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The game part-2

Dear all

Welcome back to my world. Last time you saw that giving first chance to ladies cost you much now what if the guys take the lead and go ahead to lead the ladies. Well to tell u frankly gals never like being dominated, either they will use the high blackmail weapon or they will do something or the other such that it shows that guys can’t lead.

Now lets start from the canteen, Pal thrashed and smashed just couldn’t believe what went in last 15 mins, watching somu move out and pal sitting in canteen with a smiling face and wet eyes some of the friends just could figure out that something went wrong. Some of Pal’s close friends who knew him came and said nothing and asked pal to move to hostel, but some of them who are not so close came and asked the most irritating question one can encounter at that time; “Whats the matter dude, did you propose her what did she say?” Now what will u feel at that moment wont you feel like slaping that guy and asking him to f*** off. But the other friend amit just handled the situation well and asked the fellow sohail to leave pal for now and took pal to his room. After reaching room Pal broke down in tears. Pal couldn’t control the feelings and the tears busted out, Amit just didn’t say anything and but when emotions burst out u cant sit without expressing it. Pal with eyes filled with tears just could not resist expressing what happened with him. He told amit that Somu is flying off to US. Amit could make out the reason for tears, but Amit was inspired by movie “ Jane tu ya jane na..” So he gave a fantastic idea to Pal, after hearing whats next. Pal said he has to get ready to go for a party to city with Somu. Amit then thought why be late like Imran khan, why not give a final try before she leaves the college. Pal thought ya that can be one his last chance. So Pal just rushed to bathroom and washed his face and he made himself look better and feel better. Arranged a camera, stuffed the gift into the bag he use to carry always and sprayed the deo and wore a brand new cloths. He thought this is his time and he cant miss this. With this confidence he was on stop 5 mins earlier (5:55 P.M). Now till the time Somu didn’t arrive he kept on thinking how to say how to act what to say and all the brain storming just to express his feeling. It was 6:20P.M and it was getting dark, trust me gals expect guys to come on time but never will come on time. If we guys come late then we are the biggest criminal no matter even if its 2mins late, but on contrary if gals came late its just they have another stupid excuse, like I got a call, my friend needed my help or she didn’t see the time.  

Well pal took the lead here and said lets go to Ramya’s, but as I told you gals never accept guys leading them and somu said no she wants to do some shopping so she will go to femina mall. Ok offer accepted. Trust me gals spend lot of time shopping no matter even if the world falls over them they would still be shopping. After shopping pal said now lets go and have dinner, but again objection overruled, this time they wanted to have have ice cream. As always the guys have to follow the orders, after having ice cream pal again averred that now we are going for dinner. Somu again countered the announcement by declaring we still have to get some cards. Pal now totally lost took them to archies gallery, after shopping for long pal didn’t dare to make any more announcements. He finally said what next, to which somu replied “What next you want?? its dinner time!! Hurry up we have to be quick. Pal then got the confidence back and said I know the short cut we can reach sangeeta’s quickly.

But as always when pal tries to be heroic he falls in trap and so did this time, pal just took one wrong turn and the poor somu had to walk additional 2km. Pal really felt guilty for that and when they reached restaurant pal apologized. Somu with a smile said its okkie but now we better be quick as we need to be in college for reporting back in hostel. Pal knew that now the time has come and he can still say his heart out. Just when pal cleared the throat and was about to start somu got a call and she left the chair and went to one corner of the hotel. Pal thought it might be a call from home, but somu came back running and said “ Hey pal!! My boy friend Sanjay wants to talk to you, he is on call from US.”

If  the dooms day was supposed to come in 2012 by Mayan calendar it came few years early for Pal. Pal was lost, but as somu said you need to talk he took the mobile with a shaky hands and with a heavy heart and heavy voice he started,


Sanjay: Hey man, I know you, somu use to tell a lot about you.

Pal: (with all the strength) Oh!! Really!!!

Sanjay: Ya and I am thankful to you that you supported her for all the days!!

Pal: (Just lost in thought) Hmm but she never told me about you!! (As if that’s what pal wanted to know)

Sanjay: Actually I only told somu not to disclose as I just want that we maintain our privacy.

Pal: (Then why the hell are you talking to me now!!) Oh that’s very true (with again a faint smile).

Sanjay: Thanks man I wish you all the best and hope you will come one day to our marriage.

Pal: (Thrashed and slaughtered) Ya man I wish both of you a very best of luck and have a great time in US both of you.

Pal handed the mobile back to somu and went to washroom. He couldn’t control the tears and it took 5 mins for pal to get back to normal. Finally he got back the smile and returned. Somu asked suspiciously what happened what took you so long??

Pal: Oh I went to toiled while returning some powder went into my eyes and that’s why I had to go back and wash my eyes thoroughly. This took me so long.

Somu now got convinced. Pal then brought out the gift which he thought he will give after expressing his feelings. But pal has to remove the sticker over it and then give it to Somu. Somu accepted it happily. She finally said “ Pal thanks for the gift and I really know how to thank you for your support but I know what you think about me?”

Pal : (shocked) Weeeelllll… (clearing the throat) whhhhaaat doooo I thiiink abbbbout you??

Somu: Well you are thinking na what will happen after I leave, don’t worry I will be in touch with you.

Pal: (with a sigh of relief and a smile again) ohhh no I know u will be in touch with me!!

Somu: Pal you really supported me well, but now its time for us to catch the bus.

Pal: ( with all emotions sealed and tears held within a strong dam of eyelashes feeling sad  knowing what just happened is the reality) Oh ya its time, and I am really sorry to make you walk an extra mile.

Somu: Pls pal its okkiee.

Pal then took the bus and left for college. Somu and pal sat together but pal knew how far he is from the girl sitting next to him. They reached the college and pal bid farewell and that was the end of the most happening day for pal. All pal could utter after leaving somu was “Broken”.

The last part of story is yet to come hope you like that also.

Do leave your comments, I want to know are you enjoying it or not?

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