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We live, we die, we see, we enjoy,

life is a journey we should enjoy,

its has joy it has pain, it can be insane

we love we hate, we are happy we are sad

A day, a month an year and we are here

Life keeps passing by and the age that defy

I know I am aging its the this feeling that’s caging

I want to set it free but its still within me

the notion of this time those feeling so divine

still reside within me, I thought it was time

but those feelings are not sublime

I know I am ageing with every season facing

I am with myself hoping to see that view

Alas its life and time has passed by

I wish I could be true and don’t miss those blues

but reality is bitter and doesn’t make you better

may be one day I could go back in time

and may be then I will be fine

Its a riddle that does not die

with time passing by I wonder what it is

or may be its just me or may be its just me….



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The liable

Dear all it has been long so thought posting something different, welcome back to a new story.

 As Winston Churchill once said “The price of greatness is responsibility. ” Here is something that will talk about responsibility.

Well when you don’t write for long this is what you suffer with, an anxiety and weird ideas. To be honest as an engineer we are blessed with the most wiered of ideas. After all 4 years of last minute job and using the rest of the time for no use has some fruitful returns and one of the biggest one is innovation and innovative thinking. IF you don’t trust me ask yourself and if you are honest enough you will get the same answer. To further strengthen my words I have people who are engineers and are known for thinking out of box Nitin Gupta (rivaldo), Kumar vishvas are the few which are known and popular but there are many more who like them think out of box but are not popular. So to begin with what am I here to present you with, well thinking of engineering days here an idea that inspired me to write this blog.
All our life we think what if we were a bit old, what if we would have scored couple of more marks, what if we did good in that paper, what if we had not gone to that place, life is full of what if and that is why there is nothing wrong in thinking what if. But if we can imagine a situation for ourselves why can’t we think similarly for others. The simple reason for that is we are too focused on ourselves &  our goodness, so let me take you out of your own realm and take you to another funny ride, some of you would find it close to your heart because after all we all belong to one useful community call engineering community. So here we go with another roller coaster ride named obedience. Being an Indian you would have heard a story about an obedient child named Shravan Kumar. When our mothers use to tell us this story, she uses to expect us to be like him. But things change because change is the only thing that prevails and is consistent. The biggest credit to this change is given to college life. But what our mothers fail to understand is Shravan kumar did not go to college if he would have gone to college i.e Engineering College this is how the story would have gone.
So after all the hard work and with lots of blessings from his parents he finally managed to reach a good Engineering college. But the big question would be would he be living with his parents then or he would have left his parents? Assuming he lives with parents so all day he studies in college (did I say study….oopppss forgot engineers study only a night before exams). But what is the key difference between us and Shravan kumar when he goes to engineering college?
The first one he cant smoke or drink just like other guys, the other big difference he cant trace Engineering drawings, he needs to show sincerity towards all subjects, he cant sit at the back bench and relax. The reason pretty simple when he goes to college everyday he is been asked to study properly and take down notes of all the subject. What he misses in all this is hostel life, the fun of ragging, socializing …to certain extent. Despite all the odds he still manages to find a love for himself. What will happen and how does he fall in love, what would be the romantic side of Shravan kumar?
So he thinks of falling love so he goes to his parents and asks for what do they think about his marriage, to which he got a reply the girl should be good looking from same caste and should be cultured. Shravan thought thats a easy thing to do. So what he does next is finds out list of all the girls in college. In doing this he finds that in his engineering college he just have 100 girls overall. In a college with over 1000 student only 100 girls, depicting a skewed gender ratio. Shravan still does not loose heart, he then tries to see how many girls belong to his caste, the filter reduces the girls to just 15. He was shocked but he still was strong willed he kept his hope alive he then tried to think of how many girls are good looking, which further reduced the number to just 1. He tried to enquire about that girl but found already changed 5 boys in 4 months, so she is definitely not cultured.
Disappointed Shravan does not loose hope, he still tries his luck on other 14 so he changes his strategy tries to look for horoscope match. He finds amongst those 14 only 1 matches in horoscope. So he decides that this is the girl for me and can you guess what is the next step Shravan takes?
He goes to his parents and says he is in love with this gal and he wants to marry this gal but he finds that his parents had one more condition that the girl should not work after marriage. This was the big question and even Shravan Kumar didn’t know the answer to this. Poor guy with no time to spare and no distraction to his study he suffered no love life for whole of his engineering life. So my question to you all is what should Shravan kumar be like in todays era?? Do let me know through your comment.



