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Odyssey: episode-2

Dear all

Thanks all for the comments and appreciation for the story, the comments really encourage me to do something creative and bring the best out of the stories. There were few questions that I was expecting some answers, some of you gave a broad answer that Pal would end up the same fashion by being up close with this gal. I appreciate the thought and The point that I want to make is this series is a 5 part story so this story has just begun. There is lot to happen yet.

To begin with things were definitely looking bleak and when you see no hopes you get something surprising, and when you have gals around expect fireworks of surprises. All the anger and frustration that was in her was out and the next thing that gals know to win an argument is cry, and this is what happened. She started crying and she was murmuring about how can this happen to her? But that’s the problem gals would get angry for a moment and at the other moment they would burst into tear, you just cant do anything for that. The thing is when a gal cries Pal is the first one to console them so he started in his own way “Look the thing is its my fault that I came this footwear’s way but the problem is the more it tries to run away from you the more closer it comes and see whenever its not with you, you shed tears so it seems you love this footwear.” Pal was expecting the things to settle down but she burst into tears and started to cry even more bitterly. Pal could not understand what wrong is he doing/ saying that everything is going in the direction he does not want. Suddenly another co passenger popped up, she gave an ugly look to pal and took the gal away. Both of them somehow managed to eat something and reach bus before it started again. So the journey begun again and the gal on upper berth came down and said “Hi I am Meenakshi, I am sorry for my behaviour, actually I told everything to Anu and she felt bad for my behaviour. The thing is I am going to Anu’s seat can I wear your floaters please.” Pal was upset and he jus nodded and let Meenakshi do her business. After an hour Anu came to Pal’s place and asked if she could sit. Anu apologised for her behaviour as well, and was upset cause she made a judgement without knowing the other side of the story. So Pal was having a shower of surprises. Guys trust me if gals apologise to you without having an argument/ they defending themselves feel yourself the luckiest person of the day.

So Anu and Pal sat and Pal was impressed with Anu’s simplicity and smartness. Pal started the conversation again and asked “So Anu where do you work in Pune?”
Anu: BCS
Pal: Great and what brings you to Indore? Your family or some work?
Anu: Are you taking my interview? I don’t even know your name?
Pal: Opppss sorry I am Pal.
Anu: Look Pal, I am sitting here cause Meenakshi was not in good shape and she was upset she slept there and I would go on upper berth in a moment so better don’t try to collect the usual GUY Database, which you guys always tend to collect. (Pal in a state of shock didn’t know what’s happening to him today, he is receiving shockers one after another. So he sat quietly and started to listen to his music again.) After 15 mins Anu went up and in another 5 mins she was down. She again asked Pal to let her sit, to which Pal gave space and they were sitting face to face, with pal looking at sky and enjoying the music. After sometime Anu said ” Pal can I ask you something?”
Pal: (removed his headphone) Did you say something?
Anu: Ya I said Can I ask something?
Pal: Yes please shoot.
Anu: Are you so stupid everytime?
Pal: (Again in state of shock) What do you mean?
Anu: Nothing, It seems you like music a lot
Pal: Ya that’s my favourite timepass second to chatting with people, cause you don’t want me to chat with you cause you think you are too smart or too reserved, I thought I would rather act stupid and enjoy the second best thing. (Anu got the first idea of the person sitting in front of her.)
Anu: No no I did not mean that, what I mean to say that was why were you so upset with Meenakshi’s reaction? (Anu trying to divert the topic, gals always try to do that if they are caught in the midst of something. She knew very well that if she didn’t change the topic Pal might raise more questions and may bring her in check mate situation.)
Pal: Anu I know gals are smart but by acting so you are trying to act oversmart, you know it I know it what was I upto, I don’t care what Meenakshi is upto, it was just a conflict and they tend to happen when strangers meet. (By now Anu knew very well that Pal is not as stupid as she was thinking).
Anu: Pal, I am sorry but the thing is this is not my first journey and I do it every month and I come across guys every single time. So I was just trying to be defensive not offensive. I hope you understand.
Pal: Well lady not every guy is the same, and one must have the patience to judge the guy and then speak rather than just blasting at him right away. No one is harmful specially in journey, hope I made my point clear to you.
Anu: (with a smile) Well I live in Indore and I am in recruitment dept, I deal with new joinees and my work is to manage and design program for new joinee to company. I did my MBA from XIMB. I am just a fresher to job. (Just enough information provided by Anu to take Pal in confidence).

