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I know my last blog was not in English, but as promised I am back with my episodes. So here we go again as always before I start let me make it absolutely clear all characters in this story are completely fictional and resemblance with anyone should be considered a mere coincidence.

So far we have seen the journey back home after a short University back. Devil after that chat came to know who Chi was, for the first time Devil who love to be the notorious and trouble maker for others felt as if he had met his match in terms of thinking. As I said in my last blog  some journeys are endless and some chat are too confidential yet so unique. Devil enjoyed the chat and he understood who Chi was, Chi on the other hand was lost in thoughts of Cha, Cha was gone and for Chi long wait to see her again has started. Chi always enjoyed coming back to home and being with the family, but this time it was slightly different he wanted to be back in University. Its strange how someone can push you to a limit that you cant afford to miss presence of other person for a second. Next day morning Chi was home and was enjoying homely food, care of his mother and luxury of home. Off all the luxury of home there were few things that Chi use to enjoy most:

1 Head massage by his mother

2 Rice, lentil and mashed potato all mixed by mother’s hand

3 an evening walk and chat on different topics.

Off these Cha too enjoyed head massage by her mother and evening walk with her mother. Cha was able to meet her school time friend, one she was very close to was Raj. Both have been in same school since childhood. Cha had soft corner for Rajkumar (Raj), she wanted to share her experience with Raj and hear his experience from University. Both were good in studies they competitors in studies, like the good old school days they use to exchange notes and just like Cha, Raj had feelings for Cha. It was a matter of time when either of them would blink and express their feelings. It was Raj who blinked first, as a writer I would say the boys are the impatient ones if they were to play a game of patience with the other gender, it would be one game in which they will loose majority of time and that too with a big margin. So the day after Cha arrived her home town, she was busy unwrapping her baggage and meeting relatives. She was relieved to be back and was looking forward to meet old school friends and specially Raj. While she was in that thought process, she gets a call from Raj, back than mobile were picking trends yet it was a landline call. At home everyone knew who Raj was and how intense was the competition they shared and how they were focused on there career. I am sure you would be wondering why these lines were added, not very often at young age a boy calling a girl gets such a welcome reception in India. Indian parenting is all about being protective to kids, and keep them focused to the ultimate goal of getting good jobs. Henceforth you wont see parents being to experimental with kids. They decided to meet at coffee shop next day, both of them equally excited to see each other and share their University experience. Raj was excited as he was about to express his feelings but was nervous about what if it doesn’t go as per plan (a typical boys dilemma before proposal). Next day a bright sunny day lovely September morning, Raj paid special attention to how he was looking and the dressing, he did his hair more often than he has ever done in one month and looked in mirror just to make sure he can do the last bit of touch up to make him look perfect.

Raj, like a guy about to propose came much earlier to venue, in his nervousness wanted to make sure that when he proposes things are perfect, the waiter came in to take the order  and here is the conversation:

Waiter: Good afternoon sir, what would you like to have?

Raj: I am waiting for someone but I need a big favour from you, when you bring the bill can you bring this rose and this card?

Waiter (with a smirk): Always happy to help sir, are you proposing a girl today (What a daft question, to a nervous guy)?

Raj: Buddy, please make sure only you serve this table and you don’t need to let her know by any means, I want to see the surprise on her face and make sure you bring the bill when not many people are in shop (so that if something goes wrong, its not a big embarrassment for Raj)

A decision which he will regret later and you will come to know why.

Waiter: Don’t worry sir, Good luck and hope all goes well.

30 mins later at scheduled time Cha arrived, she was dressed casually but the joy of being home was on her face, to Raj that was a clear signal that she is in good mood and hopefully that’s a good start. Post greeting each other getting to know how they were doing coffee was ordered, Raj started to talk about his first few days in University and his experience like a nervous boy he was talking endlessly. He was trying to avoid eye contact because he knew if he did so, it may spill the beans.

Cha: Raj, whats the matter are you all good, you are sweating , I know I should not ask you but did senior trouble you? (she was clearly worried based on her limited experience with seniors)

Raj ( to avoid nervousness and appear confident): Oh, No.. no not at all, they are good but you know they have that usual senior business (not to disclose anything regarding his encounter with seniors and keep focus on his goals). How about you, how is your batch? Anyone good there (just to check, if any competition is in his way)? Hope seniors are very warm and welcoming (with lot of nervousness)?

