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Dear all

After taking you to a long journey in 5 episode series here is a short and simple one, all these days what I tried was to bring to you a character of Pal, in this story I aim to bring in the other counterpart of Pal’s story, well no reward for guessing it would be Nadia. So let me take you through one of her encounter before Pal died, and thats when I would give you a chance to judge that am I really gender biased? To all those who were patient in my 5 episode series and read it out completely here is a short one to refresh your senses. It is another weekend time and Saturday evening were suppose to be Nadia and Pal together but this time Pal was away and Nadia was at home getting bored, she then receives a call from Ria her friend, she was tensed and Nadia was the one who use to listen to her carefully.

Ria: Nadia want to talk to you urgently
Nadia: Ya please honey but tell me did you buy that dress? ( gals are always more worried about dress than the actual worry surrounding them.)
Ria: No darling, my idiot boy friend did not go with me and so when I went after a week it was sold out, (guys don’t worry its usual, you always get the blame for being dull and lazy) so missed it.
Nadia: Its okkie dear so how about we have dinner together and then we can talk.
Ria: Sure what a great idea so you mean to say that you are coming to my house? Dont tell me we are going out to eat? (Guys please note if you want to meet a gal you have to spend but you should understand what I mean to say, a bitter reality but very true.)
Nadia: Come on Ria today is my turn I am cooking for you honey just get your stuff and we will have a good night out.
Ria: Wow thats a great idea, it’s been long we didn’t had a talk, this night out would give us a chance to spend some good time and have some chit chat ( a chit chat means gossips if guys have any confusion)

Within couple of hours Ria was with Nadia, Nadia had cooked boiled vegetables and tasty soup along with mixed salad. (Gals do eat this cause they need to keep themselves fit). Ria was on the door and Nadia opened to see her friend on doors. Ria with a big smile said oh Nadia you look so amazing dear and dear o dear you have maintained yourself very well.( This is a gal’s way of complimenting each other and telling each other that how good they know each other and how good friends they are)
Nadia with same joy and smile said Ria don’t just compliment me its you who keeps inspiring me. (Its needless to say that Ria was gal who was fitness freak and worried a lot to be in shape, and when gals are in good shape you can easily understand some guy would be around this gal).

They had a nice dinner and they kept talking about other gals and guys, you see the usual gossip after the dinner the gals were together and were sitting comfortably on bed and thats when Nadia asked about what is wrong, what is it that is keeping Ria tensed? Ria’s expression changed all of sudden.
Nadia knew that it was something serious otherwise a fun loving gal like Ria would not be so tensed.

