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Dear all

Welcome back after a long long time this break was even longer but trust me it was not deliberate. A long silence definitely promises something big and yes this story offers something big. Something which neither you nor I would expect could happen!!

Pal who worked in BMW in Pune now shifted to Gurgaon in Mercedes of India limited (MIL). The shift of place brought some changes in Pal’s life and one of them was his craze for football he was able to meet a group which was a MAN-U fan and they use to meet all weekends to watch the EPL matches, a social get together as you all know is full of opportunity to meet new people. Pal got to meet some new friends some from Bengal some from Luckhnow and so on… It was match against MANcity where in Pal came late and his group was expected in another 15 mins as the place was full there was a small table at the corner, the view would not be that great of the screen but as long as you can see, you can feel the game…what do you say guys??

So he took the seat and noted that a gal in the group, you hardly get to see females in India having craze for this sport but as it was a top notch game she came in, to tell you she was really hot. Now don’t expect anything in the match cause guys when its football match even the beautiful girl cant take you away from the classic encounter. A couple of days later Pal found the same gal in her office and this was amazing, like the alchemist quote “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” Well like always Pal follows the gal, she was in HR and she joined in recently as an office Trainee in the company. He used all the contacts in that department he came to know that the gal named NADIA. Such was the magic of this gal that pal use to follow him madly. During lunch or during any visit he use to select the route so that he could see NADIA. A glimpse of eye or a long stare at her use to make pal happy, he use to wait everyday at lunch just to get glimps of NADIA. So this continued for months and after 3 months on 20th October Pal had to stay back in office late, and he really had a stressed out day.

He went to coffee vending machine just to grab a cup of coffee and finds another hand coming up on the machine, he turned his eyes to find it was NADIA, the hot coffee freezed in Pal’s hand and he became statue of liberty and Pal could not just stop staring at Nadia. Nadia in turn noted this and she was pretty much annoyed but such was Nadia’s magic that he could barely stop thinking. Pal kept staring until he was struck by a tight slap on his cheek and it was from none other than NADIA. Pal’s dream was soon thrashed and he was back in reality and the slap made him fall on feet and he realised that if Nadia complained to any HR manager his career would be screwed and he would be kicked out of MIL. He was literally crying and begging for mercy. He was on his knees and asking Nadia to forgive him and this is what he said “I wont stare at you from now on, but its just that you are too beautiful that I cant take my eyes away and since the first meet in club I wanted to talk to you spend time with you my intentions were not wrong but I really never had courage to say this to you ever.”

Nadia with a silent smiled and a rude and angry face said no way I really need to get you kicked and get you screwed there is no other way by which you wont change. Pal knew that if women say something men would always be culprit and if she said anything to manager he would be kicked and his career is over. So Pal grabbed her feet and was begging for mercy. Nadia was enjoying, why do gals enjoy such situations?? She then said “ I would only let you go only at one condition if you take a pledge now along and promise that you will follow each and every word of it.

To this Pal agreed and immediately stood up and said what’s the pledge i am ready to take it now only. But promise you wont complain anything to HR managers. To which she agreed. But in an angry tone said “Who the hell asked you to stand up? on your knees right now!! And dare you think you will get away this easy, this is what you think about gals?? Don’t you have family??” Dare you stand up on your knees.

She brought a birthday candle and lighted it, she held Pals hand and kept it over the burning candle and hold the hand and said repeat after me what i say..

Nadia: I pledge that
Pal: I pledge that
Nadia: I would always be honest, sincere and would never think rubbish.
Pal: I would always be honest, sincere and would never think rubbish.
Nadia: I would never stare at other gals
Pal: I would never stare at other gals
Nadia: I would respect gals and they would be like my sisters
Pal: I would respect gals and they would be like my sisters.
Nadia: And would love you forever like this.
Pal: And would love you forever like this.

After this Pal’s hand was left and Pal was happy that he is safe now and his career is safe now he said thanks to Nadia and said I really appreciate that you forgive me. But he suddenly realised that what he took pledge and he was just shocked and for 2 min Pal just couldn’t believe that what he took as pledge and when he realised he was excited and he was jumping around and Nadia burst into laughter and Pal was dancing like mad, again Nadia slapped Pal. This time Pal just couldn’t realise what wrong did he do? Nadia said “Idiot never does a gal take a first step, its guy who must come and speak their heart out and you like a fool did nothing for 3 damn months, what sort of dumb head are you?? Pal to this question had no reply the only thing that was in his mind was that he proposed a gal and he is in love. He still couldn’t realise what Nadia said and he just kissed Nadia. Nadia was surprised to see what Pal did! Pal then said “I never knew this but you did the most wonderful thing of my life and I would always keep my pledge”. Both of them were so happy and both of them hugged each other and so finally my hero Pal who never got his love got his love. So my friend is committed now.

Everything has been written by the same hands and the future belongs to God, and it is only he who reveals it, under extraordinary circumstances. But when I called Pal on 19th December what I got to know was even more surprising and this is what I came to know:

On 17th December Pal and Nadia went on a bike ride, and Pal loved Nadia’s hair so he gave his helmet to Nadia to cover her hairs and enjoy the ride without worrying for hairs, it was close to 10 p.m. at night and while taking a left turn from sector 15 to highway Pal got hit by a range rover and the collision was so hard that Nadia flew to near by heap of sand and Pal went out and thrashed in Rangerover’s mirror. The driver was a son of a rich builder and Pal died on the spot. That night the driver had a break up and was drunk to his limits and was going back home in fully drunk condition. Nadia was safe and didn’t suffer any injury but what she saw took her life away. She just couldn’t believe that person whom she loved so madly and the person who in these 3 months changed her life is no more.

Sometimes fate has its own face and Pal who never use to drive without helmet did the most unusal thing and lost his life saving his love’s life. This is how my friends my hero, my champ lost his life for not wearing helmet, the rich builder’s son is free and still drinks and drives on Indian roads. I don’t know how many more Pal will get killed like this ? Nadia is still in a state of shock and still could not believe that she didn’t get an injury while Pal died then and there itself, she still can see she flying away and Pal flying in opposite direction and the separation between them became so large that now they are separated by life and death.

I pay my tribute to my hero my star Pal who inspired me to write so good blog without him I have no clue what I am going to write? I still cant believe how can god be so rude on a person? May his soul rest in peace…. It would be great if you pay your tribute to Pal with your own comments.

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