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Hello all again, the same old statement: all characters in this story are completely fictional and resemblance with anyone should be considered a mere coincidence. It’s the last blog of the year or the first one to welcome 2019. Its amazing how I can call the same blog, with different approach. I call that perspective. For me 2018 personally was a year of big changes, challenges, some good some bad surprises. I can have a perspective that can define it as a year full of challenges or an year filled with big learning and gaining new avenues. Its amazing how your perspective can change everything, the old saying of glass half full or half empty. So I would like to readers to let me know how do they perceive this story going forward. So coming back to story, Devil heard the conversation and knew very well that something was fishy. He kept a close eye on Chi. Train journey with Cha was short and Chi had to travel further, however neither of them were sleepy nor enjoying the journey. The entire compartment lights were off so Chi decided to sit on the door, he was enjoying the cool breeze and the twinkling lights of village, all of sudden he was hit on his back. It was the railway police officer who wanted to lock the door and avoid any mishaps on journey. Chi wanted to stay and enjoy the journey but was forced to leave, he could not sleep, an unusual anxiety surrounded him, he was thinking about his last 1 month in college. His reflection did not give him anything positive, he was upset, he was not feeling great about himself, his cause of concern was Cha, who did not understood any of his emotions and reacted hastily. He was not angry on Cha, but he wanted to vent out his feelings to explain the circumstances and show his heart to her. In the midst of his thoughts the train stopped. He thought of having a nice cup of coffee, cause nothing on a cold night can be much more soothing than a warm cup of tea or a nice south Indian filter coffee. The train stop was for 3 mins, so he took a quick sprint to coffee shop and got a nice cup of coffee and ran back to compartment, standing on the door, he suddenly noted, Chi listening to her Walkman and looking for books. The train has now blown second whistle which means it is about to start rolling and leave platform. Chi made sure that it was Cha, from the dress she was wearing Chi was sure it was Cha at the book stall. He quickly ran down to the book stall, the train has started rolling by now.

He tapped on Cha’s shoulder, she turned back, (by god, Chi skipped how many heart beats he does not know, he stood frozen, indicating finger towards train) for next 5 seconds Chi was a statue and Cha all shook up, she was scared to death, that she may miss train. All of sudden she started moving, that’s when Chi realised that he has to catch a train.  In haste of moment, Chi dropped his coffee and started running, being a boy he was able to run faster, however Cha in her nervousness was not quick, that’s when Chi made a judgement call , he held Cha’s hand and ran towards the compartment, by then train had gained sufficient momentum. He made sure that Cha gets in the train comfortably, once Cha got in, she asked Chi to pass hand and board train quickly. That was the moment, Chi was thrilled, he wanted that train to run with same pace forever and this platform to never end, if some moments could be run infinitely, it would this amongst few. Finally Chi boarded the train, with help of Cha, the moment he came in, he saw Devil walking by, and that was it, that moment ended then and there (Reason, in an engineering college, if a girl and guy are together, this news spreads like wild fire, I am sure you would know from prior episodes). Cha wanted to say something but Chi left the hand and walked away with out saying anything or looking at Cha. Cha on the other hand wanted to apologies and say thanks for helping, she knew that her reactions have neither helped Chi nor Rita. Cha realised soon that Devil’s presence flipped everything. Both of them went to their respective seats, its amazing how some of the moments turn up, Chi went for a coffee, never got one, but what he got was a moment of a lifetime. He was gazing through his window on his seat, suddenly he realised someone trying to sit next to him. Guess what, it was Devil.

Devil (with full conviction and authority) : Dude, if you love her why don’t you tell her?

Chi (totally nervous and shocked by the question): What ? Whom? What are you talking?

Devil (sheepish smile): Buddy, don’t teach the headmaster, the rules of the school!! I am a simple person and do not like to talk in circle, so I would come to the point straight away. So tell me why don’t you express your feelings?

Chi (in complete denial, and even more nervous and sweaty): I don’t know what you are talking about?

Devil (even more confidence and arrogance) : Buddy, you followed a simple rule of getting information about Cha from Rita, you got caught, people rumoured about you and Rita, you didn’t retaliated, you had no issues, which means you were not after Rita, but when I asked about you and Cha, you are sweating and so damn nervous as if I am taking your Viva/ practical exams. So open up and whats the matter?