Pal: I am Pal I happen to work in BMW, would now join another automobile company, I have 3yrs experience and I did my BTech from TIN, (keeping the format of information same and being diplomatic to defend himself)
Anu: Pal I know I have been rude at times but that does not mean I am always like that, I told you the reason and now I expect that we be good friends. (Bringing her hand forward for a hand shake). Let me tell you people may interpret the words in the way they want but a hand shake always symbolises friendship and respect for each other. The other guys in bus just saw a handshake and the news just spread in whole bus like fire, and as you know a common thought in people’s mind is a guy and gal cannot be friends.

They had long chat since then for another couple of hours basically trying to know each other and knowing each others likes and dislikes. They now knew each other very well, they had exchanged contacts by then. It was getting late and they were hoping to reach there destination by morning 9 so they decided to continue the talk after night sleep. So at stroke of midnight they decided to sleep.

When Pal woke up at morning at 6 he was expecting that the driver would stop for morning tea in few mins or an hour or so, he was just looking outside and thinking about last night. He noticed that it rained heavily in this area and there was no traffic in the other direction. This was surprising for Pal, the bus was not in it’s usual speed. The bus took a right turn and Pal was not expecting it while taking turn he saw a big quell of truck, he just rushed to conductor asking why this turn was taken. Conductor told that the traffic is jam and we need to take a diverted route, else we wont reach on time, the bridge on that route is damaged and all the buses are taking this route. Bus tottered for half an hour and came to complete halt. Half passenger were awake and half of them asleep. Pal got down and what he saw in front of his eye was shocking. The river was roaring and it was overflowing the bridge. The colour of water was muddy and the gush of water could have engulfed anything that tried to cross it. Another delay and in the mid of nowhere, Pal watched the site patiently and saw a huge quell of bus growing behind him. Suddenly a guy appeared who happens to be from same bus and said “Hi I am Sunny, we are travelling by same bus do you have any idea how far are we from our destination? I need to be there by afternoon 12 do you think we can make it by then?”
This is a difference that you see when 2 guys chat and a guy and a gal chat. Pal replied in a polite manner “Hello Sunny Pal here and it all depends on how we cross this bridge and how we manage to get across it also depends on if the weather does not open we might face such problem again, and I am not sure how many such bridges we will encounter on this diverted route, we are still 150km from our destination and this diverted route would add another 40km, so to be safe I don’t see any hope that we would make it by 12. I would request that you inform your office people that you won’t be able to make it”. Sunny quiet delighted and happy to hear that, he just made a call and inform the person at the other end that it’s a traffic jam here and he wont be able to reach at workplace by 12.

The picture was not clear yet and eagerness in passenger to grow. How will the passenger manage this delay would there be any retaliation for not making it to their destination on time? What do you now think will happen between Pal and anu? Will Meenakshi continue the same way? Do keep guessing and let me know what will happen next. Awaiting your comments and your ideas on how things will move on.


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Odyssey- episode 1

Dear all

Thanks for all your appreciation and support, I know few of you had complains but as I say life is never fair and one must know the rule of the game. More so all my stories are fiction and they are never intended to hurt anyone its just a way of looking at life and laughing at it. I would request readers to not go too personal on that. So we had some discussion on journey of life, which brings to my mind another big story of Pal where he encountered a fabulous journey. Well if I say you know the bottom line pretty well it would not be wrong but before you make a judgement and stop reading this blog, let me tell you the author tends to bring something new in everything. So what’s new in this do let me know.

To begin with Pal always enjoyed travelling and while he was with BMW he use to fly back home every now and then, thus creating a lot of stories on a bus journey. The funny thing about bus journey is its overnight and by the time you get to see and know your co-passenger the journey is over. Now lets get back to point what if the journey becomes much longer than expected and off course not tiring. Well you might be wondering how this can happen? If so let me take you to a journey which Pal did. It was the month of July and Pal was trying to move in from Pune to Noida, a transit time for Pal. This means he had lots of stuff with him. Normally a journey from Pune to home town took maximum of 13hrs but this journey took 33hrs. The wonderful thing was none of the passengers were tiered. When I say this I mean it.

