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Its amazing how a letter can change the entire meaning of a word, like mate or made, cart or card. I am not going to talk about English word today and not on any word jumble game but on a serious topic in a different language. Lets talk about 2 words in Hindi “Vivah” (meaning marriage) and “Virah” (meaning separation) as you can see the only difference between them is a “V” and a “R”, but meanings are poles apart. I always thought can the two emotions cannot come together and could not imagine a scenario together for the same person. But I came across this song:

I know people may argue what is happening in this song and how the 2 person depicted in song behaved. I would not go into analysis of what is happening between them but on the theme of song. How a marriage has changed everything and how separation can make a perfectly fine person a completely different person.

The key take away for me from this song still remains what if the person you trust and love betrays you can he/she go to a limit that he/she can become mad or loose his/her identity completely? This song is an evidence of what a betrayal can do, such is the power of love and such is the strength of this emotion that you can loose yourself (burn yourself to ashes) or build yourself (from ashes). This brings me to my second point.

Love does not fear anything, neither the tradition nor any person in this world. If you start fearing in love then to me that’s not called love. Love is such a beautiful thing that scope of any other emotion to occupy your mind cannot coexist. Love is such a special feeling that no other emotion can occupy your mind, you don’t feel any other emotion for the other person. The trouble in today’s world is people tend to believe in other person’s word not the people whom they were with. What this concludes is you never trust the person you were with and in that case you have no right to call your love a true love.

Last but not the least love is not always about being together and achieving your loved ones, sometimes the best love stories (Romeo Juliet, Heer Ranjha etc)  are the ones where the loved ones were never together no matter what, be it world, be it tradition, be it life itself. However those love stories are never great and worth a mention where trust, faith or dedication is missing. Love may lead to “Vivah” or Virah” but that is only worth a story when you have trust in your loved ones, you have faith in others intention, you can question anything  but never question the dedication and if  any of above is missing, its best to close that chapter of life and remember the sweet memories and build yourself because as a wise person said to me “Life is about achieving bigger purpose”. My only question to that wise person is what if you have achieved everything is life materialistically, where should the person go then should he/ she loose his/her existence then?


Let me know what you feel do drop in your comments.

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