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Odyssey: episode-3


Dear all


Thanks for liking the story so far, the thing about this story is its too long to be put in one blog, if I do you would miss some of the fun, so thought lets break it up and put it one by one. I appreciate your patience to read till the end and taking time to comment, it gives me enthusiasm to move ahead. But I was upset a bit because people did not present their view and didn’t bother to answer any of the questions that I am putting in blog. May be you just want to let it come one by one to you or you just don’t want to answer them, anyways my blog continues with another twist in the story.


The river at its full flow and no way to go, it was time that people put up their hopes and start enjoying the weather. The rain had taken a break and if it would have rained at that time it would have taken atleast another day to reach their destination. But luckily weather was nice, cloudy yet dry. Pal enjoyed this weather and especially when he was on the countryside. The breeze with soothing odour and lush green scene around anyone would feel good. But as you say with good things comes desires to make them best, which are endless. So while Pal was enjoying the weather and looking around river Anu came in and said “Good morning Pal, Oh my god what the hell is this? How are we going from here? How long it will take?” Pal interrupted and said ” wow o wo  hang on lady, I know you are curious but please shoot your questions one by one. I know you were sleeping and you don’t have a clue of where we are and what had happened so please be patient.” Pal then explained the complete story and estimate of time it may take to reach destination. Anu was tensed and was worried. Pal drew Anu’s attention from delay to the beauty that nature holds, he took her close to river and showed how dangerous flow was, he showed the little huts around and the pets in that hut. She was delighted. All of sudden few more passengers gathered around one of them had a kid and kid was crying for milk. Anu made a comment that do we have any shop around where we can get milk, cause if we can get milk we can help the kid and I was hoping I could get morning tea, but now it seems a big dream to me.


Pal was quick to react to it, he said “Why don’t your follow your dream and try to make it true?”

Anu: Where do you think I will get tea?

Pal: Did you forget the famous alchemist dialogue, if you really wish something from heart the whole world conspire to bring it to you?

Anu: Looks good in books and movies, don’t bug me Pal.

Pal just made a move and went around huts suddenly he found a kid playing out of hut he went to them and asked if their dad is inside? The kids rushed in as if they were scared and they had seen a ghost. The next thing that emerged from house was a lady in typical village dress with covered face. She was annoyed and angry and asked look my husband is a drunked and if he took some money from you, I apologise and we would pay back the money as soon as possible. Pal was in state of shock as because he didn’t uttered a word and he was blasted with apologise what surprised him more was that lady in house had no clue of outside traffic jam. He then cleared his throat and in local dialect he replied gently that he was not a money lender and he wanted to know if there is any milk shops around so that he can get milk for the kid crying.

Lady: There is no milk shop here as we have our own pet and we are self sufficient we have a buffalo, so you won’t find a shop around.

Pal: (enlightened by those word had a great business plan) Can you please some milk for family and consume rest for the passenger who are stuck in jam? This would help the hungry kid and you can earn some money by opening a small tea stall.

Lady: Look I don’t know how to run a shop sorry I can’t help.

Pal: Don’t worry I will make sure you don’t have a problem, but please help take all the money you earn and you can pay back to some of the lenders. Please help.

Something struck lady’s mind may be paying back the lenders, she agreed and said what do you want?

Pal: Can we get some milk and tea? To which lady said a yes and despite being covered face he could see her white teeth and a big smile.

Thus began the business of a tea stall and, in next 15 mins the tea stall had swarm of customer around it, Pal handled the customer well and asked them to form a queue so that it is convenient for everyone. But it was a wrong suggestion and no one listened. Anu jumped in and said if you don’t come in queue you are not getting anything. We can’t handle you if you are not in queue. Such was the power of lady’s word that either customer went to come back later or they stood in queue. The first cup of milk was given to feed the child and in one hour Pal made some 600. He was selling tea for 3, but looking at demand he raised the price to 5 and wrote the note the price increase is to help the lady who helped us in getting morning tea to pay back her loan. Anu and Pal were getting along well and by the time they were ready to move from there they had made 1500 for the lady and Pal taught the kids around who use to go to school some simple mathematics and they were not handling the money. Before they left Lady came out and went to Pal’s feet to give a big thanks, Pal just went back and said Its your hardwork, make sure you pay back all the money and try that your husband give up the ill habit of drinking and educate your children so that one day they can run this tea shop more effectively. To all my readers, please if you get some chance to remove some of the evils that exist in our society please don’t be hesitant to speak about it, just like the way Pal did for illiteracy and drinking habits.


Pal and Anu were so happy that they helped the family Anu was impressed with what Pal did.

Pal: Did you enjoy the morning tea?

Anu: Not only the morning tea was sweet but it gave me a great refreshness.

Pal : Now do you believe in alchemist?

Anu: Pal you are genius. (All of sudden the perception of Pal had changed and she knew that Pal is not that bad as she was thinking.) It was 10 in the morning when they started and they went on to discuss on lots of things ranging from evils in society and their solution to love. Pal introduced his philosophy of love and Meenakshi introduced her. Pal said that he like all other guys fell for every gal that crossed his path and still feels that it can happen anytime. Anu on the other hand made the point that you can let your heart beat so easily and you cant keep re writing names on heart, it just beats once and that’s your true love, so my friend Pal you haven’t been in love so far. To which Pal disagreed. Anu kept teasing Pal and Pal maintained the same tone that he has always been in love. Both of them gelled along well and were enjoying themselves, the conversation and chemistry was grabbing the attention of passenger and right from conductor to passenger at the last seat knew that they were enjoying the journey more than anyone here in the bus. All of sudden Meenkshi came and said would you mind if I can join in? (By this time the whole bus was buzzing for Anu and Pal, and Meenakshi heard it. So she tried to enter the group) Anu and Pal welcomed Meenakshi with smile but it was Anu and Pal chatting on their own and Meenakshi just watching them and smiling. She tried to enter the conversation at multiple stages but she failed. She was growing impatient and wanted to make her presence felt. She wanted to break in the conversation to grab some limelight and she was more annoyed cause she was expecting Anu to talk with her instead she kept neglecting the point that Meenakshi was making. It could have been another outburst but she was patient enough to set things right.


It was 11:30 and they stopped again only to find another bridge was lower than previous one and the water was just gushing around, one could imagine going close to river in last bridge was dangerous but this one, it was deadly. Also it so happened that a jeep who tried to be adventurous and try to cross it was taken aback by water and the passenger along with jeep were lost in flow of river. Everyone was dead and a truck was stuck in the middle of the bridge. This scene was worst then the previous one. To add to the misery there was no mobile network and the only thing they could see was farms and trees. The traffic was building up and the jam was growing with every single second. Pal, Anu and Meenakshi saw the scene and they knew very well that they wont make home by the evening. Anu gave Pal a smile and she said well I am going to sleep I have no intention to stay awake. Pal welcomed the idea and appreciated the thought but said that he would rather stay awake and enjoy the farms. Meenakshi took this opportunity to stay with Pal and make Pal believe that she was not that bad as he was thinking. So now a cloudy afternoon Anu went to sleep, Pal and Meenakshi together. Another traffic jam and this time no huts around the road all you can see is trees and crop.


Will it be another war between Meenakshi and Pal? What’s going in Anu’s mind? How long will it take to get over this journey and how will passengers enjoy this break? How will passenger react to this? Do you expect another business idea from Pal? If so what is it? Is there any story that will build up, if so would it be between Anu and Pal or Pal and Meenakshi? Wait for the next episode which will reveal another part of story and we would see how it builds up the last episode. Hope you enjoyed the journey so far and would leave your comment.


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