Journey begins in a usual fashion with a bus filled with 40 passengers boarding a bus on a pretty rainy day. The good thing about the bus was it was Air conditioned yet it was not manufactured by a foreign company named Volvo. The other feature of this bus was it was a sleeper coach bus. Now with these details the journey begun and the way it was raining in Pune the journey was expected to be prolonged, but none of them expected it to be prolonged by 20hrs. The unusual part of this journey was that there were less family people and more jolly bachelors. A rare thing to happen in journey, call it the luck of pal or the benefit that Bus Company was leveraging to its passenger. The gender distribution was pretty fair, and if there were 20-25 guys there were 15-20gals as well. So you can now imagine the crowd in the bus very well. The journey went slow and quiet well to begin with. Chit chat all around gals with gals and guys with guys, a pretty much enthusiastic crowd it was. Pal was sitting on a side upper berth, with very few interactions he was in his own world listening to songs suddenly some one shook him and asked him something as Pal had headphones on he could not hear anything so he removed the headphones to hear who said what to him. It was a gal who was at the side lower seat and she just had some complains (gals always have complains and they say it to conductor and conductor gives a damn of it, a usual thing that happens in bus journey) so the gal asked Pal if he can come to side lower seat as it was not straight and she could not sleep properly on it. (My question to all gals is would you please tell me why do gals expect guys to sleep on a seat which is not comfortable for sleeping and not another gal, the reason why I asked this was cause you always talk to gals only never to guys then how can you expect a stranger to make his journey uncomfortable to make yours comfortable?

Pal as you know never says NO to gals no matter how painful the situation may be, he moved down on side lower seat and was trying to settle down. All of sudden a loud noise came and the bus was tilted on one side a bit. We were just 40 Km away from Pune and we encountered a puncture that was the first sign that our fate gave us when we just took off. This was just the beginning of another series of delays that we would see all along this journey. It was rainy and the rear tyre on left hand side just got punctured and the worst part was it was not just one but two tyres that got punctured. When such things happen it gives a topic to passenger to buzz around and bitch about the quality of maintenance that Travels Company do. So it begun gals bitching around for how other travels company handled it and how good they were, guys as usual started to talk around how much delayed the bus got and how prolonged the journey was and how they went the extra mile to cut down the delay. With rain being heavy and pouring in the highway side it was hard to find a puncture shop but the driver and conductor managed it well to remove both tyres and change one of them and the driver took a lift in truck to get the other tyre repaired. The conductor stayed in the bus. Well the pair was not as bad as the passenger bitched about. In the mean time Pal felt thirsty and he realised that he has forgotten the water bottle in the shelf on upper berth and that’s when he got a chance to have a look at gal closely and he realised that the gal felt asleep and her hairs were resting on her cheeks, she was looking amazing, she had amazing eye and the red colour top was complimenting her fair complexion. Pal took the water bottle and started enjoying the music all of sudden he realised that guys sitting on neighbouring seat were asking something. A typical guy habit of asking how the gal is?? A typical Pal reply she is good and mind you all this happened without a word being spoken. The rain and humid weather was making it uncomfortable to sit in bus, the worst part you can’t also go out. It rained heavily and there was no sign that the weather would be pleasant ahead. The driver came back with all the repairs done and we gradually moved on.

So it was time for bus to stop of dinner break and as it was slippery and muddy the gal who was sitting above broke her footwear. But when you have Pal around you gals don’t need to worry. Let me tell you something honestly gals always want to wear the most stylish design available without wondering about the weather, my only suggestion to them would be adaptable and fashion is good but its only for parties not for day today routine. I know some of the female brand companies would definitely raise a tagline fashion for everyone, and new fashion everyday but they know how to make money, so to all gals do comment on that advice.

The gal somehow managed to reach the hotel by just tottering in the muddy ground. She was wet to a great extent, she had an ugly look on her face for the footwear and she was cursing the company for making such poor quality footwear. Pal was around there and had seen the complete scene and came close to gal and asked if he can help her out. To reader’s surprise this time it was Pal who started the conversation.
Pal: Excuse me… don’t know your name but do you think can I help you?
Gal: Excuse me, its none of your business
(No matter how big $!-!it the gals might be they wont give up their attitude)
Pal taken aback and was wondering did he do/say anything wrong?
Pal turned and was enjoying the music and the rain as he does not like to eat much while travelling. Gal did everything possible she could to make it work at least for time being once she was done she looked around the shops and all she could see was a dhaba and a petrol pump. She then turned back to see Pal nicely enjoying the music and in his own world. She said politely “Excuse me can you help” as Pal had headphone in his ears he did not pay attention. But this was a terrible mistake that Pal did, because you can’t ignore gals, the next moment, gal who was frustrated with rain and broken footwear grew red faced and was annoyed to see a guy ignoring her. So she threw the broken footwear and held her head with hand in despair. The footwear went straight and hit Pal, which annoyed Pal and furious he went straight to gal and said “What do you think smart gal? Do you think you can run away with this? What do you think you can throw around anything on pretty much anyone?