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The escapism

Well last post was not mine but this one is mine may be the British summer is infuing in me the British romance, I know I cant match the standards of the poets but just another attempt, hope you like it

The day was bright

I had seen the light

the clouds came by

with you standing aside

The look in your eyes

feeling just twinkling & shining bright

Passion was around

with love flowing unbound

The smile that said

like the shining sun unfade

you come to me and ask me to say

but how can I speak

when there is more to feel

and very less to say

The beats of heart pounding out

feeling so much flowing out

like the sunshine you come and go

I will always wonder

when this sweet dream

would just be mine only mine….

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After so many stories here is a short and simple one…

How I wish well
And so I should
the golden hearted lady
my down to earth angel…

If god agree
with my good thoughts
and send for each
as I breech
A plum or peach
what a bowlful
that would be….

Or lucky hows
upon your showers
like pretty flowers
what a fine
bunch that would be….

If my good wishes
were like plump fishes
what a shoal of kisses
that would be…

So come your way dear
A thousand blessings
In the year with just no fear

This is how I wish
and this is what it should be
the golden hearted lady
my down to earth angel…..
– Unknown
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did…Thanks for reading

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Dear all

After taking you to a long journey in 5 episode series here is a short and simple one, all these days what I tried was to bring to you a character of Pal, in this story I aim to bring in the other counterpart of Pal’s story, well no reward for guessing it would be Nadia. So let me take you through one of her encounter before Pal died, and thats when I would give you a chance to judge that am I really gender biased? To all those who were patient in my 5 episode series and read it out completely here is a short one to refresh your senses. It is another weekend time and Saturday evening were suppose to be Nadia and Pal together but this time Pal was away and Nadia was at home getting bored, she then receives a call from Ria her friend, she was tensed and Nadia was the one who use to listen to her carefully.

Ria: Nadia want to talk to you urgently
Nadia: Ya please honey but tell me did you buy that dress? ( gals are always more worried about dress than the actual worry surrounding them.)
Ria: No darling, my idiot boy friend did not go with me and so when I went after a week it was sold out, (guys don’t worry its usual, you always get the blame for being dull and lazy) so missed it.
Nadia: Its okkie dear so how about we have dinner together and then we can talk.
Ria: Sure what a great idea so you mean to say that you are coming to my house? Dont tell me we are going out to eat? (Guys please note if you want to meet a gal you have to spend but you should understand what I mean to say, a bitter reality but very true.)
Nadia: Come on Ria today is my turn I am cooking for you honey just get your stuff and we will have a good night out.
Ria: Wow thats a great idea, it’s been long we didn’t had a talk, this night out would give us a chance to spend some good time and have some chit chat ( a chit chat means gossips if guys have any confusion)

Within couple of hours Ria was with Nadia, Nadia had cooked boiled vegetables and tasty soup along with mixed salad. (Gals do eat this cause they need to keep themselves fit). Ria was on the door and Nadia opened to see her friend on doors. Ria with a big smile said oh Nadia you look so amazing dear and dear o dear you have maintained yourself very well.( This is a gal’s way of complimenting each other and telling each other that how good they know each other and how good friends they are)
Nadia with same joy and smile said Ria don’t just compliment me its you who keeps inspiring me. (Its needless to say that Ria was gal who was fitness freak and worried a lot to be in shape, and when gals are in good shape you can easily understand some guy would be around this gal).

They had a nice dinner and they kept talking about other gals and guys, you see the usual gossip after the dinner the gals were together and were sitting comfortably on bed and thats when Nadia asked about what is wrong, what is it that is keeping Ria tensed? Ria’s expression changed all of sudden.
Nadia knew that it was something serious otherwise a fun loving gal like Ria would not be so tensed.