In comes waiter (knowing the entire background): Sir would you like to have cold water?

Raj: Yes please… (to hear more from Cha)

Waiter: Tap or mineral?

Raj (half annoyed and getting anxious, directing toward Cha): Ask madam…

Cha: Tap water please.

Waiter (sensing the nervousness and to annoy Raj a bit more): So would you like to try our new range of grilled sandwiches?

Raj (now totally annoyed but yet controlling anger and trying to avoid waiter): Can you please get coffee first we may decide later.

After waiter went away, Raj took a sigh of relief and now curious to know story on Cha’s side.

Cha (as if she was confused what to say): I don’t know, I am really confused. I knew that when you go to University you may not have comfortable conversations with seniors but the problem is not seniors the problem is current batch. (As expected Raj’s worst fear was coming true, he was now more determined than ever to express his feelings).

Cha: I don’t know what guys think of themselves, there is this guy call Chi who for no reason is trying to get up close with my friend Rita (Raj took a big sigh of relief, thank god it was not for Cha), she is an innocent girl who is my good friend, she has worked hard and got a good college I think she should study rather than waste time in being romantic at this junction (Raj again nervous thinking what to say or do, he was sweating even more now)

Waiter: Here is your order sir, anything else (With a smile looking towards Raj with expectation for sandwich order)

Raj (looking towards Cha, to ask if she wanted): Ask Madam

Cha: No we are fine thank you.

Cha started to tell the entire story and each and every encounter with Chi, as if it was inscribed in her mind ( at that very same moment Chi was missing Cha and those days in college) with every sip Cha was taking Raj was getting to know that Cha was not ready for proposal and was getting even more nervous. She finished half his cup and her story and asked Raj (who has just had 2 sips of coffee till now) to share his experience.

Raj wanted to keep the conversation going on for as long as he could so that she does not ask to leave and the waiter does not bring the bill, with every sip Raj’s throat was getting dry. When he finished the story Cha was having the last few sips of coffee, Cha asked Raj to finish his coffee. Raj even more nervous, heard a bang sound, he looked around and was looking for waiter to bring sandwich rather than bill, he called the waiter.

Raj: Can we try your special sandwich?

Waiter (with utter disappointment and lost opportunity expression): Sir we had an electrical fault and we no longer can serve sandwiches.

Cha (interrupting): Its alright we would be leaving now, please bring the bill.

Waiter (the moment he heard that turned around in all excitement without looking at Raj): Yes madam in a minute

Raj (trying to stop waiter, with a dry throat unzipping his sealed lips): Waiter… by then he was gone.

Cha: Why are you trying to waste your money, just save it, you will need it. (Raj even more nervous because he knew what was coming) Look at me Raj you don’t look great whats the matter, you can be frank with me and tell me whats bothering you?

Waiter in the mean time brought the bill with card and rose, just as Raj instructed.

Cha totally shocked and surprised and as if the world around had changed, looked at Raj, Raj trying to shy away and still trying to gather strength to say it to Cha.

Cha opened the card just to confirm what she was feeling was right, after Chi’s slap incident she did not want to take any hasty step. But to her surprise she was not wrong, it was her fear coming true.

Cha left in a hurry but kept the card with her and threw the rose on ground. Waiter who was just few feet away saw this and turned to take other orders, he knew that he is not getting a good tip.


Same night Chi who wanted to share the news with her mother with whom he was very close got a similar response. Both Cha and Chi were just back for a week and they were in a zone of silence where they had no clue of how to deal with this situation. It’s an irony Cha who was focused on studies got a proposal and Chi who was romantic got a promise to focus on studies. Next few days were days where they were trying to be normal but were dealing with silence. Raj on the other hand knew the fate so did not try to get in touch with Cha. A long silence prevailed for next few days.

Oh my silence, my wonderful friend

You live with me and dance on my misery

Such is your agony, I feel just no end

You inflict deep wound and your music never ends

Behold my soul rest at your feet

Either you finish this or just leave

Oh my silence, my wonderful friend…..

Now that both Cha and Chi have faced with there worst fear and facing the real world, it would be interesting how the coming days they behave and what future has stored in for them. I hope to release the next episode soon, but would like to know your views. Till then love life and live life.


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