Nadia: Look we know each other from years so you can tell me whats wrong.
Ria: Well Nadia I don’t know this thing called being in relationship $u@ks big time, its a big time pain dear, but I don’t know would you be in able to understand this, you have been so against this thing called love, you have always believed in living life peacefully so just wanted to sit with you and talk but not on this cause i know I will end up getting scolding from you, so let it go.
Nadia: (With a witty smile) Ria actually the thing is you still can tell me (with changed experession)
Ria: (With an OMG expression and state of shock) Nadia do you mean to say …. Nadia nodded
Oh My God and you didn’t bother to tell me about this? How? When and who is he?
Nadia: (with a shy expression and nervousness) Ria he is Pal and he works in BMW we just met during a football match both of us are MAN U fans and he use to look out for me in office which use to scare me but later I found that he was scared of me and he is kind of funny but cute.
Ria: Since when and what did he say that you changed your mind?
Nadia: I always believed in not to fall in trap called love but its the look in the eyes of that guy that made me to forget all my concept, there was something in that guy that just kept pulling me and thats when I fell for her, its been 3 months since than but I don’t know Ria would I be able to get along with him. He is very different ( when a love story begins every guy is different and unique in himself which diminishes over period of time thats law of diminishing return in love, and guys don’t worry whenever gals are confused like this it means they are ready to take whatever risk it takes to go beyond the limit in their commitment for you, so just keep an eye on this statement if the catalyst you used tells you this statement it means she will do anything for you)
Ria (even more excited, happy and curious like a child kept enquiring Nadia) after couple of hours when Nadia was done with telling all the story she asked now tell whats your problem?
Ria: (with confidence and pain replied) Its my boyfriend Prasana, when we started he had all the time in the world for me we use to have quiet good time and you remember in college he use to see me off till the hostel every night but during last 5-6 months it seems she has lost interest in me and she does not give me as much time as we use to have in the past.
Nadia: Its been 1.5 yrs since you left the college Ria and I would like to ask you something did your role in your job not change in last 5-6 months? Did you not feel a change in your lifestyle.
Ria: Well my working hours are 10-8 but usually i come back by 9 and Prasana’s working hours are 6 to 3-4 and when I come back I get free by 10:30 with dinner and everything.
Nadia: So when do you get time for each other? (which was actually a good question)
Ria: We get time only on Sundays and holidays but he does not feel like talking to me at all like he use to do earlier and that’s what is worrying me. ( Guys this is a stupid question don’t you think so?)
Nadia: Well its just cause your office hours clash and you have not spent time together and I am sure if you devote time for each other things would get sorted out, there is nothing to worry, Prasana is a good guy its just that job responsibility has taken a toll of him and thats why you are getting insecure.
Ria: Do you think I am getting insecure?
Nadia: (patiently) Ria can you tell me what Prasana said to you when he proposed you?
Ria: Nadia don’t you what guys say? It was just another way of Saying I Love you.
Nadia: Did he say that?
Ria: Off course.. that is why I said a big yes to her.
Nadia: Do you know what that means?
Ria: What what means Nadia? Why confusing me with your indirect questions can you tell me what you want to say in short and sweet words I am getting confused.
Nadia: When you say I love you the 3 key alphabets are I, V and U. To say and mean I Love You means keeping V in between I and U.
Ria: (slightly confused) Nadia can you please keep yourself precise I am not able to digest this.
Nadia: To keep V between I and U means to give the highest weightage to V without spoiling the identity of either I or U. If you start giving weightage to either of them you are going to end up in trouble, and you will lose the essence of the most beautiful line you ever came across in your life.
Ria: Nadia I am surprised you are saying this, you who never believed in love, anyways please let me know what is going wrong in my case?
Nadia: Ria why don’t you understand this simple thing that you are not able to give time to each other and that is why you are feeling a bit distant from Prasana
Ria: The thing is now a days he is more busy with his office colleague Parul, he has no time for me.
Nadia: Do you really think the relation which you made in last 2.5 years could be spoiled by an office collegue, I wonder how can you think this way? Did you ever tell Prasana about this confusion that you have in your mind? Did you find anything unusual going between both of them?
Ria: No but office people say a lot of things about both of them and you are right I haven’t had a word about Parul with Prasana, but why will he accept even if something is between them also.
Nadia: First thing first Ria how can you forget that when you were in college, people use to say a lot about me and Prasana as well does that mean there was something going between me and him? Secondly this is what I meant by putting V in between I and U, what you are doing now is giving more weightage to I, think about the good time and relation both of you have been through you will get the answer that will Prasana cheat on you or not. Its V who make you together and makes the relation very special. So think again my dear and think smart your answer is right in front of you dear.
Ria: Nadia I really need to meet Pal now and tell him that he is lucky to have you and what he is doing is not good, one should not change a person so much that their friend find it hard to believe that they were once upon a time friend with same person.
Nadia: (with a laugh) I don’t know what he did but all I know is “ Love is a moment that lasts forever” Its something that has capability to turn around you and your world with its one gentle touch.

By this time it was 5 in the morning and Ria decided to talk to Prasana and tell him how good she feels when he is around and how much special he makes her feel and asked Prasana to take her for a long drive this weekend.

Sometimes knowing the meaning of what you say is not easy, but when you realise the true meaning of your words, its then you start enjoying and seeing the world from a different lens. Hope you enjoyed the blog…Please let me know through comments


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यह यादें … यह यादें कितनी हसीं होती है …

कभी खट्टी तौ कभी नमकीन होती है

इंसान यादो के साए में ही तौ रहता है

कभी यादो पर हस्त है तौ कभी रोता है

स्कूल में आये तौ बत्च्पान की यादें

कॉलेज पहुचे तौ स्कूल की यादें

काम करने लगे तौ कॉलेज की यादें …

यह यादो का जंगले कितना घना होता है ……

कभी बोलता है तौ कभी खामोश होता है

दिल को चीर कर भावनाओ को खोल देता है

दूर हो कर भी दिल के तार जोड़ देता है..

हिचकी आये तौ याद करा है कितनी आसानी से बोल देता है…

इंसान आज में कल को धुन्ड़ता है और कल में आज को

इन यादो का हिसाब भी कितना अजीब होता है…

एक आशिक को अपनी महबूबा की याद आती है….