Gal already furious and frustrated in her own anger spilled her anger on Pal, she had to say ” Look gentleman you were the one who came to help me and I don’t like it, I can manage myself very well and if this footwear hit you its not my fault, its just a coincidence that you came in way of this footwear….!!

Pal wondering did he just hear the most stupid of argument and the ridiculous blame by a gal? He was surprised to see the argument that was built up to overcome the allegations that he made. Guys remember gals can present the most horrendous statement in the most “LOGICAL”(in gals terminology) fashion. With just 3 hours to this journey so much happened is this the sign of things to come?

With a fight to begin with how do you think the story would go ahead? What more delays you see in this journey ahead? Would Pal get a chance to be close with this gal? What more does fate has in store for them? What adventures do you foresee in this story? Do post in your comments and let me know how you think this story would proceed?

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Dear all

It had been a long time since we had a story to share but may be this can be attributed to that my friend Pal has nothing to tell but pages of history have always something to tell and yes they do have something to tell this time. To begin with a very happy valentine’s day to all, hope you get your true love and they be with you for all your life. Coming to love it reminds me of some of the incidence that Pal came across, let me began by saying that it has to do with just one day. Wondering what this one day is?? Well ask any guy who is not in a mood to settle always looks for a love that does not last for long, what if the length of this love is just one night? Don’t think too much the story is just about one night which came as a consequence of few days of nooks and coorks. So without any further delay let me take you to another story and another incident that Pal came across.

As you all know everyone who takes PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) in higher secondary school ends up being and engineer and to become an engineer you need to enter the great vicious circle of going to coaching classes that train you or so called “assure you a bright future“. Pal being an engineer also went through this loop and he ended up in a place called Kota. Now the speciality of this place at that time was who ever goes there should be either in one of the big names like “Career point” or “Resonance”, luckily Pal was sitting in the apex of these institute at that time which happens to be “Bansal”. Now being in this institute means that you have a high calibre and you are going to be a potential candidate in IIT (a premier engineering institute). Pal was a sincere guy and enjoyed studying physics and maths he hated chemistry for which he use to come to me, and that’s when we had long chats and we came to know each other well.

One day Pal was leaving for his hometown and I was with him, all of sudden he jumped and said “Dude, wait I am just coming”. He then rushed in to help a beautiful gal who was from bansal. She was carrying lots of stuff so he went in to get her stuff down. They talked for sometime and he came back to me. He told me that yup I made the most of this chance, I was looking to talk this gal for so long, isn’t she beautiful, the whole Bansal is behind her. I asked a simple question “Who is she?” he said “she is PVC”. PVC happens to be from the same town as of Pal and he knew very well that this journey was going to be special. The train arrived and it so happen Pal and PVC happened to be in same coach. Now guys you can imagine very well how happy Pal would have been. But the story is not about the journey but its after the journey, Pal came back and was sad cause he found out that PVC was committed. Poor pal!. It happens always isn’t it!!

So I had to console Pal and cheer him up, the story was same for few days and as the screening exams were coming closer I could see the seriousness on Pal’s face, he was working real hard but one day he came and said “Dude I don’t wana get in this, I am not doing right”

I said “Whats the matter Pal why talking so before screening, you are doing good and you will make it easily!

Pal: Dude its not screening that I am worried its PVC.

I: what??

Pal: Yup, all these days me and PVC have been studying together I help her with maths and she helps me in physics chemistry, but I am afraid this closeness has invited trouble for me, some guys are after me to get away from PVC and I find it hard.

I : Dude you are telling me now?

Pal: Dude the problem is worst I am not sure where am I going?

I: Focus Pal, you cant just give up at this point when you are just few weeks from screening, all these months you have put in all hard work for this would you give it up now?

Pal: I would make in screening I know but I am not sure where I will end up with PVC.

I: Dude what matters for you? IIT or PVC?

Pal: What if I ask for both?

I: Dude you gone crazy, better go home have a nice sleep and focus on exams.

Pal: No don’t say so, IIT is my dream.

Well it took 4 more hrs to brainwash Pal and get him to focus on his prime goal.

Screening went well and Pal cracked it with flying color, it was that eve when Pal and PVC were together and they were done with paper discussion which is a common thing after an exam, they knew what scores they were managing to get and they were hoping that they will make in with a good rank. Both of them were happy and that’s when PVC went to call her boy friend while coming back she was upset and sad, she came and started crying, Pal tried to stop her from crying and enquire what has gone wrong, he came to know that her boy friend was fighting with her since last couple of months and as he did not do well in screening his frustration came out by scolding her and breaking off, to which Pal said talk to him after few days everything would be fine, which made PVC feel better for sometime, now once the screening is over its time for mains which happens in April and in between came a February.

