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Dear all

In my last blog I told you my story because lots of people raised a lot of questions, I had no answers to them then to give them answer in my lines. So here is another Pal story , should I say Pal story or an account… you people decide and tell me. People asked me so many questions the only answer to their question is “ All the character in this story are imaginary any resemblance with anyone would just be mere coincidence.” Well life is wonderful and we all know that but so many times we take life for granted, this account is just a reflection of how taking life for granted and making assumptions about life can be dangerous. This is an account of Pal on 16th December night. Last night of Pal, that day he had a bad time in office and when he came back in the evening to see Nadia she was asleep, so he decided not to wake up Nadia and just make some tea for himself, but when you are out of your mind something wrong happens and it did. Pal dropped the cup and Nadia woke up, Nadia just lost a cup which was gifted to her by her mother, she had every reason to get angry on Pal, and she did. Pal already had a bad day and he got annoyed and yelled at Nadia and left.

It was night time 11:00 P.M. Pal had a good habit of writing an entry in diary. So here is what he wrote in his diary.

Date 16th December 2010

Dear Nadia,

I know I not just broke your cup but broke your heart, I know I am a dumb head, I know I could have reacted in a different way, I know I could have said something good that time, but I really had a bad day, I know you enjoyed your comp off but as you were sleeping I didn’t wanted to disturb you but just prepare a nice tea for you and wake you up with the smell of tea so that you could feel better and then we could go for a bike ride. I love to take you for a ride, not because I love you because I love your hairs when they fly, I feel like the breeze feels delighted and tries to play with your hair and make me feel jealous as because those hairs fly opposite to me and that breeze tries to tease me and tell me that you are not so lucky. But how can I tell that breeze that I cannot tell how much lucky I am, how great my life is with you, how good I feel when you sit next to me on my bike. Well I just wana tell that breeze that those hairs are beautiful and I give you a chance to play with them. Trust me whatever I said was my anger and I know I am very bad at anger management, you also know this. My only intention was to break your sleep with a great tea that could make you say I LOVE YOU. Ah let me tell you I don’t know weather I would have courage to say this to you ever or not, but you look great when you sleep. While you were sleeping I wish it would be dawn time and we were in a boat, I would sail the boat so that when the first ray of morning comes and falls on you, I could show them that there is something more beautiful than them. I love the glims and the twinkles in your eyes, I wish that we were laying on grass in open sky and show stars that you don’t need to be so proud of your twinkling; I already have my star with me who can twinkle much brighter than you and your beauty is nothing in front of those eyes. I saw you smiling in your dreams I don’t know but it came to my mind that I was in your dreams, I really wish I could make you smile always not just in dreams but in real life also. Your smile is something that makes my day, it s like a bright sunny day in a cold winter season. The warmth of sun would not match the smile on your face. I wish I could tell the sun that your brightness is nothing in comparison to those smile, your glow can never match my love’s face, her smile makes my day. When I close my eyes I could see your face right in front of me. I wish I could tell you what it means to me, I could tell those flowers that there is something more delicate and more joyce than them. Something more beautiful than those flowers. Your pink cheeks would make the rose shy away.

Suddenly the phone rings… DIL (NA) Dia calling…

I wish I could finish this story, I wish I could tell you how much I love you, I really wish you always be right next to me smiling talking and spreading your glow. You make this fool a genius. I wish I could tell you how much I want to hold your hand and walk with you on sandy beeches , how much I wish to take a walk with you along the river side. I wish I could explain everything to you but now as you have given a call I will finish this story later. I know you will start the call with sorry but I would like to say sorry because you can never be wrong its me who is stupid… Lets talk dear, I have lot to write would write tomorrow lot more to tell you…I wish one day you read this diary and feel my love….For now time to talk to you…

On 26th December when Nadia read this last page of diary the only thing that she could do is cry, a drop of tear fell on that page, I think that was the perfect ending to the unfinished story that Pal wanted to finish. No end could be better than this end. If life is a story not every story would be complete but its important to remember that every moment you live you make a story out of it and love life, live life, thats life.