Nadia: Look we know each other from years so you can tell me whats wrong.
Ria: Well Nadia I don’t know this thing called being in relationship $u@ks big time, its a big time pain dear, but I don’t know would you be in able to understand this, you have been so against this thing called love, you have always believed in living life peacefully so just wanted to sit with you and talk but not on this cause i know I will end up getting scolding from you, so let it go.
Nadia: (With a witty smile) Ria actually the thing is you still can tell me (with changed experession)
Ria: (With an OMG expression and state of shock) Nadia do you mean to say …. Nadia nodded
Oh My God and you didn’t bother to tell me about this? How? When and who is he?
Nadia: (with a shy expression and nervousness) Ria he is Pal and he works in BMW we just met during a football match both of us are MAN U fans and he use to look out for me in office which use to scare me but later I found that he was scared of me and he is kind of funny but cute.
Ria: Since when and what did he say that you changed your mind?
Nadia: I always believed in not to fall in trap called love but its the look in the eyes of that guy that made me to forget all my concept, there was something in that guy that just kept pulling me and thats when I fell for her, its been 3 months since than but I don’t know Ria would I be able to get along with him. He is very different ( when a love story begins every guy is different and unique in himself which diminishes over period of time thats law of diminishing return in love, and guys don’t worry whenever gals are confused like this it means they are ready to take whatever risk it takes to go beyond the limit in their commitment for you, so just keep an eye on this statement if the catalyst you used tells you this statement it means she will do anything for you)
Ria (even more excited, happy and curious like a child kept enquiring Nadia) after couple of hours when Nadia was done with telling all the story she asked now tell whats your problem?
Ria: (with confidence and pain replied) Its my boyfriend Prasana, when we started he had all the time in the world for me we use to have quiet good time and you remember in college he use to see me off till the hostel every night but during last 5-6 months it seems she has lost interest in me and she does not give me as much time as we use to have in the past.
Nadia: Its been 1.5 yrs since you left the college Ria and I would like to ask you something did your role in your job not change in last 5-6 months? Did you not feel a change in your lifestyle.
Ria: Well my working hours are 10-8 but usually i come back by 9 and Prasana’s working hours are 6 to 3-4 and when I come back I get free by 10:30 with dinner and everything.
Nadia: So when do you get time for each other? (which was actually a good question)
Ria: We get time only on Sundays and holidays but he does not feel like talking to me at all like he use to do earlier and that’s what is worrying me. ( Guys this is a stupid question don’t you think so?)
Nadia: Well its just cause your office hours clash and you have not spent time together and I am sure if you devote time for each other things would get sorted out, there is nothing to worry, Prasana is a good guy its just that job responsibility has taken a toll of him and thats why you are getting insecure.
Ria: Do you think I am getting insecure?
Nadia: (patiently) Ria can you tell me what Prasana said to you when he proposed you?
Ria: Nadia don’t you what guys say? It was just another way of Saying I Love you.
Nadia: Did he say that?
Ria: Off course.. that is why I said a big yes to her.
Nadia: Do you know what that means?
Ria: What what means Nadia? Why confusing me with your indirect questions can you tell me what you want to say in short and sweet words I am getting confused.
Nadia: When you say I love you the 3 key alphabets are I, V and U. To say and mean I Love You means keeping V in between I and U.
Ria: (slightly confused) Nadia can you please keep yourself precise I am not able to digest this.
Nadia: To keep V between I and U means to give the highest weightage to V without spoiling the identity of either I or U. If you start giving weightage to either of them you are going to end up in trouble, and you will lose the essence of the most beautiful line you ever came across in your life.
Ria: Nadia I am surprised you are saying this, you who never believed in love, anyways please let me know what is going wrong in my case?
Nadia: Ria why don’t you understand this simple thing that you are not able to give time to each other and that is why you are feeling a bit distant from Prasana
Ria: The thing is now a days he is more busy with his office colleague Parul, he has no time for me.
Nadia: Do you really think the relation which you made in last 2.5 years could be spoiled by an office collegue, I wonder how can you think this way? Did you ever tell Prasana about this confusion that you have in your mind? Did you find anything unusual going between both of them?
Ria: No but office people say a lot of things about both of them and you are right I haven’t had a word about Parul with Prasana, but why will he accept even if something is between them also.
Nadia: First thing first Ria how can you forget that when you were in college, people use to say a lot about me and Prasana as well does that mean there was something going between me and him? Secondly this is what I meant by putting V in between I and U, what you are doing now is giving more weightage to I, think about the good time and relation both of you have been through you will get the answer that will Prasana cheat on you or not. Its V who make you together and makes the relation very special. So think again my dear and think smart your answer is right in front of you dear.
Ria: Nadia I really need to meet Pal now and tell him that he is lucky to have you and what he is doing is not good, one should not change a person so much that their friend find it hard to believe that they were once upon a time friend with same person.
Nadia: (with a laugh) I don’t know what he did but all I know is “ Love is a moment that lasts forever” Its something that has capability to turn around you and your world with its one gentle touch.

