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So here we go again a new series with new characters and before I start let me make it absolutely clear all characters in this story are completely fictional and resemblance with anyone should be considered a mere coincidence.

Now that we have finished all the formalities, here we are with the main storyline. I am not going to bring back any characters that I have used in my prior story back to life again. I give you Charu (Cha) and Chintan (Chi) and like a true gentle writer, ladies first then gents, and that’s how I wrote the series title, just in case you are wondering what sort of title is this. Now that I have introduced the characters let me introduce you to the characters and give a little bit of background of both, Charu aka Cha or Charulata Hemrajan a hardworking, strong minded, successful IT girl, an expert in ERP and customer delivery, award winning successful professional. Always on the move, multi-talented, singer, dancer, sketcher and musician. This was all about herself but she comes from a lower middle class family and being the eldest of family has been at the receiving end of much of the hardship faced by family. She knows the real value of hard work, compromise and dedication. The reason I am giving such a detailed explanation of background would be clear further in story, also it’s a scientific fact that the decision that you take is actually consequence of historical situation that you have faced or basic character traits within you. Enough said, here is the other side of the character, Chintan aka Chi aka Chinteshwar Pratap Ranawat. I am sure now you will appreciate why I am using the short forms. So Chi appears to be from royal family, rich and sophisticated isn’t it. If only this world can eliminate such subconscious bias in their mind. Chi is a son of a single mother, who brought her up and just like Cha, he comes from a similar background, but like Cha, he is much more carefree, emotional character. He is no less talented, he wrote his first poem at an early age of 7, which found its way in school magazine, loves public speaking, athletic and photography are few of his talents. Having said that he did try his hands on music, Salsa, blogging and arts. He is a people oriented, logical thinking, curious manager, working in manufacturing sector. Enough of introduction lets get on with the story, the story goes back 15 years from now, you might be wondering am I telling you a story grandma style, Yes I am cause this story has enough twist and turns that will make your head go on a roller coaster ride.

Lets go back to August 2003, after 2 drop years and similar number of attempts Cha got admission to a good engineering college, not the one he wanted but, you only get what you work for, more so Indian engineering exams are considered one of the most fiercest and competitive entrance exams. Scope of further improvement always existed but time was not something that he had luxury of, more so every attempt increase was a financial pressure that he was putting on his family and a mental pressure of not being able to succeed on himself. On contrary in comes Cha fresh after 12th in the same college with a higher rank than Chi. So as you can see Cha was clearly smarter than Chi, but don’t get me wrong only if entrance exams were true barometer of students smartness and intelligence. Yes I am a critic of Indian education system, that does not mean I hate it to core, I believe its good but a scope of big improvement exist.

With lot of expectation both Chi and Cha entered the college, in comes the day of final reporting to college. This was the day when Chi had first encountered Cha for the first time, now you may wonder why not vice versa, so here are the details. Chi enters the auditorium grabs his seat, waiting for his turn to come for submitting his documents, while he was arranging his documents and sorting his stuff out he hears a call for Cha, well the name was too long which he found too common but what was most common was the nervousness. While Cha climbed the stairs to reach the stage and submit her documents she dropped the entire arrange papers on floor and collected everything in haste. By the time she was at the stage every effort she had made to be systematic was gone, and on the stage she was submitting her documents as when asked for and searching them in bunch of papers. Chi was watching this calmly and he knew that very instance, he was not alone on this planet to have this nervousness, having said that he made up his mind that he would speak to Cha when she comes down and will ensure that he himself does not commit the same mistake which Chi committed. After submission Cha was coming down, and Chi was approaching her. That first look of Cha had something in for Chi, he lost something that very instance, he was lost in those eyes, a face you wont call the most beautiful face in the world  that guys would dream off but one that did magic on Chi. He had a smile on his face and all he could hear in the background were musical instruments being played, heart beating too fast, a blink of eye and that face was everywhere for Chi. He made all the courage and walked towards Cha, all of sudden he heard his name being called up. At that very instance that dramatic scene just ended and all he had was sweaty palms and beating heart and a sub conscious state to reach the stage. He knew very well that he would cross Cha on his way and when it happened both of them crossed each other without looking at each other, however Chi could fee the cool breeze when she passed him. So in this half lost mind and completely lost heart he approached the steps and while climbing the third step he lost his balance and just like Cha, Chi lost all papers and document that he arranged. Here is a lesson when you look at others and smile always learn a lesson and make sure you apply that lesson at the right time. That was my practical side giving you a lesson but my artistic side says just like Bollywood hero SRK “ Seniorita, when you are in love  everything is fair and everything is fine”. So despite all his preparation what was to happen did happen, such was the magic of the first look. Chi somehow managed to calm his nervousness and same as Cha managed to submit all the documents as when asked for by searching them in the bunch. If you thought this story and that day ended here only, you are mistaken, cause as I said this story has lots of ups and downs.

After submitting the documents Chi was allocated the hostel and Cha went to have her lunch. Chi after visiting his hostel and room made a list of stuff that he may need and decided to complete the formality of fees. So the procedure for fees was that you submit the fees in college account get the Challan and submit the challan in administrative office. So Chi made his list and moved towards college shopping complex which comprised of bank building as well. Chi was still in Cha’s thoughts and regretted not able to speak to Cha. So when Chi entered the bank, the first person he saw was Cha on the counter, such was her magic that poor Chi again lost his balance but this time due to the channel gate steps, the same music the same heart beat started again but with loosing balance he came back to real world and looked around so that no one noticed him. He got his balance right and by the time he turned around and reminded himself to talk Cha, she was gone, he looked around but all of sudden she disappeared. Not for long, she was in managers cabin trying to explain something, Cha waited so that he could speak when she comes out, but manager was on call so he decided to pay the fees and catch up with Cha when she comes out. He was in queue and keeping an eye on manager’s cabin, the discussion went on and on and the queue kept getting shorter and shorter, he thought today was his day and he would get a chance to speak to her. His optimism grew when he was submitting the fees and she was still in there. All of sudden the cashier got a call and she left the counter and went to managers cabin. All of sudden Chi felt betrayed by his luck again, just when he thought he had a perfect chance it went away just like that. By the time cashier came back, Cha was leaving the cabin and Chi decided to follow her, but got called back by cashier to collect the challan, he quickly collected and went rushing out. He looked around and soon found Cha walking towards juice center. He quickly ran towards juice center and in doing so stepped on a muddy puddle. That was it , he gave up and said to himself that today was not his day, its not today reveal all the secrets and just like Christina Rossetti said:

“Perhaps some day, who knows?

But not today; it froze, and blows and snows,

And you’re too curious: fie!

You want to hear it? well:

Only, my secret’s mine, and I won’t tell”.


So to my readers here is my question, was fate giving a wake up call to Chi, to not approach Cha or was it not the right time. Was Cha even aware of anything that was happening around her? did she noticed Chi ever? Did you ever encounter such situations, if you have please feel free to leave your comments. Till then aidos and until next episode love life live life…..balloon

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