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In the land of great poets you cant be them, neither can you imitate them nor act like them, but when the heart says somethings these lines come out, sorry for not giving a pal story. That would be next till then this is where I rest…I hope you get the depth of emotions and enjoy this rhythm divine…


The night was lovely and the wind was cool
the shadow of mine layout with me without any rule
the joy was with me and so was the pain
I was in the heaven and I saw the hell
The soul of mine was free from all tales
The brightness was in front and darkness behind
The love of my life who was the rhythm divine
Through to my soul and gave me the best of time
Gone were the days when I was dumped and I was sad
Today is mine no matter its still month eight
There comes a time when life change, after sunshine it rains
Loved your tears and more loved your smiles
The heart still beats and sings the same rhythem divine
The touch of your hand to close my eyes
The voice of yours so lovely and so fine
Gone are the days and gone are the memoirs
The only things remains is just a story of mine
I stand before the dawn in the hope of sunshine
But all could feel was the fog of mystery and glimmer of hope
Then came the fairy with the touch of light
With a look in her eyes and a faith in soul of mine
Gone were the mists and road lay ahead
No more melancholy strings its my new rhythm divine
Thats the story so far this is all mine ..this is all mine

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Firstly thanks a ton to all my creative writers who expressed their views about Pal and the story. I have no word to express my thankfulness to you. Now wish you all a VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY. So after looking at the answers, you will see most of you got all the answers right.Also some of you pointed that spelling of commotion is wrong in last blog, that was intentional as the story was not complete so was the spelling of commotion, here is the complete story and complete spelling “COMMOTION”. But as an author you got them all wrong Pal is simple but not as simple as you thought he is notorious and if you want to know why here is the second part of the story.

Pal took a deep breath and said lets get out of this place and go to Rockfort, for people who do not know what is rockfort here is the link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rockfort) Throughout the climb to the hill top both of them didn’t talk at all ( Pal was thinking of what to do and what not to do, and jamina was confused and lost in her own thoughts), Pal asked jamina to sit on the rock while pal went into the temple. Pal standing infront of lord said, lord guide me and let me do what I have not done so far. He took a deep breath and went out and sat with Jamina. From the hill top you can view the whole city, the train going through the bridge, the market, the other big Sriangam temple, the church on the other side, the busy city and cool breeze coming from not so watery Kaveri river. So Pal sat right next to Jamina and said do you feel better after coming here?

Jamina: Dont know, Pal I need answers and my answers are not going to come by changing places they will come when I will think.

Pal: Look in my eyes and then tell me do you trust me?

Jamina: Yes Pal i trust you alot and I trust you more than anyone apart from my parents.

Pal (delighted holds Jamina’s hand): Okkkie lets solve your problem then, now what I am going to tell you might sound strange to you but if you listen patiently and answer my question you will get the answer to all your questions and trust me I promise I mean every single word of it to solve your problem.

(with a small pause, after getting a nod from Jamina) Jamina I know you are confused and I don’t like to see you sad, infact I don’t like you confused or carrying any worry, I just want that you stay happy and by saying this I don’t want to make you sad but yes before even Sam met you I knew you and I feel for you since then, I just love you and would continue to love you till infinity. (small pause, expression on Jamina’s face was not tense any more she was surprised her eyes went wider, Pal got the answer, and then a big loud smile from pal)

Pal was laughing like mad at this point ( JAmina getting annoyed and even more confused why after saying such big thing is he laughing), Pal then continued, Jamina like the way I said to you just now anyone could say to you, anyone could come and propose you. You are a sweet gal and you are too innocent. Look as far as you could see from here what do you see?

Jamina: sky and horizon

Pal: Is it beautiful ?

Jamina: Its really beautiful and I love it.

Pal: Would you like to go there?

Jamina: Yes off course but I know I would never reach there.

Pal: I simply asked would you like to reach for horizon? I never said to use your brain in my question just ask your heart and answer it!

Jamina: Yes I want to go there.

Pal: Then how long you think you are going to take to reach there?

Jamina: Many days may be many years, it would take long to walk that far.

Pal: Good so if you would take days and years then you would see night also, right

Jamina: Right but what are you doing, why asking this thing, you just proposed me and now you asking me such questions, whats wrong with you pal?

Pal: (after another big laughter) Jamina, let me ask you few more questions and then I will answer all the question that you asked just now.

Jamina: Right I would see night also.

Pal: would you be scared by night and stop walking towards the beautiful horizon?

Jamina: yes I would be scared but would not stop towards walking.

Pal: Good, that is all I wanted to hear from you, that horizon is your future, you would always walk through the life towards your future and never reach there, days and night are good and bad time respectively. You would be scared in bad time and happy in day time, now one last question. Close your eyes now and then answer (Jamina closes her eye) Now you are at horizon, is it beautifu? (yes was Jamina’s reply) Who do you see there at horizon with you?