By this time it was 5 in the morning and Ria decided to talk to Prasana and tell him how good she feels when he is around and how much special he makes her feel and asked Prasana to take her for a long drive this weekend.

Sometimes knowing the meaning of what you say is not easy, but when you realise the true meaning of your words, its then you start enjoying and seeing the world from a different lens. Hope you enjoyed the blog…Please let me know through comments

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Dear all

There have been allegations on the author of being gender biased as you know the author has no intent to hurt any community by any means. He is just trying to bring out the basic nature of people, if you do not feel the same, author does not want to improvise it onto you. He just tends to bring the best out of his story by sketching the characters and their behaviour. If its not you, please don’t get bothered you will get a chance to meet few of them like that. Meeting people reminds me of where I left the story last time. So let’s get on with the story and take you through this classic journey. Once Anu left it was Pal and Meenakshi again. Pal still was in no mood to talk but it was Meenakshi who wanted to apologise for her rude behaviour. She started the conversation with an apologetic tone and made it clear to Pal that it was not Pal’s mistake it was the situation that she was coming from which made her behave in this fashion. Pal was unmoved and was in no mood to spoil his mood so far, and that’s when gal’s use there ultimate weapon or should I say the last arrow in their armour to knock out guys. Yup you guessed it right its TEARS. Pal had to do something but he was scared if doing something could again go the opposite way, so he just gave a handkerchief to Meenakshi, which was a stupid thing to do, (guys let me tell you honestly when they say they wana apologise just accept their apology and let things move on else you are going to face a flood of tears). Can anyone tell what should Pal have said/ done to avoid this?

Pal then held Meenakshi’s hand and said come I will show you something, he took Meenakshi to farmland and showed the greenery, this did not help Meenakshi by any means. That’s when Pal got annoyed, and irritated he asked “What’s your problem gal, do you know anything apart from being sad and annoyed? Do you know any way of enjoying life? That’s when Meenakshi felt bad but there was something which was holding her from loosing temper. She replied in a calm tone “There was a time when I use to enjoy life and love life, now life has played an ugly game and does not want me to be happy. It’s a revenge that life is taking from me.”
Pal: (shocked and even more annoyed) Do you really think this could ever happen? It’s you who make life not life makes you. So the way you think or do makes or decides your fate for life, not life deciding fate for you. How can you be so bad in interpreting things?
Meenakshi: Pal you haven’t been in love and that’s why you don’t know what it means to be heart broken. How does it feel when someone just turns back with you?
Pal: (wanted to tell that gal that if you keep cribbing like this all day anyone would run away, not only just your lover) Well it happens and one must enjoy the good times as much as to be sad at bad times but that does not mean that you moan for it all the time. Ok tell me what happened?
Meenakshi started her story of she being a jolly gal, believing in dreams and living a good life and while working she met her dream guy and she went behind that guy and they started talking, they had good time and how good they were together. How they celebrated their first Valentine’s day and with passing time how serious they became for each other only when one day she came to know that the guy cheated her and she was shell shocked. (Well it was another typical story that you will get to hear from every other person in love, so not going in detail).

Pal decided its better to sit on the big boulder in between the farm and let Meenakshi calm down, so he asked her to sit and sat next to her. She kept crying and Pal kept consoling her, he held her hand and said ” Look Meenakshi its all part of life and I may not have fallen in love but all I know is it’s a feeling and you can live with a feeling all your life you don’t need the other person to accept it or reject it, no matter he/she cheats on you and moves on. You felt for the other person great, it was the other person’s misfortune that he could not understand how great were your feelings. He was unlucky on this front; there was nothing wrong with you. So stop crying and start living dear.”

