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Dear all

After my appeal to PM it seems PM again acted in silent manner, but with petrol price reduced marginally it hardly makes a difference. So my only appeal to my readers is if you cant find happiness in real world than create a world around you that can keep you happy. What I say might not be possible all the time, its tough many times and I do understand. Had a talk with Nadia few days back and she is still in a setback. The only thing she said was Pallav its better to make every moment the moment of your life rather than waiting for time of your life. She then told few more things, which really moved me and made me write this blog. So here is another Pal story for you all.

It was an evening in November when Pal came frustrated from office he was annoyed and he knew Nadia would be at room and would wait for her, as it was a Saturday night and on Saturday night they use to forget all tensions and go out have a nice time with a good dinner and a nice bike ride. But this was not happening this Saturday, Nadia was a bit worried and kept enquiring what is the matter? To which Pal said I need to go to Cochin to meet dealers and resolve a burning issue in car and would not be here for next 3 days and my flight is tonight. Nadia knew as Pal is not in a good mood it would not be wise to talk much so she did not bothered him and helped Pal packing his stuff while packing she got the chance to see Pal’s ticket and flight details. She quickly packed Pal’s stuff and said she would now go to her room and meet him at airport to see him off. To which Pal did not bothered to respond. Nadia rushed to room and immediately booked a ticket in same flight and rushed in to pack her stuff. The only thing Nadia knew was that if Pal goes in same mood he would definitely not do any good to himself as well as to his work. So she packed her stuff and dropped a leave request in office and rushed to airport. Mind you last time when Pal travelled in such situations he made a terrible mess of situation and he was almost on the verge of demotion. So this time Nadia thought to be around Pal and not to let him make any silly mistake which could cost him job. So she stood by Pal and took this step.

When Pal reached the airport he was surprised to see Nadia with luggage, he asked whats the matter? Where are you going? To which Nadia replied, with you… won’t let you make same mistake as you made last time.

They landed in Cochin around late night, Pal had booked a taxi and it took them to hotel, Nadia was half asleep and she didn’t knew where they were heading and by the time she reached hotel she was asleep, she could not recollect much of what happened in between. It was 6:00 in the morning when she got a call (Calling… Ulta LAP) she was surprised that why he called so early in the morning, she got a bit tensed. She picked the call and in half asleep mode and lazy voice but with lots of worry said “ Hello Pal, something wrong?”

Pal: Please open the door, I am outside.
Nadia: So early..ookkkiie okkie just give me a sec.

She rushed to door and opened it, she was surprised to see, what he saw outside the door. Pal was in waiter’s dress with a big bouquet in hand and with morning breakfast. Nadia completely in the state of shock and having no clue of what is going on said (What the hell is this Pal?)

Pal: Get ready madam we have lots of work to do and please do open the window curtain else you will miss the moment, which off course i would not let you do. When Nadia open the curtain she was even more amazed to see sand, sea, and horizon half dark and half pink. Pal said madam if you can get ready soon we have a morning walk in the schedule. Nadia completely clueless and amazed by the surprise could not respond, she just followed the instruction like a robot.

They made it to the beach in the morning and it was quiet cold but they walked bare feet leaving their mark on the sand towards the water, the morning waves and the rising sun with nice cool breeze just changed the state of mind in which Nadia was, she was still wondering is she dreaming or is it real. She pinched pal to which pal said “ Dear you are in real world I am right in front of you.”

Nadia: So when does your work start?
Pal: Well Its going on and it will go on don’t worry for it, just give your hand in my hand and walk with me for this moment keep all the worries aside I don’t need anything else right now I just need you this place, this moment and this weather. They kept walking along the beech for another hour talking about the beauty of place and how they had good times in the past and how they use to see each other in office. They came back to room had a nice breakfast and then Pal said “ OMG, I forgot I need to rush to another place now, would you come along with me, what will you do here sitting?”

Nadia: Is it official work, what will I do? More so I will get even more bored!

Pal: Dont worry honey, you will not get bored thats my promise, just trust me.

So they left the hotel and went to another end of city and they ended up at some place which was written in malyalam, honestly Nadia had no clue of what it was but it definitely look exotic and she was not sure whether it was a dealer center or some suppliers workplace or some auditor’s office. By the time they entered the cabin things were pretty much clear to Nadia that it was not an office of any of the above infact it was a traditional massage centre where they give you body treatments with various oils. Nadia’s eye went large and by now she knew that it was not official trip, it was Pal’s way of doing thing. It was exactly the way Nadia described an ideal day to Pal few days back. She was so happy and her eyes lit up. So for next 3 hrs they were at this place and by the time they came back and sat in car, Nadia found a gift box for her. She knew the day is going to be full of surprises but this much… she didn’t expected it. She opened the box in a hurry just like a 5 yr old kid opening his birthday presents. She was surprised to see reddish gown with a pearl set in the gift box. Pal was silently looking at Nadia and was smiling at the looks that Nadia made after opening the present.

