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Hello everyone

Welcome once again people read my blog and felt that the last story was some sort of fairy tale and what I was presenting to them was not real. After having a good thought over it I came to conclusion that it might appear fairy tale but it was quiet true. This brings me to a point that what you think and what happens can be different. Its close to one year to Pal’s death and I was under the impression he died on the spot, but the truth came out later when Nadia told me the truth. So this one goes to the realities that exist, after reading this you would not have complaints that life is a fairy tale, if it is a fairy tale it could be a bed of thorns. So lets go back a bit in time on 16th December. As told in previous blog that day they had a fight with each other over a very small thing but the problems with lovers is if they fight they try to appease their partner and the next day after coming from work Pal was trying to make his gal happy by doing all the good things she might like. He called Nadia and asked if she is still angry, to which Nadia responded (in a mix tone of anger and love) Yes I am and you know why it is.

Pal: Please dear You know I cant see you angry

Nadia: So, what?? Thats none of my problem !! (gals can always be rude…poor guys)

Pal: Dear you know if there is anything in life I would ever want it would be to be with you.

Nadia: That does not impress me!! (gals have a bad habit of pretending and giving opposite responses)

Pal: Ok dear this one is for you

Life in my eyes is just because of you   

It would be pleasure if it closes for you

Take my heart it beats for you

But don’t take my eyes it has a habit of seeing you

My words might sound crazy

But thats the only truth, I know you love me

And my love is and will always be true for you….

(this is one thing that Pal could do very well say lines in rhyming fashion and trust me it works everytime gals like it a lot)


Nadia: When you know so much don’t you know what I want?


Pal: I am coming lets go for a bike ride… and thats what you want am I wrong?


Nadia: You know the best, love you dear!!


Pal: Hai…Would faint…okkie coming down in 30 mins get ready quickly.


Nadia: Always ready.


In next half an hour Pal was right at Nadia’s doorstep with bunch of flowers, Nadia loved it and they were about to catch the highway to get some fresh air and enjoy a nice bike ride.

Just when they were about to start Pal who always wore his helmet removed it and put in on Nadia’s head with a smile and said: “ Honey keep your hairs safe, I really love them and love the way they fly when we drive.

They hit the road and in 15 mins they were crossing sector 15 and about to hit the highway, and suddenly they felt a blow and Nadia went flying in the air before she could realise anything else she was hit badly on back and head, she was going skidding on road. The only thing he could see was Pal being hit by range rover and smashing in glass and falling from the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle was so scared that he ran after the accident with the vehicle. Pal was bleeding and suffered major injury on face, hand and chest.

He was shaky and was bleeding from everywhere, he came next to Nadia asked if she is fine? The only thing Nadia could say in that situation was “Just be with me”

Pal asked for help but it was late, he tried to see if something could be done to bike but it was in bad shape, the headlight and the wiser was gone and handle was shaky, he somehow picked the bike again and brought it near the place where Nadia fell. He then made Nadia to sit on bike and he was driving to nearest hospital that he knew. The good thing that he did to Nadia was he tied his jacket from Nadia’s back to his. Thus preventing any chance of Nadia falling from bike. In few minutes he was in nearby hospital, drenched in blood he somehow managed to reach hospital. By the time he reached hospital he was fainting and the blood was dripping the only thing he could say to receptionist was Please save the gal, she is in great pain. Doctors were scared to take the case as because they were not sure what has happened. As no one was helping Nadia who was in deep pain and was hardly able to breathe which made Pal angry he yelled its an accident would someone please help, some bloody driver crushed us and flew. After this one brave doctor came up and handled the situation. A humble request to all the readers if you see a person who met with an accident please don’t hesitate to help them, your help can save someone’s life.

By the time Pal got treatment he lost too much blood and we was counting his last breathe and all he wanted to know was that “Is Nadia fine?” He lost his conscious and due to excess blood loss and it took another 6 weeks for Nadia to recover fully and next day when Nadia woke up she got the news that the person who brought him here lost his life. Pal lost his life and true to his words all he wanted to see Nadia fine.

Nadia’s new year was not like a normal new year and it took great pain and suffering to come out of setback and shattered dreams. Today when Nadia called me and told this she was not upset at Pal’s death but she was upset because not only her family but Pal’s family wanted her to marry. To which her reply was “I got married long back and my love lives in my heart. Pal had some dreams he was a man of words and he was a man of words, he had few dreams he knew where he wanted to be in future. He knew the future and no matter where he is today he would love to see that future. He would love to see me taking responsibility of family, make others smile and create a bond between families that would be unbreakable. He would love to see his family members driving a luxary car and live life as if it ends tomorrow. So tell me dear how can I let his dream down. How can I give up on life when he taught me how to live??”

I know life is full of suffering and pain but does that prevent you and me from looking at the brighter side. He lived, he felt and he made things happen, he taught how to live life. So how can I give up on life that he gave me?


I was spellbound by what she said and it just made me think that life is not just about gain or lose, its about living and more so love is not just about being together its also about living together no matter what separates you. Kudos to Nadia and Pal.

To sum it up : “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 
                                                                                                                           ― Mae West

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