Something just happened and she kept her head on Pal’s shoulder and started to cry even more bitterly murmuring that How can he be so rude to me? I never did anything wrong to him. Pal put arms around her shoulder and said look Meenakshi life is not a sweet juice it’s a cocktail of everything and you must know how to beat the taste and give life a challenge to bring more opportunity. It has happened and it will happen in future it’s you and only you who can overcome this situation no one else would come and help you out. That’s when she stopped crying and that’s when Pal noted that Anu is coming towards them. Pal said to Meenakshi now stop crying else Anu would feel bad and would say that I made you cry and I am in no mood to take this blame.

Anu in the mean time came to Pal and said “Did I disturb you two”? (Pal in a state of shock because he was expecting Anu to be with him if not sleeping and she came back too early).Pal quickly responded “We thought you slept!” Anu (with an encrypted smile) “Ya I was trying to sleep but could not because its too humid inside bus”. Pal was happy to see Anu, as he was in no mood to listen to Meenakshi’s story and she cribbing over every small thing.

At this point Anu knew what Meenakshi was upto but was unaware what Pal was thinking. Pal then said lets roam around hope we find something to eat as I am feeling hungry now. Anu and Meenakshi looked at each other and they knew they were upto same thing which Pal had no idea of, they agreed and went along with Pal. Pal was happy to roam around in fields, after walking down the fields and crossing the rows of trees he could see some huts and it seems that it was a small group of people living there who had farm nearby. He invited the other 2 to explore the area; they followed Pal and knew that he can help them out knowingly or unknowingly. Pal knocked at one of the hut and asked if we can use the handpump outside and have some water. To which the owner agreed, it was a cloudy afternoon and the family was having lunch. Pal washed his face and was drinking water, he noted that both the gals were not liking it. So he went to them and said “Look this is the purest water that we can have and that’s how I was born and brought up so don’t give an ugly look, if there is something you need let me know, I would try to make some arrangement.”

Anu: Look Pal for guys its easy but for gals you must understand few things and its not always said.
Pal: Oookkk so you are hungry don’t worry I will get it, let them finish the lunch. In the mean time the family was done with lunch and the head of family came out and had a curious look at Pal as he was with 2 gals, and was wondering what Pal was upto? Pal gave a smile and greeted the elder man and said that there is a big traffic jam near by and so many passengers are stuck, we are just one of them and these gals are looking for some shelter as they are not feeling well and this humid weather is making things worst. I was thinking if you could help them out, I would really be greatfull to you (in their local dialect). The man was impressed to hear the local dialect he felt as if the guy is a local and should be living in near by area only, so he asked which place you belong to. Pal: I was born and brought up in Khargone and bistan, now I live in Indore. Man was impressed to see local guy progressing in life and he called the daughter-in-law and asked her to take the 2 ladies in and help them out. Pal was then engaged in long talk regarding what he did and how he made it big and does he not feel like coming back to old village? Pal knew that if he has to get things right for ladies he need to come to point, so he kept replying and impressing the other man and finally went on to ask the elder man that if they can provide food for at least 3 of them. The man was ready to offer service but he said look Pal, I am a poor person and I hope you understand this. Pal immediately brought out Rs 50 note and handed to elderly man, and asked if you can please help out other passengers also as we have kids on board and they are hungry and god would bless you if you can charge them nominally and provide them with some food for today.(Well when it comes to getting blessed from god we do it without hesitation, that’s the good things about we the Indians) Man said I can only help till I have stock in my home and let me see what I can do the best for you. He went in and came back after few mins in the mean time Pal was shocked to see Anu in local dress. It appeared she just had a bath and was trying the local dress there. Pal gave a smile and complimented her with hand gesture that she is looking good. In the mean time Sunny came looking for Pal and said “dude where the hell are you? Did you have a look at river, the level is going down but people say traffic wont be clear till the evening. (Sunny then noticed Anu in local dress) Okkk okkk Pal I would go get some fresh air (this refers to a cigarette guys might be know this) catch you later. Pal knew what Sunny was upto so he asked sunny to wait and have lunch. Sunny in state of shock, you got to be kidding me business here also? Pal how can you convince people just like that? Pal said “Its magic dear enjoy it, come lets call others as well and enjoy the lunch”. While they were going towards the bus Sunny was asking “Dude we struggle to get one gal and you are going around with 2…. You really are 2 much, both gal hugging you both gal behind you, What exactly you do? Pal was walking along with Sunny and he was asking how Pal does it and asking for tips. Pal trying to be ignorant and as if nothing is going on tried to hide things but Sunny was stubborn; he made a comment that “You can say that to me but not to other passengers and conductor who saw you hugging Anu in bus and Meenakshi in field. What do you think we are fool? Pal then came to know that the news had spread out and acting wont be the right thing to do. He then invited the passengers to have some lunch, the lady with child and others. Everyone praised Pal for making there journey easy. By this time Pal was surrounded by guys and everyone was asking how he does it and is he always like that? Pal just said wait and watch…
So with ease in journey and journey becoming interesting how do you think would be last twist? Is there anything that can happen between Pal and Anu? See how the story turns up in the last episode. Have a great day and thanks for taking time to read.