It was valentine’s day and after all the day’s hard work Pal was sitting in park, relaxing a bit and he find’s PVC coming his way, they had a talk for few mins and they were sitting nicely. All of sudden PVC popped up and said ” Pal I wana drink today”.

Pal: (shocked and stunned) What?? Are you crazy?

PVC: Just do it, I wana see how can people forget the pain when they drink?

Pal: I know devdas just got realised now but its no time to be one, focus on exams its right over your head.

PVC: Just do it or I will go on my own.

Pal: Don’t do it.

PVC: Ok I am going to pub if something happens you would be responsible, as you didn’t go with me.

(A guy who is a good friend faces this situation very often cause when people break up all the blame goes to their best friend for not being a good guy and not allowing gals to do silly things and if something goes wrong it wont be their lover it would be the best friend who would take the blame, how silly is that?)

So Pal went to pub quietly, it so happen that Pal tried 4 different variety of drinks, and those who drink knows it well that when you mix drinks that’s when trouble starts. It was 11 and they came out of pub and PVC just fell off her feet, Pal like a good friend carried her to her house, while they were approaching PVC demanded that she wants to sit in park for sometime. To which Pal agreed because he knew spinning head needs fresh air not a bed, more so he was expecting that the gal would puke. So they were sitting in park. PVC told the whole story and what was going in her love life. Pal listend quietly and said everything would be fine he would come back.

PVC: No he wont he is an egocentric person he won’t come back I know. Even if he does I am not going to him. I am happy without him.

Pal: Don’t be stressed we have a big life to face.

PVC: Pal, why are you so good, and why you always stand on my side?

Pal: That’s how I am.

PVC: Pal can I ask you something.

Pal: Sure why not..

PVC: Will you be my Valentine?

Sometimes life gives you such an unexpected moment that you don’t even know how to respond or react and that is what happened with Pal. Pal never knew that he would face such a situation and I don’t need to say what Pal said. The conversation continued and it was just close to mid night and they had such a romantic one hour. Pal was in another world and that’s when dunked PVC dropped another bomb.

PVC: Pal, I wana kiss you

Pal: No PVC you are drunk be careful

PVC: No I do, you are my valentine and I wana give you a lovely gift to make your day even special.

Pal: PVC lets go home

PVC: (with a jerk pulls Pal ) I am not going anywhere instead you are coming here

Pal tried to resist but with such a lovely talk and the occasion who can say no for long, it was the moment when Pal was about to get his first kiss and in the most unexpected way. They were about to kiss each other and all of sudden, something else came out of PVC’s mouth, finally she puked and everything that she drank was now on Pal’s face and clothes. Pal was in a yuk state and he then decided to take her to her room and which he did successfully and he informed her friend to make her drink some water and let her sleep. Nobody knew what happened and all the other gals could see was Pal in puked dress and PVC struggling to stand. Pal came back home happily and decided that next day he would talk to PVC in detail on taking this relation ahead.

Next Day Pal was moving out of coaching classes to get a rose for PVC but he caught up with PVC in the mid way, PVC stood right in front of Pal and said ” Pal I don’t know what happened yesterday, all I could remember is I went to pub and I just drank in frustration, after that I don’t know what I did, gals told me that I puked on you and you brought me home. I am sorry for making your dress dirty if you can give your dress I will get it cleaned from laundry. I really feel bad now and I don’t know what else I would have done after drinking as I don’t even remember it. So please Pal, if I caused any more trouble to anyone please let me know I will apologise to them Even my bf got angry on me and he would come down to see me tommorrow. I am so dumb Pal I am so glad I have a friend like you who takes care of me all the time and keeps me away from all the troubles. Please tell me did I cause trouble to anyone else? “

Sometimes life give you real surprises and Pal was having a big shower of surprises a 3rd one in last 24hrs. Lost and stuck Pal didn’t knew how to respond. All he could say was “Nobody”. PVC had no idea that what trouble she had caused and what has she done, it was Pal and I who know what happened that night and the secret is now with you.

Guys, if you are still reading let me tell you what happened later, PVC made in IIT and Pal, could not, he was just too lost after this incident. Moral of the story, study hard work hard gals will keep coming and going, your life will change with study and work not with gals.

Gals if you read what I wrote for guys, then let me tell you, you have a great patience for reading the whole story. You really never leave anything in the middle you finish things right till the end like you did for this blog.

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