Nadia by now got angry, trust me guys, gals have every reason to get angry no matter how good you do to them, they can get angry over anything. So when they get angry they ask the most silly question and Nadia did exactly the same, Pal, why didn’t you tell me that you were upto this? Couldnt you tell me that you were up for a surprise trip which resembles my dream?”

So as I said gals ask silly question now if a guy tells that he is planning a surprise trip for her on her face then whats the element of surprise in that trip!! To which Pal said in the most polite manner “ Honey I always wanted to tell you many things but I don’t have the courage to tell, just accept this as one of my weakness or my bad habit. Nadia hugged Pal and said I love this bad habit. Nadia knew by this time what was coming next, but if guessing was so simple then it would not have been surprise. According to Nadia’s script they should be heading for lunch by now. So it was but that didn’t happen they were heading towards backwater’s and they were into a boat, enjoying the sun, the trees and the greenry around all of sudden Nadia saw a second boat coming and she thought another couple was in the boat, but when the boat came closer to their it had a nice lunch table and Pal escorted her to the boat. They had a nice lunch and after the lunch they were near the coast, they walk through the walk way and ended up on a wooden house Nadia still wondering what was coming next, to her surprise the wooden house was a place from where you can see beautiful birds and elephants, the squirrels use to come around and you could see baby elephants doing all sorts of tricks. They took lots of photographs and after couple of hours, they then decided to make a move, Nadia knew that the evening would be even more exotic than the morning but she expected it on hill station, and she asked Pal, I know we would be heading to a hill station but how? Pal said just see… The Malabar coast as exotic and as beautiful had equally good hills, so they went in car and they ended up on a road, from there Pal took Nadia by hand and said we need to reach the hill top. Nadia said are you crazy, its so high how can we? Pal again in the most polite tone: Dont worry dear I am around, just relax. The walk was not easy by the half way mark Nadia gave up and Pal knew that she would not make it up to the top, so he said hold this scarf and let me pull you up, just walk behind me holding this scarf. She walked a bit more but gave up few 100 mts before the apex, Pal then lifted Nadia and made his way forward, the clouds and the wind on the hill top with sea and the sun set, was an exotic view. There is noting that could describe that moment. She asked Pal: Dear tell me one thing, when did you plan all this?

Pal: The day you told me about your dream day.
Nadia: How did you know that I would come along with you on this trip?
Pal: Dear you said last time when such situation arise and i screwed up you said dear no matter what ever happens I would be there next time with you to keep you calm. So I knew it if I act the same way you will come along with me thinking that you will give me a surprise so I kept the return gift as this trip.
Nadia: You really are crazy Pal.
Pal: Still you like this crazy person…!!

It was sunset and both of them smiled looking at each other and hugged each other. They came down and they made their way back to hotel. By the time she reached back to hotel she saw another gift on the bed, Nadia had tears in her eyes, Pal asked guess whats it? Nadia said this was not in my script Pal, my day ended with sunset now whats it?? Pal said go see it. Nadia opened it to find herself an I-phone 4 in it. She went crazy and shouted at Pal, Pal what was the use to buy this?? You have gone mad and if you keep spending like this you would go bankrupt soon.

Pal said: Dear Do you remember the master card advert? For me nothing is more valuable and priceless than your smile and your childish look and for this scolding that you make after getting such gift I can go bankrupt a million times, as long as you are earning 😉 (Smart answer by Pal, I must say… no doubt he was smart )

Nadia was so happy that she could not resist laughing aloud and hugging Pal. Pal said I am hungry lets go for dinner now. Nadia said Pal no more surprises please else I would die in shock, you already have given me alot of surprises today. Pal smiled and said get ready we meet in 10 mins and please wear the gown that I got for you would love to see you in that dress. After 10 mins Pal could not believe his eyes Nadia was looking beautiful and he could not believe his eyes. He extended his hand and asked may I have the opportunity to escort the princess please. They went down and everyone crossing path with Pal and Nadia were staring at the pair. Nadia knew that the couples looking at them were feeling jealous, she could feel how lucky she is!! But to her surprise Pal escorted her to beach after some distance she could see a tent, The dinner was on beech side and a candle light dinner. Pal made the lady sit first held her hand and said Nadia you are the best gift life has given to me, Please be there with me always never leave me ever. By then Nadia busted in tears and said Pal enough is enough no more surprises else I would die here. I am there with you always and ever. I am not going anywhere.

Next few days were spent in Periyar national park and at Munnar. Nadia always cherished this trip not because it was full of surprises but because Pal made those moment special in every possible way. She cherished the way how Pal knew to make life larger in every sense.

I am surprised to see a guy who was so shy and never knew how to behave in front of gals behaving so maturely, its rightly said MAGIC OF LOVE CAN CHANGE ANY MAN.

Salute to NADIA and PAL and their true love….and a humble request to all please don’t waste time in waiting for special moment to come make every moment the time of your life.

Hope you liked it do give your response….

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