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Odyssey: episode-2

Dear all

Thanks all for the comments and appreciation for the story, the comments really encourage me to do something creative and bring the best out of the stories. There were few questions that I was expecting some answers, some of you gave a broad answer that Pal would end up the same fashion by being up close with this gal. I appreciate the thought and The point that I want to make is this series is a 5 part story so this story has just begun. There is lot to happen yet.

To begin with things were definitely looking bleak and when you see no hopes you get something surprising, and when you have gals around expect fireworks of surprises. All the anger and frustration that was in her was out and the next thing that gals know to win an argument is cry, and this is what happened. She started crying and she was murmuring about how can this happen to her? But that’s the problem gals would get angry for a moment and at the other moment they would burst into tear, you just cant do anything for that. The thing is when a gal cries Pal is the first one to console them so he started in his own way “Look the thing is its my fault that I came this footwear’s way but the problem is the more it tries to run away from you the more closer it comes and see whenever its not with you, you shed tears so it seems you love this footwear.” Pal was expecting the things to settle down but she burst into tears and started to cry even more bitterly. Pal could not understand what wrong is he doing/ saying that everything is going in the direction he does not want. Suddenly another co passenger popped up, she gave an ugly look to pal and took the gal away. Both of them somehow managed to eat something and reach bus before it started again. So the journey begun again and the gal on upper berth came down and said “Hi I am Meenakshi, I am sorry for my behaviour, actually I told everything to Anu and she felt bad for my behaviour. The thing is I am going to Anu’s seat can I wear your floaters please.” Pal was upset and he jus nodded and let Meenakshi do her business. After an hour Anu came to Pal’s place and asked if she could sit. Anu apologised for her behaviour as well, and was upset cause she made a judgement without knowing the other side of the story. So Pal was having a shower of surprises. Guys trust me if gals apologise to you without having an argument/ they defending themselves feel yourself the luckiest person of the day.

