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A journey!!

The month of Feb always known to spread love in the air!! You can find the love everywhere be it the birds or the love birds and not either of them u will find the hooligans who would like to catch them and make a mockery of the one day. Well I respect my culture but would not expect them to create any new sense on road just for buying rose. Well its all political thing we do not talk about politics on this blog. So here it is another pal story on public demand, so the story is about just another journey and the speciality of journey was it was on 13th feb night. The journey was planned last month only and the tickets were booked that time only for a nice comfortable ac sleeper bus. Since then pal was dreaming about going home and counting days. The excitement of going home is always different. Finally the day came, it was 13th feb, pal came to office and was really excited as he was leaving for home. The first news pal got was his paper was selected for international conference. The day started with a great note, so pal decided to share this with his boss, boss was not at his place and was expected to arrive late. The news was great and pal wanted to share it with someone; just like when u have an upset stomach u want to vomit, same way pal just heaved the news on the big boss.

Pal : Sir my paper is selected for international conference.

Bigboss: Hmm

Silence for few seconds….(by this time the glow and smile on pal’s face disappeared )

Pal just met “HARI SANDU”.But I suppose such shocks are necessary to bring you to ground. So now pal’s excitement vaporized and by the time he came out of cabin, he met boss who was happy to hear this and appreciated pal. Pal got the glow back on the face. The excitement was inching with every passing second. By lunch time pal finished all the task and wanted to draft few important mail and leave office by 3:00 P.M.

He went to boss’s office just before lunch so that boss does not catches him for long. But sometimes u really call the bull towards yourself by showing a red flag and thats what happened. After half an hour of discussion he finally got the permission to leave at 3 but provided he does new set of 3 task. Now if big boss was “HARI SANDU”, for the moment he was “ HARI”.

Pal by 2:30 finished all task and handed over all the reports so that boss cant say a word, and boss happy with smile wished happy holidays, just 5 mins to 3 pal about to leave boss say “ Hey pal just do this and then go”. Now the same “HARI” was “HARI ZANDU”. Pal with a rush finished the half an hour task in 5 mins and left the office. This is what I call efficiency and rush of going home.

Its 6:30 evening pal on street’s of pune in rickshaw could see flower vendors everywhere selling red rosses, gerbera; trust me flowers were really beautiful. A biker stopped at signal and got a nice set of gerbera for her gf sitting behind her. Thats when pal realised its valentine’s day tomorrow. 7:00 Pal was in the bus with all the luggage properly placed. Pal enjoys the side lower berth. Pal started reading his novel and name hahaha was : “P.S. I Love You”. Pal got this specially last month for journey keeping in mind the date of journey. With BMW bag in lap and novel in hand he never knew when bus started, but after few mins he realised that someone was watching him carefully since long. The gal sitting at lower berth on other side of seat was with an old lady who could barely stop shaking. The gal was having long leg, really silky hair and eyes which had light mascara applied. Pal thought it’s just a misconception so he focused on the novel.

8:15 by the clock call from home while talking pal again noted that gal was continuously staring at him. Pal somehow finished the talk at home and acknowledged to gals stare with a smile. To pals surprise gal spoke did you like this book?

Pal: No I just started reading this now!!

Gal: Well are you working in BATATA Motors Works (BMW)?

Pal: Yes I do,( Pal half confused)where do you work?

Gal: Infy! Would you mind if I sit at your place the old lady might get disturbed.

Pal: (Even more nervous and confused) Yes pls I will make the sleeper to seat (just like in side lower berth in train).

The move was welcomed.

Gal: (with an intention that guy asks the name) so you are going to indore?

Pal: (confused thinking is the bus going anywhere also?) Ya

Gal: u…. live there?

Pal: (No I am opening my company there) ya I live there.

Gal: Great Myself Nidhi!!

Pal: Hello Myself Pal.

Gal: Nice name and where do you stay in pune?

Pal: (A guy should compliment gal for name here the reverse was happening) I live in shivaji nagar.

They talk went long, the topic ranged from knowing personal details, likes dislikes, dance salsa, while talking the nervousness of pal slowly disappeared and both of them agreed that they will join salsa class if they come across any! It was 11:30 and bus driver applied a harsh brake nidhi almost had a head on pal’s. Pal held nidhi by shoulder and helped her in sitting back on sit and adjusting her hair he looked up at the gate, co driver announced the bus will stop for 20 mins for dinner. Aaaha at last driver remembered that passengers were hungry. Nidhi was searching something, pal came to knew quiet early and said your sandals is there I will pull it from underneath that seat just hold on.

Pal the ideal prince thus got the sandals, while taking sandals nidhi had a curious look in pal’s eyes, co driver announced I am closing the door every one leave the bus now. The eye contact just broke and both of them moved out. Pal has a phobia that if he eats during journey he will vomit, so he does not eats. Nidhi had a look towards pal and said “Wont you have anything?”

Pal: No thanks, I don’t eat much while travelling.

Nidhi: Ohho nothing will happen just come to give me company on dinner table.

Pal: (Now pal knew that he had to act like waiter now) ok as you say ( How can you deny a gals invitation)

Nidhi went for hand wash and brought 2 plates of paranthas, Pal was not aware he was enjoying song on his mobile. Nidhi plucked the earphone out of pal’s ear and said eat this!!

Pal: Pls don’t I can’t I will upset my stomach.

Nidhi: That’s too much of ur drama now eat this else I am not eating also.

Pal: ok boss eating.

After dinner they walked for few mins so that food gets digested, suddenly nidhi squeaked:”Happy Valentines Day”. Suddenly Pal’s phone rang and it was Pal’s college(guy) friend to whom Pal sent rose (proxy) as there last wish to receive before leaving college as they never got any rose for 4 yrs. Nidhi after call asked abruptly Was that your valentine?

Pal: No my college friend !! (pal kept it short so that nothing goes wrong further)

Nidhi kept looking in pal as if she wanted to say lot of things, but by then the engine of our bus roared and driver blew the horn, Nidhi walked faster and due to sandal heal just twisted the ankle, pal just held her and got a touch of her hand which happened to be too soft. He helped nidhi get back to her seat, and got a small iodex . Pal gave a word of advice after the bus started that you should be careful.

Nidhi again stared in pals eye with a strange love in it, pal offered his foot massage services to nidhi’s twisted ankle. Nidhi made a final comment thank god it was not that serious. Then the talk began again and went on till 3 this is when both of them were flirting with each other. It was morning pal woke up early and they were almost in indore. Nidhi looked really beautiful sleeping with hairs coming on her face. Pal kept looking at her and felt that a journey on valentine’s day was great and he will join salsa with nidhi soon and will be in touch with nidhi always on mobile. Pal knew at last stop both of them will get down so few mins before last stop he woke up nidhi with gentle shake its coming nidhi. Nidhi woke up just like a kid rubbing eyes, scratching head and stretching whole body. But to pal’s wonder she was ready in just 2 mins. Pal just helped nidhi in bringing down Nidhi’s luggage. Till the time Pal came back with his luggage she was hugging a guy, pal thought its nidhi’s brother. Nidhi introduced pal with the guy,

Nidhi: Anshuman meet pal who helped me alot all throughout the journey, without him I wouldn’t have been able to cover my last part of journey.

Anshuman: I know honey it takes gut to travel from Bangalore just meet me on valentine day.

Pal: (With a great shock) Hey anshuman, you really have a great girl friend she is very brave.

Without saying much Pal with a smile on his face waved a nice goodbye to both of them and left away. Now thats what I call Emotional ATTAyachar!!! Poor Pal!! He does it again….!!

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