Chi (completely shell shocked) : Bravo, you write a good story, may be you can be a good story writer!! How about that for a profession? Why doing engineering?

Devil (in his own swag) : Buddy, you don’t know all my professions, now if you don’t open up and tell me the truth, rest assure, I can take journalism and be a good reporter and make the story what I saw even more spicy and broadcast to entire engineering college, or you can be a good boy and tell the doctor, why didn’t you say?

Chi (now with sweaty palms and forehead): This is not the right place nor the right time, if someone hears the story, it wont be nice.

Devil (with a new bright idea):You cant say it, but you can write it, so here you go here is a piece of paper, go on write everything and once this conversation is done, that paper is shredded and discarded, total safety no issues.

Here goes the silent conversation:

Chi: I know my feelings very well, but don’t know her feelings for me, to add to it, recent incidents have created all wrong image about me on her. I am actually surprised how you know my perspective and how you understood this entire episode.

Devil: Don’t ask questions, this department is mine, Until you don’t share your feelings how come you will know that she shares the same?

Chi: Well, my dear love guru, who pretend to be headmaster of this school, a wrong impression and her perception that I am after Rita, does not go well with me expressing her that I am in love with her.

Devil: So what do you want to do? Wait till someone else comes and says the same to her?

Chi: You never know someone might have already done that before me? Do you know her story as well? Mr Swaggy?

Devil: Fair enough, but how can you be sure that she is committed?

Chi: Do you think only you can be headmaster of a school?

Devil: But to say water is cold without entering the water is cowardliness.

Chi: You like moon, you love to see stars, you enjoy the softness of moonlight, you always want to reach to stars, but you cant. My love is something like a moonlight I know I can see it, I can sense it, it’s a feeling that gives me peace, joy, eternity, but I know all this cannot be possible alive.

Devil: That’s an excellent philosophy you gave, So whats love to you?

Chi: Ohhh, someone is now interested in my philosophy? Well now that you have asked me, for me love is not just a feeling, it’s like a soul that reside inside you, it’s a fairy who would try to protect your love from every harm, never let them be in any trouble, who could sacrifice everything and anything for their happiness. For me love is a feeling that you get when you go to temple and ask god to give you happiness and the feeling when god actually showers blessing on you. Its like an essence in which you can find god itself, and when you get that essence, you don’t need anything, the separation, the boundaries, the distance do not matter, you can happily sacrifice yourself and your self-existence for happiness of your love. It’s a devotion which you find in god, so pure, so effective and yet so unique.

Devil: Going by your philosophy, love can only happen once?

Chi: Love is everywhere dear, its in every relation, but if you are talking about true love, someone whom you aspire to spend life with, I call it true love, yes that happens only once, however every relation has love in it and as long as you can be honest in them, you are still spreading the love. And yes if your next question is what if you don’t get true love in your life? The answer is in my definition of true love, its an essence, it’s a feeling with which you can spend your entire life, a joy that can touch your soul and set it free from this world.

Devil (Despite being impressed, but to annoy Chi) : People like you are the reason why girls prefer to not talk to you. Honest advice, in this show off world no one will understand your philosophy, better change it else you would suffer in life.

Chi (without a shock and a smile) : My true love is with me, if she is mine or not does not bother me, I will find a reason to spread a smile on her face, you don’t worry about me.

The chat ended at this point, as per rules the paper was destroyed and dumped.  The entire night was gone in this silent chat and the first glimpse of sunshine were just moments away. The colour of horizon was changing dramatically and this sweet journey was coming to an end.  Within hours Charulata (Cha) would reach home and Chintan (Chi) would catch the next train and carry on his journey home. Some journeys are endless and some chat are too confidential yet so unique. The silence prevailed and yet another journey passed, or should I say:

Oh my silence you are my mighty sword,

A talk can spoil this moment,

Let the sound disappear and the words prevail

From the absence of argument and dialectic foes

Just the wisdom of words and mood prevail

Rest everything in time and let silence remain….

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