So Anu and Pal sat and Pal was impressed with Anu’s simplicity and smartness. Pal started the conversation again and asked “So Anu where do you work in Pune?”
Anu: BCS
Pal: Great and what brings you to Indore? Your family or some work?
Anu: Are you taking my interview? I don’t even know your name?
Pal: Opppss sorry I am Pal.
Anu: Look Pal, I am sitting here cause Meenakshi was not in good shape and she was upset she slept there and I would go on upper berth in a moment so better don’t try to collect the usual GUY Database, which you guys always tend to collect. (Pal in a state of shock didn’t know what’s happening to him today, he is receiving shockers one after another. So he sat quietly and started to listen to his music again.) After 15 mins Anu went up and in another 5 mins she was down. She again asked Pal to let her sit, to which Pal gave space and they were sitting face to face, with pal looking at sky and enjoying the music. After sometime Anu said ” Pal can I ask you something?”
Pal: (removed his headphone) Did you say something?
Anu: Ya I said Can I ask something?
Pal: Yes please shoot.
Anu: Are you so stupid everytime?
Pal: (Again in state of shock) What do you mean?
Anu: Nothing, It seems you like music a lot
Pal: Ya that’s my favourite timepass second to chatting with people, cause you don’t want me to chat with you cause you think you are too smart or too reserved, I thought I would rather act stupid and enjoy the second best thing. (Anu got the first idea of the person sitting in front of her.)
Anu: No no I did not mean that, what I mean to say that was why were you so upset with Meenakshi’s reaction? (Anu trying to divert the topic, gals always try to do that if they are caught in the midst of something. She knew very well that if she didn’t change the topic Pal might raise more questions and may bring her in check mate situation.)
Pal: Anu I know gals are smart but by acting so you are trying to act oversmart, you know it I know it what was I upto, I don’t care what Meenakshi is upto, it was just a conflict and they tend to happen when strangers meet. (By now Anu knew very well that Pal is not as stupid as she was thinking).
Anu: Pal, I am sorry but the thing is this is not my first journey and I do it every month and I come across guys every single time. So I was just trying to be defensive not offensive. I hope you understand.
Pal: Well lady not every guy is the same, and one must have the patience to judge the guy and then speak rather than just blasting at him right away. No one is harmful specially in journey, hope I made my point clear to you.
Anu: (with a smile) Well I live in Indore and I am in recruitment dept, I deal with new joinees and my work is to manage and design program for new joinee to company. I did my MBA from XIMB. I am just a fresher to job. (Just enough information provided by Anu to take Pal in confidence).

Pal: I am Pal I happen to work in BMW, would now join another automobile company, I have 3yrs experience and I did my BTech from TIN, (keeping the format of information same and being diplomatic to defend himself)
Anu: Pal I know I have been rude at times but that does not mean I am always like that, I told you the reason and now I expect that we be good friends. (Bringing her hand forward for a hand shake). Let me tell you people may interpret the words in the way they want but a hand shake always symbolises friendship and respect for each other. The other guys in bus just saw a handshake and the news just spread in whole bus like fire, and as you know a common thought in people’s mind is a guy and gal cannot be friends.

They had long chat since then for another couple of hours basically trying to know each other and knowing each others likes and dislikes. They now knew each other very well, they had exchanged contacts by then. It was getting late and they were hoping to reach there destination by morning 9 so they decided to continue the talk after night sleep. So at stroke of midnight they decided to sleep.

When Pal woke up at morning at 6 he was expecting that the driver would stop for morning tea in few mins or an hour or so, he was just looking outside and thinking about last night. He noticed that it rained heavily in this area and there was no traffic in the other direction. This was surprising for Pal, the bus was not in it’s usual speed. The bus took a right turn and Pal was not expecting it while taking turn he saw a big quell of truck, he just rushed to conductor asking why this turn was taken. Conductor told that the traffic is jam and we need to take a diverted route, else we wont reach on time, the bridge on that route is damaged and all the buses are taking this route. Bus tottered for half an hour and came to complete halt. Half passenger were awake and half of them asleep. Pal got down and what he saw in front of his eye was shocking. The river was roaring and it was overflowing the bridge. The colour of water was muddy and the gush of water could have engulfed anything that tried to cross it. Another delay and in the mid of nowhere, Pal watched the site patiently and saw a huge quell of bus growing behind him. Suddenly a guy appeared who happens to be from same bus and said “Hi I am Sunny, we are travelling by same bus do you have any idea how far are we from our destination? I need to be there by afternoon 12 do you think we can make it by then?”
This is a difference that you see when 2 guys chat and a guy and a gal chat. Pal replied in a polite manner “Hello Sunny Pal here and it all depends on how we cross this bridge and how we manage to get across it also depends on if the weather does not open we might face such problem again, and I am not sure how many such bridges we will encounter on this diverted route, we are still 150km from our destination and this diverted route would add another 40km, so to be safe I don’t see any hope that we would make it by 12. I would request that you inform your office people that you won’t be able to make it”. Sunny quiet delighted and happy to hear that, he just made a call and inform the person at the other end that it’s a traffic jam here and he wont be able to reach at workplace by 12.

The picture was not clear yet and eagerness in passenger to grow. How will the passenger manage this delay would there be any retaliation for not making it to their destination on time? What do you now think will happen between Pal and anu? Will Meenakshi continue the same way? Do keep guessing and let me know what will happen next. Awaiting your comments and your ideas on how things will move on.

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