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Sometimes life goes real cool and sometimes real hard…..

This story from the bag of author is another such incidence where his main character PAL faced his worst fear. Very few people know that PAL actually is scared of cat, the reason for that, very simple he was attacked by CAT 3 times and luckly for PAL he escaped without majour bite. The way cat attacks is unique, cat usually like to run away from humans but when they are threatened they catch up the throat choke ur throat and kill , rarely it happens they bite cause they dont need to bite the opponent gets numb as soon as the throat is choked. So here is one such story of PAL.

During his child days PAL was going to her friends house unknowingly he went near an old sofa, and all of sudden something jumped out of it, running for his soul PAL ran up from that place and ran as hard as he can after running around 2 km he realised that the cat is no more visible, if someone would have noted my timings i am sure I would have beaten hussain bolt, it happens so often when u run for ur sould u run faster then anyone else on this planet.

Next time it happened while he was cycling, a young kitten just crossed the road and PAL had to put on full brakes although he saved the poor kitten but doing this he found that from no where came the deadly cat and all of sudden he found that he was far away from his bicycle. He dared this time to throw the cat. He ran for his bicycle and then ran his way from cycle but unfortunately the cycle was puncture but he ran with a puncture cycle.

Last one was in a closed room, it was 16th November, he was staying at his friends house, all of sudden he heard a noise from store room he went in to check out if some theif has peeped in, but deep down his heart he was just scared that it should not be a cat, be it any one else. You might wonder was the fear of cat more then the fear of theif…!! Then the answer is yes, PAL had a nightmare with CAT, every time instead of taming cat he had run away from it. Every time he faced CAT, he decided he will tame it next time and will gather all his courage to Beat the CAT. But it never happened. So coming back to story, PAL checked out every corner of room and but all of sudden he heard some noise in bedroom, so his fear was gone and he was happy that its a theif, so he ran up to bedroom and locked every door and window of it so that the theif cannot escape. Once that was done with a iron rod in hand, he was looking up for theif, all of sudden he noted something moving behind the curtain, he said to himself now is the time to be heroic. But as soon as he removed the curtain ,his soul freezed, blood chocked and the heart beat stopped. The time we wanted to be heroic and the Master of Bravery and called an Acheiver [MBA in short] he faced his worst nightmare. It was the cat and cat with often appears in an ENGLISH horror movies, in short a black cat. His mouth dried and his breath choked, heart stopped pounding. Every thing in front of him was black , he didnt knew what to do!! for 2 and a half hours he was in the room and for 50 mins he fought with cat, dont know how brave was the effort but what ever it was he was with his nightmare. Sweating out every seconde, watching every corner of room to save his soul ,but till that time he didnt knew what to do, how to beat the cat and looked out every option, he made his choices and made his plan to tackle the CAT. But when worst has to happen it happens and the cat attacked from behind and caught the throat. Chocked up, struggling to breath and counting for life in front of that ENGLISH horror CAT. All his courage and startergy were left aside the only thing that he could think of was to survive. Finally he managed to come out of the entangled  after 2.5 hrs and decided to leave the room to save his soul  

I suppose gabbar singh has rightly said in sholey jo dar gaya samjho mar gaya!! and thats why i also say either face it o die, dont hang in between cause fear is contagious..!! Lets see what PAL does when he faces the same situation next time!!!

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