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Odyssey: episode-5

Dear all

It has been a long story and its obvious people tend to lose patience and thats why I give you the last part of this journey. For those who wanted to know the last twist here is the end, hope you enjoy reading it.
So with some relaxing bits in the story, the journey was going nice and easy. The guys talk begun. Suddenly Sunny came up with an idea, to have a bath in nearby tank. Water was coming in the tank through pump and flowing to canal. The small tank was ideal to have some fun in water. The guys had some fun and played in water and gave them the much needed bath. Pal noted Anu and Meenakshi were sitting outside and giggling something far off at house. After sometime guys felt hungry and decided to go for lunch. They reached home to see onion, chilly, chapatti and a kaddi in bowl. Pal knew its going to be tasty but the guys were a bit upset. They had no other options but they sat. Each plate had 3 chapattis, and initial comment was would be glad if I eat this much but when guys started none of them stopped at 3. That’s the taste of village food, in the mean time Anu went in and got some chapattis to serve. Meenakshi who was playing with kids stopped talking and started from other end. It was Meenakshi who reached Pal first and asked if he wanted to have some chappatti’s Pal refused as he had few in his plate but by the time Anu reached he took one, Meenakshi had an ugly look. A cold war between the two gals had already begun, let me tell you 2 gals would never let other gal know that they are in war with other they would always behave as they are the best friends ever.
Lunch got over and the group was divided in guys and gals, the gals with usual chit chat around. Meenakshi was trying to break the rule and trying to have a word with Pal but Pal said Meenakshi it would be better if we stay away for sometime, but actually she wanted to tell that her family will reach the other side of bridge and she would be leaving by evening. But Pal didn’t even bother to listen to that. The whole afternoon went of like this and guys and gals enjoyed in their groups, gals chitchatting and trying to know each others love/married life and guys talking about who is the best gal and how to reach to them. It was 5 in the evening and water level was now considerably low and they knew they would cross the bridge soon.

All of sudden Anu comes in and introduces to group saying that she is Anu and she would like to take Pal away for some time. As she needs Pal’s help, the whole group making different noise nodded and said unanimously that he is all your’s Anu, Please take him. Pal in an awkward situation was wondering what is it that Anu had to pull him out of group. Anu then explained that Meenakshi was leaving and she would like to cross the bridge and reach other side to be with her family and she wanted to say goodbye to you. Meenakshi was glad to see Pal (not so sure about Anu) she explained to Pal that she wants to cross the river and she would like to reach to her old father, who came to take her away and was waiting on the other side of the river. Pal was glad to get this offer as he would get rid of Meenakshi soon so he agreed with pleasure to the invitation.

But what Pal forgot was that Meenakshi was carrying lots of stuff and he has to carry the big luggage to the other side. Pal started walking towards the river and it was not so dangerous as some people were crossing it but the flow was still strong and water level was till knees. Pal could feel the danger that if he slipped he would be taken away by water, he was some 10 mts away from one end he heard someone calling him. Pal looked back to see both gals standing at other end, with heavy luggage was annoyed and he was angry, but he reached the other end and asked politely why did they call him back? Anu said ” dude you have to take the lady on the other side, she does not know to swim”

Pal: (with initial thought that it would be great if she flows away with water as she was only crying all the time) okkiee so how do you want to go across?
Anu: Dude be a man and take care of cute gal, hold her hand make her cross the bridge and let her reach destination safely. Pal just wanted to get rid of Meenakshi so he agreed and said “Lets go Madam”.

