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Letter to PM

Dear Mr Prime minister

I know you have received many letters and mails from people, I know you are really busy and people around you are just killing you, be it people opposing you like Anna or be it people supporting you Mr Pranab Mukherjee. It has been a nightmare for you as a second turn of ruling the country. Everyone said you are not apt and you are not a strong PM, on contrary I would really like to appreciate you for not commenting anything to such critiques. Where people like Advani, modi, kapil sibbal and the person who thinks he could win Soniyaji’s heart by blabbering whatever comes in his mind DIGVIJAY SINGH, well leave apart politicians (they are meant to be outspoken) even saadhu’s (Baba Ramdev), actors (Amir khan) came and said whatever came in their mind. But you being a wise man kept your mouth shut and never bothered to respond to them. This is a real good habit of yours but as we all know excess of anything is bad, your silence on lot of issues has hurt me and I really felt that I should write to you and let you know that you have done a great job but there are some answers that I need and no one else can answer it better than you.

To begin with I must congratulate you for being the only second PM to rule the country for 2 terms ( I pray the country does not go for mid term polls in next 2 years) It requires extra ordinary skills and great patience to be a winner of heart of a nation of 120 crore people out of which roughly 55% vote. But pls Mr PM give me a chance to raise a question, was this possible because of a weak opposition and lack of issues which opposition did not dealt effectively. Well what BJP did in last 6 years same thing is now coming back to you, your party is doing the same mistake in last 7 months. You saw the strength of democracy where all parties had to agree to bring a strong janlokpal bill. Now I am not an analyst I am just a common Indian man who is not so common these days. My question to you is if you can work silently why cant people in your party and cabinet do so, why are they continuously creating trouble for you and your party. You have been a good PM and I would like to see you for the third time too, please do not think that I am a congress supporter, I am a fan of yours and I am getting annoyed day by day with people around you who are making your life tough.

Talking about corruption well I really feel pity for you, multi million and billion Rupees taken away by ministers and yet you maintaining a clean image and claiming that you did not take a single penny, does that really matter sir? Do you think honesty is the word in dictionary of politicians these days? I have lost faith in people who called themselves politicians and debate over democracy being superior than people or constitution being superior to people. Is this debate necessary when your policy maker define the line of poverty as person earning less than Rs 36 a day… Pardon me sir if poverty line is defined in such a way then a begger on streets is also above poverty line. Well in that case our nation is a nation with almost 0 people below poverty line.

If I don’t get this wrong your team has really worked according to the agenda set by UPA government, let me bring out the main agenda that your government fought elections last 2 times.

1. To remove Poverty and help poor: Well you get 100% on this front, your government has been able to remove poverty by defining a new standard for poverty. But Sir I would like to ask you to come to a normal town, or any non metro city, please come and be with an Uncommon Indian like me and let me know how can a person survive on 37Rs a day? Let me bring some statistics to you (let me tell you all these are floor price meaning least price in town) Cucumber: Rs 20/kg, Wheat floor Rs 30/kg, milk 35/lit… more available but do you really think can a person eat twice a day and live in the worst possible condition at anything above Rs 36…?? But according to statistics that your government will generate it would be clear that your government has been able to reduce the poverty. Sir, you an economist, please do justice if not speak on this matter
2. To Remove the difference between rich and poor: Again Kudos to you sir, you have made everyone rich so the difference between rich and poor is gone. The situation gets further enhanced when people like us, the uncommon middle class Indian can dream of mobile phones, cars but when it comes to eating and nutritious food we had to go to cheap stores and by not so good groceries, food which is sub standard. If I tell this to minister in your cabinet they might give me an argument that India is a nation with maximum diabetic patients or wheat is not the only floor that you should have you must experiment with other grains. On the other hand I would not accept your silence on this topic. I had a chance to be in UK for few months and We get milk at same rate, sugar at same rate, apple at same rate but the quality there and quality here in India is miles apart, when you say you need engineers and managers to drive the nation! Do you forget that those budding engineers and managers and people who run the nation need nutrition why do we not get the same quality as what people outside our nation get? But your records will show that as the common Indian has grown richer its his responsibility to stay fit and get nutritious food, for this you would spend again multi million to spread awareness on nutrition value of diet.
3. Your agenda also said that You would save money for common man: As I said the common Indian man has become Uncommon Indian because they are on streets and on social networking sites supporting a notion of “India against Corruption” which means the only common man remaining is either you who is an honest politician or your team members who are not so honest politicians, I can very well say that your team members have saved a lot by indulging in scamps and as far as you are concerned you also have saved a lot, by doubling your salary. So see you have fulfilled all the promise you made to people.

You made it big on all three agenda that you set, meaning 100% progress of your government if you show this to Sonia ji she would be happy and instead of Rahul she would support you for next election also. Sir please do not consider this as any sort of pessimistic tone or anti-government publicity, its just the reality and I thought I should bring it to your notice that your team has done a fabulous job. Also one more thing request please do not increase the number on IIT and IIM. Well people argue that it would dilute the reputation that these colleges carry. Very wrong noting would happen to their reputation the only trouble could be for you and your fellow team mates , as you might see many more Arvind Kejrival coming out of such institution to bring revolution in mind set of Uncommon Indians.

Politics is a quick sand even Mr Arvind fell in that trap but we uncommon Indian who keep following cricket no matter we win or loose cannot become trouble for you as because we do not have choices, on one hand we have a silent king and on the other hand we have a team of 100 PM’s so please carry on the good work and maintain silence as you have done in past but please break your silence for your team members who are exactly opposite to you, ask them to follow you after all thats a sign of good leader and I believe that you are a good leader its just that you haven’t brought it out to the surface. I would really like to see you for the third term and would egerly wait for your election agenda for this election. With warm wishes


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