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I me and myself

Life brings you at strange points .. sometimes you feel you are on top of the world and sometimes you start wondering why the hell are you living this life… My next few blogs would be about a character who i call “I” because of his name!! “Irn Awasthi” makes you feel strange right…every one does feel the same way but he pronounce it as “I” so why this character?? Rather than giving you reasons lets hear an excerpt of his chat…

We met in the most funny ways in a busy lunch area it was a conference and I could not find any place to sit so I sat right in front of the person “I”. We were chatting in about the conference and proceedings although he was born in Spain but he lived all his life in India. He was an interesting person to talk to and we decided to be together in conference and lets discuss more about each other. “I” was a strange character he was funny, quiet sophisticated yet simple. He was like puzzle to me.

For me I had a fight with my boss a day before and was in no mood to enjoy conference. So after the conference I started the conversation with “I” about bosses and how bad they are!! He said to me “dude whats your problem?”

I said “ I am not happy with myself and its not me in this job, its not what keeps me happy and its not what takes me to the top”.

“I” said “ So what is it that keeps you going??”

Me: I want to be an artist, I want to be a free bird, I don’t want to go to office , I want to earn on my onw!!

“I” : And what do you plan to do for this?? What is the reason for being an artist??

Me: It just makes me feel happy makes me feel comfortable and makes me look at life in a different way. I enjoy life more when I do what I like.

“I” : So you mean to say you never enjoyed your work?

Me: No I do sometimes but the boss keeps cursing me and the people around me never support me, I have done good things but I never got what I deserved!

“I” : Listen dude then you love your work its just that you lost the motivation to work, you are innovative and you know whats your inspiration…!!

Me: Dude you hardly know about me and you talk so big?

“I” : If you think I am wrong, you can leave the table right now and I am very sure you wont…

( I was truely amazed by this guys confidence there was something which was keeping me bounded to this guy, his words were magical and he was someone who has faced this situation earlier)

Me: Okiie go on!!

“I” : Listen dude, life is never easy and it is never meant to be , whats the use if life is easy? If you don’t struggle if you don’t fight what do you think every thing should come to you? Okie let me tell you what you think about yourself.
(I was dumbstruck that this person whom I meant on lunch table is going to tell me what I do wrong  is he kidding me or he thinks he is god?? But any ways I wanted to prove him wrong so I accepted the offer with a gentle nod)

For a human what matters most is I and for me its not the word that matters most, for me what matters is myself.
The most common mistake that people do is think that what is it that I have done wrong and what keeps me away from success?? Why cant I make myself on top of others??

What people fail to realise that the approach is quiet intrinsic and should be looked from the outside not inside, Now look at the same thought process in a different way what is it that I am doing wrong? What is it that keeps me away from success and what can I change in myself to make me go on top.

When you go on top people always pull you down and they will never support you. Life is never easy, the race of life is full of dirt and thorns, its just that you need to keep running and push your limits. If you start thinking about people who pull you down you are wasting your resource and time.

Being a half Christian I was told its your destiny and if you are meant to achieve something you will get it, no one can take it away from you. Life is all about putting efforts. Now if someone pulls you down that means you are on top of him, you are one step ahead of what he is!, that pull should not lead you down but should make you think to try even harder not to get pulled down. What is it that you are doing that you are above him? What is it that he cant do that you are doing??

So Still its about myself, but we humans are so obsessed by success that we don’t realise that failure are means to succeed they are the lesson which our life wants to give us to succeed. We miss out the hidden message that life is sending us. So change the way you look and you will see a big difference in I, me and myself.

I know I gave enough of funda to you but I end up here so please spell life for me.

Me: L I F E

“I” : remember the F word, thats the fun in your life and life wants to give you much more but without “f” it is just “LIE” … In short life without fun is “LIE” So never give up stand one more time and run for yourself and you will succeed, because the quality of winner is to win at all cost!!

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