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9th hour

Life gives you very rare opportunity to have fun and when you have given your heart and soul for 928 working days you expect something good isn’t it. Well I am talking about job, your workplace where you spend minimum 33.33% of your day. So my this story is dedicated to all those who resigned. Although I wont present you an account of 927 days but just an account of one day that mattered to me the most. My coming story is an account of last 9 hours before resignation. My hero Pal did a fabulous job her also.

Day: -1

As usual another day at office swipe your card before 8:30 and make your presence felt in company. After all this is the most important work that we do in our company, of course the only work for which we keep good terms with boss :D. The only difference between every day and today was Pal knew very well it’s the day before the D day and he has to keep his cool for one more day. After having morning breakfast and the work load sharing it was Pal time to just fix the priority and work accordingly. He was in no mood to work but he knew very well that the only day he needs to show he is working is today.

Its 9:30 A.M. like always boss calls up pal and asks him regarding the work. Gives him tons of work and asks him to finish in a days time. Pal happily accepted all of them. Going against Pal’s own will he did what he could do the best put all the work in no man’s land. Putting work in no man’s land means give a status where the work cant get progress until and unless some powerful agent gives a nice kick behind you. Pal knew very well if he survives today and nothing goes wrong today he has done it. By lunch he comes to know that another meeting by big boss is scheduled at 3:00 P.M. This was for “Cook Book” a book that will never come in existence.

A book which can help designer and can be a single point data book. The good thing was Pal had no role in the first edition of release but had a major role in second release. So Pal was very happy and was enjoying the day. At 3 every one was pulled to the big boss office and like the big boss music in the reality show, guys who love to be boss’s pet came and started singing time management tunes and how significant bigboss’s time is… Poor bigboss unaware that these pets could kill him if they don’t get what they want at the time of appraisal. The appraisal could come anyday any time, so till the time it does not come the battle in office does not begins. The unique spicy big boss is the king and all the pets are his blind followers. The meeting begun with a good tone and a feel good factor question.

Bigboss: What do u think about appraisals?

Pet1: It should be good we should get good grades and lots of promotions..!! (Poor pet un aware that good grades and promotion does not come for free and for services provided in last 3 months weighs less then 9 months of relaxation in work.)

Bigboss: How much promotion do you expect?

Pal: depends on your generosity sir

Bigboss ( shocked a bit) : But still?? ( trying to know expectations of the people)

Bhaiya ji: Sir we have 4 promotions this year. ( With full confidence he told the name also; bhaiya ji is our secret agent who drives all appraisal information from SAP system and his info are authentic)

Bigboss: (Taken by shock) Is this the best received by dept so far? And are you all happy??

Pal: Sir this is not the best , the best so far is 6 promotions, more so satisfaction is relative index sir, no one is ever satisfied.

Bigboss: ( he could smell the rebel within) Pal why don’t you tell what your role was in this book??

Pal: Nothing sir, my role is major in second edition where we need to project process and process details.

Bigboss: (how can I screw this bastard) Pal whats your expectations from this appraisal?

Pal: Nothing sir, I am more then happy with what I have?

Bigboss: Don’t you wish to get good grades? Pal: No sir, promotion and grades come automatically, I just expect a hike in salary of 10-12k…!! ( This automatically meant I need promotion).

Bigboss: Arent you expecting too much?

Pal: You asked for expectations, not the actual reality, that’s why I said no one can be ever satisfied.

The discussion then moved towards the significant work done in last one month and all the pets started swagging there tail and blabbering every small bit of work. For next one hour every one proved that how smart worker rather than hard worker they are…!!

The meeting ended motivational lecture from bigboss , he knew very well that nothing significant has been done by anyone so he emphasized on monthly report just to keep a track of significant developments. Before the meeting ended he asked, Whats a scapegoat?

Bigboss: Pal you tell whats a scapegoat?

Pal: (he knew very well what bigboss wanted) sir no comments, but its given in Economic times paper yesterdays article on third last page!! ( Bigboss expcects everyone to read ET everyday and pal knew this very well and did his homework smartly 😉 few mins before meeting.

But Pal had grudge and he wanted to pay it back, he gave a skeptical smile and went away).


Another day but Pal was more then happy today he knew the day has arrived. After finishing morning meeting my boss called me for follow up.

Look boss, we have been the rebel for bigboss we have fought hard to make ourself heard, I find it hard to fight now and I think we should do as our boss says, Pal nodded the head and said ok sir. So please make the presentation of our significant work. Within 15 mins (Pal’s standard time to come back to boss if the work is in no man’s land) he came back with 2 sheets to boss’s cabin. Boss was happy excellent Pal you did a great job you are getting quick these days if you carry on like this no one can stop you from getting promoted next year. Pal interrupted and said mine was due this year but it seems I am not given what I deserve? Boss: Dude promotion is a big thing it comes with lot of pain but I assure you, this time you will get good grade a B or a B+. So B+ve…

Pal handed the 2 paper and showed it to boss. Boss read the content and could not find any significant work in this except the title which read: “Resignation letter for Pal”. Boss read the 2 sheets again and again and looked at pal. Pal don’t take decision in haste, you didn’t bother to inform me and you are doing like this? Whats this dear?

Pal: I am done sir, I am done with this department!!

Boss: Look dear you could have discussed with me atleast once or could have told me in advance so that I could plan for your substitute!!

Pal: You only said bigboss matter the most so its better I discuss this with bigboss!!!

Boss: (Totally annoyed) He is not here today and wont come today, so submit it on Monday!!

Pal: Sir keep it with you I don’t want to change dates of my resignation!! Have a great weekend sir , I would like to take a half day leave today.

Boss had no words to say and so did Pal…

What happened on Monday was just formalities and post matron of the action. Like boss said one day your attitude matters most in the company, Pal failed to show it till the time he was in company but could present a solid attitude after he resigned.

After that Pal changed his desktop and put a lion photo with a caption: ” I work for money if you want loyality hire dogs ” .

Sometimes i wonder how attitude changes with confidence… hope it gives lot of confidence to people who resign.

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