Jamina: you.

Pal: ( with wicked smile) not me stupid, think of people who really love you, about whom you were confused for, Who is there with you?

Jamina: No one…

Pal: Look Jamina, the only thing I want to make you understand is, its your future, you are walking towards your future which is very beautiful and bright, days and nights will come but you wont stop walking, you will get your bright future. So keep walking let people come and walk with you, don’t think about them, let them think about you, your true love is the one who keeps walking with you all the way and stands with you to horizon, not the one who asks you to hold his hand and takes you to horizon by his way. I might sound selfish Jamina, people come and go, its you who have to keep walking and love is not about imposing condition on others or accepting others condition, its about living the life in the most beautiful way without giving up on anything in life. Its about reaching far beyond the horizon, with love you just gain pace, not loose pace, right now you are loosing pace,people will come and go they will hold your hand and may leave you in dark. You are smart gal and you have a long way to go. Let the days and night pass away, stop thinking, start walking, reach for horizon its waiting for you and so is your love. I hope you got your answer.

Jamina: (with tears in her eyes hugs Pal) Thanks Pal I am glad I have you, I am really lucky to have you.

Pal: (with a smile) Anytime Jamina

Today Jamina works in Yahoo at California, she is happily wedded to Shabir (not Jamina’s bf), she came from California to India to attend last rituals of Pal,
That is what I call true friends, kudos to friendship

She just kept hand on Pal’s dead body and whispered “ I am still walking and would like to see you at horizon, you were right you went too fast to horizon…..!!”

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What an amazing day I had, trust me if you get a chance to see such a diversity in a place then do let me know, I only thought that Mumbai was a place where you can see the rich and the poor but trust me I saw the 2 sides of London one the rich sitting right in the heart of city sipping coffee at starbucks and writing a story. London is an amazing place you can always find a reason to be in London be it London eye or tower bridge or be it any big festival. The life in this city goes on every person is running here and there the only difference between Mumbai and London is the scale of city, class of city and the cultural diversity. Thinking why cultural diversity?? Ok let me make that clear to you in India we are more worried if non Marathi people encroach the city… what will happen to Mumbai people if people from other nation join in?? London in this case has a big heart it can accommodate more nationalities and more color. Let me make it clear again I am not comparing 2 cities, both of them are incomparable, for a simple reason that one faces terrorist attacks and bomb blast once or twice a year or may be in months… but the other is much more secure and gives such opportunity very rare.

In one city the terrorist could warn of a possible attack on airport while in other if terrorist think of any such attack they would be in big trouble. Now if I am not making a comparison, then why the hell I am telling you all this? Ok this comparison is for my heart Favorite character and the one which you wanted back. Although this one is not something which is new or the latest happening to pal but happens to be when he was in his college life. This blog wont be one where the story ends, this one is for you all to end and for you all to tell what should pal do and what is he? Ok in short its for you answer few questions that I will ask in the end of the story. So here we go with the story.

Its a warm afternoon and hot and humid day the worst that could happen now is a powercut. Whenever Pal thinks that the worst could be this, it happens automatically. Now a powercut and hot day what should pal do? So he decides to go to cyber cafe in city where he could enjoy time and chat around. Suddenly the mobile pops up, with a msg and its her what should i say? Love/friend/ crush?? Decide once you hear the story, its Jamina. Jamina in same state of mind of what to do, msgs pal what are you doing? Pal knew it was going to be about going out either for movie or lunch. So Pal suggested lets go for movie and then have an early dinner in the evening. I wont take you through the same story that Jamina has a bf and talks a lot with Pal and pal strongly feels for her and has never spoke to her about his feeling but he is the one who has always kept jamina happy and has always being able to bring smile on Jamina’s face. This time the story goes the other way, this time its different. All of you know Pal and how he is need not to tell more about Pal, so they go for movie and now sitting on dinner table. They were discussing the movie and Pal making Jamina eat a lot Jamina says you are going to make me fat.
Pal ( thinking yes I do intent to do that, so that your bf leaves you !! with a vicked smile ) No way why should I?