It was a scene of Veer Zara where Pal was crossing River Bridge with Meenakshi as Sharukh crossed border for Preeti. The flow was making Meenakshi to loose balance at times but Pal held tightly, which made Meenakshi feel good. They reached other end Meenakshi introduced Pal to her father, (mind you guys never take such invitations as they are high risk ones) He is Pal and all throughout journey he has helped me a lot.
Uncle (with smile): Where do you live Pal?
Pal: (sensing the danger) I live in parvati nagar
Uncle: Oh that’s near to our house why don’t you come along with us?
Pal: (now knew what to do so) Thanks uncle but the thing is I have too much of laugage and I would go with bus its okkie you carry on and I have kept my laptop in bus so I need to be back there, thanks for all the help uncle
Uncle: god bless you dear do visit us sometime (Meenakshi also repeating it in same tone)
Pal :ya uncle now we know we would keep meeting so catch you later uncle. Bye (and running away like a crazy rabbit). After reaching the other side Anu was laughing cause she knew what had happened on the other side and she was the mastermind of this plot.
Anu: So how was the meeting? Had fun?
Pal: What fun you think in a formal meeting? It was not a matrimonial meeting so just hi and bye (avoiding the topic and reality)
Anu: Really, I don’t think so, you definitely are hiding something
Pal: If you know everything why asking? Why do you want to get me killed Anu?
Anu: Meenakshi really liked you and it was your gentle nature that impressed her.
Pal: (annoyed and irritated murmured the gal who should get impressed is not yet impressed)
Anu: I wish Avi was here he would have enjoyed your company.
Pal: (closed his eye in disappointment, not again lord) Don’t worry you will get to see him in few hours.
Anu: Pal, he is no more, I am a widow and I think I must tell that to you now.
Pal: (suddenly cautious and feeling sad for Anu) I am sorry I was not aware of that, what exactly… okiie I will not ask anything I am a bit stupid at times so pardon me.
Anu: No its fine, he is always with me and I am quiet comfortable to talk about him cause that’s what keeps me alive and gives me hope to fight every single day. Please don’t show this pity on me I am just another gal with just another story. Life always gives you joy and sorrow, its you, who make the best out of it, I am making the best out of what life gave to me. Avi taught me how to live and I am glad he was with me through the best phase of my life. I hope all those guys who were behind me in guy gang would now stop teasing you and me for something going on in between us.

Pal felt bad but he was impressed with the spirit with which Anu was living and he admired Anu for that throughout his life. Unfortunately he was not aware what future had in store for him and Nadia. Sometimes life gives you a picture of your future and don’t even realise that. Pal was happy that he got a great company. The traffic started to move by then and it was 7 in the evening. In few minutes they crossed the bridge and they kept moving slowly till 10. People wanted to have dinner but the driver and conductor wanted to reach destination as soon as possible. Anu asked Pal to do something. Pal said ” How can I do anything in this?”
Anu: Cause you have done all throughout the journey and you will do it here again.
Pal: They wont listen you know they are crazy.
Anu : Do anything but get me dinner I am hungry
Pal: Anything you sure?
Anu: Just do it you crazy idiot.
Pal: (Went to conductor and said) Dude my journey has been excellent so far if you can please stop the bus it would leave an everylasting impression on me. All I want is if you can stop for dinner so that I could spend some more time with her.
Conductor: We are getting late go home and eat.
Pal: This is how i manage to do it and you are letting me off by not doing so.

After a bit more of convincing the conductor agreed, pal came back victorious and was happy. Anu knew what pal has done and what trick he has played. Pal you really are big time opportunist? Pal replied “I am what I am, and thats what I am”

The bus stopped and Anu ate something she hugged Pal and said “If it would not have been you, the fun of this journey would be missing and thanks for making this journey interesting.

Finally they reached their destination and this journey came to an end. Passengers promised to stay in touch and shared contacts, Anu wished Pal a great future and thats how it all came to an end.

A journey with tears, smile, hugs and fights just like life. Pal loved travelling and he did that all throughout his life and no matter what happened all along his life he did managed every phase of life pretty well. I always appreciate his philosophy of not living to be happy but being happy to live. He was a master and people may not agree with that and may call him cheater, liar or a looser but for me he was a warrior and today when he is not alive I pay my homage to this champion.

Hope to see your comments. Thanks for following the series. It was great to hear from everyone on blog.

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