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Hello all,

It seems the crowd got blown away from the last post, now to cheer things up here I am with another Pal story. Life in college is so different from what we were in school. Last time when I wrote, Pal saw a terrible dream, he fell for a gal but the dream got shattered. But as we are engineers, we learn from our mistake, we revisit the same things again and again to see any sign of improvement. Now why am I talking like this here? Simple this rule holds for an engineering guy who keeps looking same gals everyday in college and as far as I know, on first day they say she looks ugly, after couple of weeks, the same guy says she is not that bad buddy, and after couple of months the same gal looks as angel to the same guy, and in the end guy falling in for the gal. Hard fact isn’t it. But not the same with pal, as I told you pal fell for Somu, and after all tiring efforts put in by pal, he was able to talk to Somu. The talk from classroom went on to mobile, and what else could be better then SMS. The good thing for pal was that msging was free and you don’t need to pay anything for local msgs. I know most of you would be wondering am I serious. Yes I am do I look funny in saying all this. So msging is like itching, it’s a temptation which you can’t just resist, be it classroom or be it hostel. Now here is an excerpt some of the msgs:

 hey whats up? The lecture is too boring.

 Reply: I am feeling damn sleepy. What did you have in breakfast?

Nothing much the breakfast was crap, can you eat jam with dosa!

Reply: Same here.

Now do you expect what will come next in the msg??

Aur batao??

At this point I feel really annoyed, but that’s how it goes. The chit chat went on and on and the Thursday was about to end. Pal decided to watch a horror movie and was soon joined by his roommates and thus all gathered in a room it was made dark and computer screen was the only bright thing in the room. The fun of horror movie can be realized if you sit alone and so we decided not to sit in group, four of us sat on different places. The movie was JU-ON. The movie was scary but for pal the msgs were coming, he dared to ignore the msgs and enjoy the movie, soon pal noted that his room mate Bala has closed his eyes and is no more watching the movie, so pal decided that its time to scare his room mate. The movie went well and after dinner Bala and pal were sitting in room suddenly a spine chilling scream came. Bala asked did you hear something, Pal in a cool tone said what?

Bala: didn’t you hear a scream?

Pal: No, nothing! And why should I be scared, I haven’t done anything wrong!

Bala: what do you mean did I do anything wrong?

Pal: How will I know? See ghost haunt only those who have done something wrong.

Bala (in a scary tone) : But I just use to tease a gal who was in school and she later died in an accident.

Pal: (In a opportunistic tone) So before the accident did you tease her?

Bala: (Even more scared) I use to tease her always

Pal : Now she is here to tease you, may be cause of that you heard a scream. Then Pal made Bala hear another story.

Bala gulped water down his dry throat; the noise was so huge that it could be heard outside the room. Pal then decided to scare bala. He asked bala to take rest and calm his nerves. Bala kept the lights on and sat on bed with fear surrounding him. Pal in the mean time asked the wing mates to remain silent, and watch the show. Pal asked one of his room mate to prepare a black scary mask and this was ready in 10 mins. Pal collected the recorded sound from the movie and used a glow stick to make it look scarier.   

At midnight 12 the power of whole wing was out, Bala was still awake, the first scream was made, Bala got scared, now with the help of used deodorant and lighter blow of fire were created on the door. Next was the entry of pal with black kurta and black shawl and just like the devil he entered with black mask on, which glow in dark the face looked really scary, in dark Bala got the first glimps and he was crying all names but could not move, he kept calling Pal, suman, senthil, pronoy, but no one responded, he was scared to death and Pal entered the room and said “Its pay back time Bala, she is coming and she will take revenge”. Bala was scared to death. The last blow of fire was again created from the window, which grabbed Bala’s attention and a scream from the other side of window which made bala surrender to fear, he closed his eyes and this gave time for pal to run away. Then a silence of 5 mins, the power was again turned on. Bala then opened his eyes but could not find a single person; my wing mates were enjoying it from one end of the wing.

Bala then called all the names of wingmate but it was silent like a dead valley. He gathered the courage and tried to move out he then found pal coming from the other end. Bala told everything to pal and asked where is everyone, Pal said don’t you know they have gone to see the Thursday movie in the auditorium. Bala then said he is scared and wants to go to toilet, he then said pal u need to accompany me, Pal was shocked, he then got another chance to play another prank; they moved to towards toilet bala went in, and pal was at door. Pal started shouting, leave me, why troubling me, who are you.

Bala rushed out of the toilet and ran away, Pal started running behind Bala and acting as if someone is inside him, Bala then stopped and Pal kept his act, all of sudden Pal was hit at the back, Pal turned back and saw Bala with a wooden stick, Bala then kept hitting Pal and by that time other wing mates also came in to enjoy the moment, they also hit Pal, Pal had a real nightmare, he said the ghost is gone, he is fine now but the cruel wing mate didn’t leave the chance and kept hitting bala then asked others to stop after hearing Pal’s voice. Bala then took pal to room and said if you get scared do let me know. I will take care of that ghost. Pal could not utter a word. The prank which pal was playing on bala got reversed and Poor Pal did it again. He could not move from his bed for next 2 days the pain was so severe that his weekend was spoilt.

Moral of the story:  One story is good till second is told.

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