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The game

Dear all

As I said in my last blog!! The story is not over until the next one is not told!! Well every word has its value and so is this saying!! If you remember my last blog we started up with msgs and ended up on beating. Now let me open the other side of the story, while all this was going on, Pal kept receiving msgs and he was so involved in this joy act that he didn’t bother to respond. To Gals, guys are like this careless, ruthless!! They don’t care what the other person is thinking and how much they are worried. By the end of the act Pal had 11 unread msgs and 2 missed calls, at this stage anyone could make a guess from him did he get a call ?? Dont think too wild it was from home!! And the 11 msgs were from Somu.

Poor pal crying in pain was brought to bed, the condition was such he could not sit he has to lie down on his stomach as his back was slammed and swelled. Pal crying in pain could feel the numbness in his back cause he was beaten like cats and dogs. The guys showed no mercy, thats hostel life for you all. He could hardly open his eyes but the pain was so much that only tears came out of the open eyes. Suddenly the mobile vibrated again and it was another msg. Pal slowly moved his hand and tried to pick up the mobile from the table near-by. He saw the msg which read “ I am sleeping don’t you ever try to disturb me good night I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” I don’t need to tell you all who sent this msg. Pal could hardly read the msg, but the warning was so deadly that he thought better to make a call rather than playing game on msg. Although 4 people brought pal to his room but the same 4 people were surprised to see Pal tottering around in the hostel corridor. Gals if guys are that bad but they are good also they care and can never see you angry at all. No matter how much careless or reckless they may be but they are soft hearted and always come best when needed the most.

Now  Pal and somu were on call, AAh I love this part the sentimental talks!!

Pal : I am sorry dear

Somu: Who is talking to you? At least not me!! (How rude gals? Cant you be a bit polite!!)

Pal: Oh come on pls I am sorry I was not in a position to reply!

Somu: What were you doing? I know u don’t drink or smoke or dope, then what the hell were you doing?? Were you watching pondy??

Pal: No dear, nothing like that  (Thinking about what to say next)

Somu: Either tell what u were doing or don’t talk anymore!! (The ultimate weapon/blackmail)

Pal:  AAA (with shaky voice) I just slipped off from the stairs. (Guys always find an excuse)

Somu: What ??

Pal: Ya I just slipped of the stairs

Somu: How many  times should I tell you run slow on stair cases! But No you are superman? You would never listen to me? Look now what have u done? Good that it happened!! I would pray that you get couple of fractures! You are just like a kid who will do whats in his mind and will never listen to what others say!! Meet me next time I will push you from the roof!!

(Tell you if someone blackmails you or terrifies you with so much love!! U wont mind even getting pushed from any heights!! Can you just imagine within we became so good friends)

Pal: Ok baba I am sorry, I ll never  run down the steps. But It was slippery stairs cause of which I slipped why are you getting so much angry?

Somu: Why can’t a friend be worried for a good friend?? (Gals, you always kill us with these lines)

Pal:  So what else? (Trying to divert the topic)

Somu: I am waiting for my foreign university results. I would like to do UG course in aerospace from US. (Trust me, an ambition which even I had , but Pal became selfish, he wished that it never happens. After all who wants to loose a great friend, more so Pal had a special feeling for Somu. )

Pal: Oh !! that is really great, (Keeping fingers crossed) I wish you go out and make ur name.  Ok so what u did whole day (Again diverting the topic with tears in his eyes).

The talk went on, they were really good friends so close that people created buzz about their name. It was just one day sitting on hostel roof while playing Truth and dare, Pal got a dare to propose Somu, Pal took it light and was thinking its for fun but guys made a plot and were serious.

Pal  said its just 3 weeks and we hardly know each other, We are just good friends. Guys are guys and they said u talk this much, u can never stop msging her, don’t you feel for her??

Pal no I don’t, there is nothing like that. The guys just said no matter we don’t care u have to do the dare.

Pal also thought  nothing wrong if she agrees he will be happy even if she says we can be good friends as he will tell then that it was just a dare given to him. Thinking about all this Pal accepted the challenge. Guys were excited, that the first guy who will propose a gal, they just wanted to see how it goes.

Pal next day buncked the lectures, went to city and got a nice gift and a good bunch of flowers. He msged Somu stating that he wants to meet her and wanted to talk something really serious. Somu also said she too wanted to talk something serious and asked what Pal likes the most. Pal thought it seems it was his lucky day. They decided to meet in college canteen. Pal thought that Somu also wants to say the same what Pal will be saying. So Pal ran back to canteen. Waited there for half an hour till then msged 3 times to Somu. The reply was patented “ I am just there”

Both of them met sat in canteen, it was 4:45 PM both of them had smile on their face. So Somu with a lovely smile asked Pal whats the matter what was so urgent that you wanted to talk?

Pal : Ladies first!! Then I will speak up (Hoping that Somu will be saying the same)

Somu: No it was you u called me here so it’s you.

After fighting on this topic for 10 mins Somu agreed to speak first.

Somu: This is the best thing that happened to my life, I never thought that I will be saying this to you ( By this time Pal was excited and he was expecting the words to come up) But I  too don’t think that its real and you are the first one to whom I am sharing this, I just think that you don’t feel bad and our relation does not suffer cause of this ( Pal by this time thought that he should open the bag and give the bouquet  and the gift and say I Love You Somu) But I think you will be more then happy to hear this. I ……(Pal felt as if he can speak the rest of the words) I made it to US I will be flying away by next month.

Pal with a smiling face and a shocked mood just could not believe what he heard just now. He just lost the track of world for few sec.

Somu: I knew it you won’t believe, Your wishes just worked. Thanks for the support I was really nervous but if it wasn’t you I would not have been able to keep a faith in myself.

After this whatever Somu said Pal couldn’t hear, he was shocked and didn’t knew how to react, but the smile was still on the face. Somu shacked Pal’s hand and said don’t just keep smiling we can go out for party, look I just got you a nice gift. A nice t-shirt and this card that I made specially for you. Pal with a smile consolidating himself said I knew it I don’t know I just got an intuition and so I got a gift for you and more so my brother also qualified for olypiad (One more lie that Pal said). Somu invited Pal and said get ready in an hour we are going for a party. Pal with a smile again you gals take time we guys don’t, its 5 right now we meet again at 6 here.

By this time the lectures were over and the crowd was rushing towards canteen. Pal could just them moving fast and time running slow. It rightly said in Tata Docomo ad, When life can change in seconds!! Rightly it changed in seconds for Pal.

Amzing isn’t it sometimes when you think of playing a game life plays a game with you. The condition which Pal was afraid of always came right over his face. The more you run from fear the more it comes closer to you.  Poor Pal, nothing can be done. Pal made it again.

Moral of the story: Ladies first…it doesnt work everytime!!

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