Jamina : I know why you do this?
Pal (suspicious): Why?
Jamina: Its said the way to heart goes through the stomach and thats why you are doing this!! I know you devil!!!
Pal (shy and mixed emotion thinking how come she knows this that I feel for her): hmmm
Jamina: I know you want this friendship not to be broken ever and that is why you want to make this bond very strong. I know you clever guy.
Pal (partially relieved): I just wish , I just wish (thinking she knew the reality)
Jamina: You know what pal I am in a big confusion and I don’t know should I tell this to you or not. I don’t know after this what will you think about me? But all I need is that you remain the same to me no matter what happens after this. So please be patient and listen to me carefully.
Pal partially hopeful and partially nervous and expecting something big to happen.

Jamina starts with a nervous face and a bit shy, look pal the thing is its about love and I know what you think about love, I know you think its quiet sacred and you thinks its much more than friendship and all other relations. But to be honest if I don’t tell you this I would be uncomfortable. Pal happy from inside and showing great concern from outside hoping that this time god has listened to him and he would get to hear something magical today.

Jamina continues : I am in great confusion, I told you about my bf he behaves in such a strange way and he is quiet rude to me now a days and has changed for no reasons although I always try to please him and see him happy but I don’t know what is wrong with him, he is never happy and I am very much upset with him.

Pal knew that the opportunity is knocking on his door and he is ready to take this with both hands.

Jamina: But I wana tell you about Sam whom you know very well he came to me and said he feels strongly for me and he knows that I have a bf but he said its just feelings and he needs to express it, I don’t want you to give your verdict I just want to tell you what I feel, No matter what happens my feeling for you is going to be strong and I would not expect any reply for you, I just want to express myself and I did it.

Pal was red with anger if Jamina would not have been there he would have bought a gun and shot his best friend Sam. Trust me gals, guys can do it. History is a proof of it, ladies have caused wars between best pals ..forget friends even nations. So now with this confession it was time for pal to give a reaction… Guess what happened next?

The whole restaurant was looking at Pal not because of anger, not because of jealous, not because of his red face but because of his great laughter quiet lound and like a lion’s roar. Probably that is the most weird reaction a guy could give, Sam knew that his best friend Pal feels strongly for jamina and still he proposed her. Trust me when it comes to love friends don’t remain friends they just change and they just become opportunists, Anyone who disagrees with this fact can meet the author anytime he wants and have a debate on this. The fact is women have been spoiled by choices in India and the guys stay in queue to grape a chance. Pal has to handle himself and behave in the most normal fashion he could. So what he does is sheds some tears while laughing and act as if he is dying of laughter.

Pal: Jamina, where is your happiness? What do you think about life and do you think a person comes and says something to you and you accept it?

Jamina: actually the story has a twist, I did not thought that it would turn out this way but me and sam had been talking right from the time you the day you introduced him to me. He is a kind of nice guy, he is shy and he is very calm and composed, he never says much to me and its me who contacts her everytime, he is too shy to talk to me.
(Pal knew why Sam was shy and why he never made an effort to contact Jamina)

Pal: Look here Jamina you are the best judge of your life and no one else apart from you can decide who is what in your life, why leaving your bf for Sam?

Jamina: I am not leaving my bf, I love him alot I wana see him happy all the time but he is a kind of guy who is behaving strange all the time and he is the one who seeks his happiness more then mine all the time but this guy Sam whom you know very well always tries to keep me happy and never expects anything from me while my bf expects alot from me so I am confused and confused to my extent.

Trust me guys, gals get confused in the simplest way. There are only few things they can fall in quickly for are : shopping, spending money last but not the least confusion. Pal was terribly angry but like always he is supposed to stay calm and not show any emotions pretty much in control of situation he knows this situation very well.

Pal: (still laughing at his fate and getting annoyed at his friend) Jamina all I would say is you know the answer and you know whom you like the most you know who can keep you happy the most so be with the person who can do this every single time.

At this point Pal thought of saying his feeling also but was in dilemma of adding to confusion of Jamina. So my question to all the readers are

a) Who is the best friend in the story and of whom (compare all the 3 friends and please let me know this is why I started with comparison)?
b) Who should Jamina go with?
c) Should Pal add to Jamina’s misery by confessing his emotion?
d) Whom should Jamina be with?
e) (To all guys) Do you agree with fact that gals remain confused most of the time?

I would expect people to reply through comments, because this story is incomplete and I want all you creative writers to complete in the most creative way you can. I will tell you what happened next in my next blog. Till then I enjoy London and Starbucks 🙂
To end here is a word of wisdom for commotion:
“Beneath our hearts lies several emotions some of them petrified and frozen some of them just another commotion”

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