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trainHello all!!

Shocked after reading the title, wondering what it means!! its just another story. To begin with Our one and only mamta didi launched a new train Duronto express, a train faster then our very old rajdhani express. Clearly our raliway ministry has made huge stride in, it all started after our very own didi snatched the railway from the beard ministers who ruled this ministry for over a decade, starting with P.M sayeed, nitish kumar and ramvilas paswaan. But after didi came the real magican who changed the fate of railways. LALLU. It was this period when the power was exchanged between didi and LALLU, my lovely friend Pal was traveling from home to college. After a not so long semester break it was time to go back college.

The journey was quiet long as one has to travel for more then 40 hrs, to reach the destination. The journey use to began on friday nights, and use to end on sunday evenings. At the station the family people come to say good bye, thats a tough moment to handle cause emotions float all around,  but in this floating emotion one stone that pulls u down is ur semester results. As mentioned already PAl is an ordinary guy with ordinary gpa. He use to feel dejected when this topic use to come. The discussion always breaks due to some disturbance. The disturbance this time was a railway trolley with around 24-25 bags. God it looked as if the family members have choosen railways as a mode of transport to transfer all there family stuff!! Suddenly a group of 30-40 people gather around, but only 8.5 of them finally boarded the train. It was time to go and final farewell was over. The laugage filled the whole railway compartment, Pal wonderning where to keep his laugage, he didnt had an inch to keep his foot also. But somehow he was adjusting, those 8 people were making a heck of a noise, but to add to Pal’s surprise one voice one voice was quiet soft and was pleasing then all others. I just looked back adjusting my luggage a nice gal in suits adjusting the luggage, trying to push the heavy box , being a gentle man i just asked her move i can do that. She said no its okkiee!! Impressive she is self confident, but the size and weight of box was too much for her, so at last she gave up and pal said ” can I?” she didnt say anything instead moved aside , Pal like a macho man moved the box single handedly but the look gal gave was really ugly. Sometimes to impress a gal one should not poke nose in gals matter.Would like to hear on this from gals on this,gals pls do let me know on this.

The journey was a night journey from source (outdoor) to destination (gopal), since its a nice journey the degree of freedom is restricted, the only thing you could do is talk with your friends. You have met after long time cause being at home you dont meet as often as u meet in college so the talk begans on all topics but the focus was gals and guys of our college, gals were not many the topic use to revolve around guys and gals of other colleges. Looks typical engineer guys gossip, but these dumb engineers forget while discussing that they are at public place and you get cursed when u disturb others, and same happened the gal, (okkie lets name that gal “RAY”) Ray gave a real ugly look, gals why do they have to show such an attitude. They too gossip and gossip more then what guys do. The next big station was just  an hour away so the group decided not to sleep instead stay awake and have POHA to eat cause it was a special dish of that station. Pal as always restless , use to stay awake and use to plan about what he is going to do after going to college, set target; well a typical engineer u see, all big planning, enthusiasm of new semester which use to dry with time. So coming back to train, pal decided as station was about to come to stand near the door and have some fresh air, suddenly pal heard some sobbing noise, which grew louder and louder, and suddenly compartment lights turned on, it was the big luggage family’s child. Before others could get disturbed mother of that child did everything but in that short effort she failed and Ray was asked to wake up. It seems the kid had some special affection for RAY. Ray brought the kid to the door saw Pal and turned suddenly with lot of attitude. It seems pal had another story in making. Its 2 bulbs on the door with ray, pal and that kid. The station was about to come, pal was looking at crying kid. The kid was really cute and looked so sweet while crying , Pal felt as if to make this kid cry even more. But since pal is a good guy he just kept looking at kid and its really easy to make kids laugh and stop crying.

Since kids dont understand language but they are master of expression and they talk with their eyes. Pal kept making faces which kid enjoyed and Ray kept trying her level best by tapping the kid to which she thought was showing result but unaware of the fact that kid was enjoying the expressions and making faces too. Pal and kid were enjoying and all of sudden the platform came. Pal went up to wake his friends who were travelling to have poha but noone woke up. So he decided to have one by himself. He went down to stall and ordered a poha while he was enjoying a poha the sobbing sound again came. Ray who went to her seat again brought the kid to gate and started tapping her. But nothing happened. Since train was to stop there for half an hour she came to the platform and saw pal eating watching pal eat ray again gave an ugly look. Poor gal forgot that pal is going to a land where he wont be able to eat this for next 4-5 months. But tell you gals have a real awsome disgusting look. Pal enjoyed it only after he was done with the dish. Its rightly said ” Pehle pet pooja phir kaam duja”. Meanwhile ray was wandering on the platform to make the kid sleep. Kid was enjoying the cool breeze and the gentle tap, suddenly Pal joined in the party pal started making faces which the kid noted and he started enjoying it. Both of them played nicely, Ray thought kid is sleeping but he was enjoying with Pal. All of sudden ray turned back and saw pal making faces, now what will pal do ?? He immideately turned his face looking at sky, the kid stared crying as the tap and the faces which he was enjoying have been interupted. Ray got a hint, so with a gentle smile she turned back. Pal took this as a sign of aggrement and both of them started it again and the kid stopped crying and was happy again. After some times the train got the signal to move, Pal got a nice coffee and came back the train was about to move, so like a gentle man he offered ray the chance to board the train and instead of going to her bearth ray preffered to stay back on door and this time on the same side as that of pal. Pal was enjoying the coffee and playing with kid. It seems ray was feeling sleepy and she wanted the kid to sleep soon. She was snoozing around, pal thought of asking for a coffee to stay awake as she was close to gate and can fall off… 🙂 Another dumb thought of pal!! But after 15 mins the kid slept and ray came to know about it, the cool breeze was flowing in and ray turned back and took the kid to bearth . Pal thought now its all over she is gone lets just go to sleep. But to pals surprise the gal came back again. Dont know what she was upto but she washed her face stayed on the other door. Dont know what she was upto but she was looking damn cute as the wind came onto her face and her hairs were flying. Dont know what God was upto that time, but ya it was awsome.

Although the gal was feeling sleepy but she was not going to the bearth. It looked as if the gal wanted to talk, she turned upto pal and gave a smile. Dont understand why gals behave so, will show attitude in the beginning and then become happy. It was the first eye contact of pal and ray. Both of them knew that they want to talk, but who will start first? A typical indian case, both of them stuck on starting the conversation, by the time pal collected all the courage ray turned back and the same happened when ray collected the courage. The scene went on for around 10-15 mins, all of sudden the villan came in to spoil the scene it was her aunty who came. The moment ray’s aunt came in she started washing her face again, pretending as if something went in her eyes. Pal could not resist laughing, but he some how controlled it. Why such auspicious moments are interuppted by others. Ray silently went away. I  suppose that was the end of it, pal started to feel the breeze again and was enjoying the journey, after half an hour when pal came back to his seat. To pals surprise ray was awake. Hmmm chandni raatein!! good one. Both of them knew that they wanted to talk, but this is how it went. Both slept and by morning we reached our destination gopal. Pal woke up late and saw ray still looking at pal still in a hope. But it was too late, and our destination was here.  It was time and our team had to get down and we had to go further to mirchy via metro. We had our next train in about 2 hrs. Before getting down both of us had a last look. Bidding farewell to each other.

But Didi’s train had something else store in for me!! do let me know what you would like to hear!! The part-2 will release soon. Do let me know your views.


Disclaimar: Pls dont misunderstand the characters, its just a fiction and all character are ficticious. Any resemblence will be considered a coincidence.

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