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Pour out

Dear readers…
After a small break back with my small bunch of joy…what to do cant stop myself to get away from few things… and one of them is looking around at people!! Some people who make you think, some who make you sing, some who make you laugh… here is a story about 2 people Love and Ane… off course couple. So what do you think the story is going to be all about? Lets begin with a small quiz what do gals like most…easy one right, shopping:P simple, so this story is about shopping experience.

To all my readers I repeat, all the character’s in this blog are ficticious and any resemblance would only be a coincidence. Also the writer of this blog wants to create a humour out of situation and by no intention wants to target any community or gender by any means.

So just another great day, love and ane for me are great couple but as a guy love sometimes gets annoyed with situation, trust me all guys do…gals please note. But not today, Love was in a great romantic mood and wanted to see her gal happy, but all guys must know that happiness of gals lies in shopping (Courtesy: Pyar ka panchnama) So love calls ane to know where is she, and he gets a reply he is in the coffee house in city centre waiting for love. Love runs all the way to coffee house and meets ane.

Ane: Where the hell were you? I am waiting for you from last half an hour? Its 10:30 now!!
Love: But I just called you ten mins back!! How will i know where were you?
Ane: You forgot again…my god what should i do??
Love: What??
Ane: Its our anniversary!!
Love: But if i remember correctly I proposed you on 14th feb.
Ane: God damn it… its nine months that we have celebrated successfully. How can you forget this we celebrate it every month. Love you keep forgetting things, makes me sad…!
Love: No dear look I wana see you happy, let me get something for you!! (Thinking something in coffee)
Ane: Great, thats a great idea I yesterday saw a great jacket lets see it. I love you so much you know what i want
Love: (half confused in a state of shock) …aaaa…aa …yaa.. lets go..
So now they began their shopping, I could tell you a lot about shopping but lets keep it short,
11:00 shopping begin
11:30 the guy knew what the gal is looking for and he said to ane, look ane i can tell you what you are looking for, ane still didn’t knew what she was looking for but still she asked what am I looking for?
Love: you are looking for a brown jacket which could match with your shoes, should have stitches at the border, should not have horizontal pockets, the zips should be covered, should be light, should not be too bulky, should be slim fit, should be water resistant, should not destroy your figure, should have a hood, should be within X price.

Ane: How do you know so much??
Love: I am watching your choices, and could make out simply.
12:00- 3 shops seen with 20 jackets tried
2:00- 10 shops seen with 60 jackets tried. By this point love was hungry and was tiered, he wanted to have something, but could not speak.
3:00- 14th shop with countless jackets tried, Anne after deciding on 2 jackets looked at love and asked a question “ I hope you are not getting bored! “
(trust me guys, this is the most annoying question a gal can ask while shopping)
Love: No dear not at all, go on make your choice.
Ane: I am confused between this jacket and the one which we saw at shop “P” (this happens to be the first shop they visited, Love partially hungry and partially happy that she finally made a choice) What should I do?

Love: Take both dear ..its your choice and your choice is never bad.
Ane: No I just need to take one… give me a decision.
Love: take this, but after you are done you have to come along with me to shop “P” to get me a lower, I liked it alot.
Ane: (happily) Ok thats great
Ane, took the jacket and went to shop “P”, by the time Ane could blink her eyes and search love in shop “P” he came back with a bag.
Ane opened the bag and was shocked to see the other jacket of her choice, she was looking at Love telling her that you spend too much on useless things and this is not a good habit. Love quietly listen to Ane and gave a gentle smile. Ane stopped love and gave him a warm hug. Said “thank you” in his ears. Love just closed his eyes and felt his heart which was running faster than Bolt, After the hug love looked at Ane and said, “Anytime” with a gentle smile.
Once they were out of shop, they met people of “Hare Krishna Hare Ram”, who were on street to collect donation for latest event. They caught love and said, dude for the long life of your relation and may you both marry soon.
Love: Look brother, neither we are going to marry nor our relation would be long, so please let us go. I don’t wana be in all this.

After walking away from that person Ane was annoyed and was disturbed by what Love said and love knew it. By the time they reached home ane just kept her bag and left silently.
Love held her hand and kneel down and said,
Ane, you will never know how much I love you, my love could never be measured by donation I give to them, nor the amount I spend on you, my love is silent and you know I know how much it is, if you have any doubts just keep your hand on my heart and feel it. I know I spend too much but that is just for you, my spending has nothing to do with my habit. My only bad habit is that I love you and love you like mad. I know your answer, you gave it to me 9 months back. So now please don’t shed tears, because they are valuable for me, all I want is to see you smiling, see you getting mad at me. My madness and my craziness is just for you and you would never come to know its extent. I know we are together, but I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, still I want to tell you one thing, no distance can separate my love for you and no matter what happens I would always like to see you smiling just like the way you did in the morning. For me nothing is more valuable than your smile, and you might ask what happened to me today? Why I am behaving so? The answer to that is Your love has filled my heart and now its pouring out, and those feelings cant be expressed in words but this the best I can do to describe them…

Let your smile be alive,
Like a touch of divine
Like a dew on a grass
Like the glow in your eyes
Shining just like brightest stars
Through my eyes into my heart
Making me nervous and tearing me apart
Through my mind into my senses
Touching me like I have no senses
A rain drop on the face
Making me look for my own trace….

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