an empty row

Caught in spasm of love

In between relentless throe

Thrust of love deadly but slow.


Memoir of love buried just aside

Crying to my full on grave besides

Left alone in this world so bright

Looking my way to find delight


Sitting on the top of a lonely hill

Watching the sky with just no will

Trees below just shedding the leaves

To cover the wound still unhealed.


The wail of heart in soft moon light

The spittle of my throat which has dried

Falling tears on grass shining bright

Reminding the past with nothing right


The whole of heart has tore apart

Bewildered past haunting the heart

Like a creepy forest dense and dark

Reminding me that I am alone in mart


Talking to myself & asking my soul

Why my dear you can’t control

Letting the emotion out of my soul

I felt like that I am just no more..

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