तौ एक सिपाही को अपने घर का आँगन याद आता है

यह यादें एक माँ को अपने बेटे से सपनो में जोड़ जाती है..

कभी जो बोली थी वो बात याद आती है

तौ कभी जो लड़ी थी उसकी शुरुआत याद आती है

कभी जो बीत गए उन लम्हों की याद आती है

तौ कभी जो खो गया है उसकी याद सताती है

तौ खामोश कवी की आँखों में चुप चाप आंसू लाती है

इन् यादो के साए में ही तौ इंसान रहता है..

यह यादें दिल के कितने पास होती है ….

दिल कुछ भी कहे पर यह यादें बाड़ी ख़ास होती है

ठहरे पानी की तरह एक दम साफ़ होती है

अम्बर में बिखरे बादल की तरह कुछ दूर कुछ पास होती है

अपने हे साए की तरह हमारे साथ होती है

एक आस हो कर भी एक ख़ास एहसास होती है…

हासे थे जिन बातो पर उनका लिबास होती है

कभी न ख़तम होने वाला इन्तेजार होती है

यह यादें चाहे जैसी भी हो पर दिल के बहुत पास होती है

ना होते हुए भी हमारे साथ होती है!!!

यह यादें कुछ ख़ास होती है ……….!!

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हादसों की भीड़ में एक दिन बन कर रह गया

ना दिल समझा ना हम समझे

एक अधूरे पन्ने सा दिल में बस कर रह गया

वो सुबह का सूरज थे मद्धे मद्धे

किरणों की महिम्गी देख कर दिल सोचता रह गया

उस कारवां में और क्या जताते

बस एक पल था ओस की तरह दिल में बस कर रह गया

उस मंजर को हम काश बयां कर पाते

नजरो में क़ैद हो कर हमारे दिल में बस कर रह गया

जुबान पर आते आते वो फिर बेजुबान सा रह गया….

हवाओ के खेल में हम कही उड़ पाते

पर दिल हमारा किनारे पे बंधी कश्ती की तरह रह गया

वो उठती लहरों में हम धुल जाते

पर मौज सा उठ कर अल्फाजो में जम कर रह गया

वो दिन फिर हमारे दिल को छु कर कागज पे रह गया…!!!!

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Dear all

Welcome back after a long long time this break was even longer but trust me it was not deliberate. A long silence definitely promises something big and yes this story offers something big. Something which neither you nor I would expect could happen!!

Pal who worked in BMW in Pune now shifted to Gurgaon in Mercedes of India limited (MIL). The shift of place brought some changes in Pal’s life and one of them was his craze for football he was able to meet a group which was a MAN-U fan and they use to meet all weekends to watch the EPL matches, a social get together as you all know is full of opportunity to meet new people. Pal got to meet some new friends some from Bengal some from Luckhnow and so on… It was match against MANcity where in Pal came late and his group was expected in another 15 mins as the place was full there was a small table at the corner, the view would not be that great of the screen but as long as you can see, you can feel the game…what do you say guys??

So he took the seat and noted that a gal in the group, you hardly get to see females in India having craze for this sport but as it was a top notch game she came in, to tell you she was really hot. Now don’t expect anything in the match cause guys when its football match even the beautiful girl cant take you away from the classic encounter. A couple of days later Pal found the same gal in her office and this was amazing, like the alchemist quote “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” Well like always Pal follows the gal, she was in HR and she joined in recently as an office Trainee in the company. He used all the contacts in that department he came to know that the gal named NADIA. Such was the magic of this gal that pal use to follow him madly. During lunch or during any visit he use to select the route so that he could see NADIA. A glimpse of eye or a long stare at her use to make pal happy, he use to wait everyday at lunch just to get glimps of NADIA. So this continued for months and after 3 months on 20th October Pal had to stay back in office late, and he really had a stressed out day.

He went to coffee vending machine just to grab a cup of coffee and finds another hand coming up on the machine, he turned his eyes to find it was NADIA, the hot coffee freezed in Pal’s hand and he became statue of liberty and Pal could not just stop staring at Nadia. Nadia in turn noted this and she was pretty much annoyed but such was Nadia’s magic that he could barely stop thinking. Pal kept staring until he was struck by a tight slap on his cheek and it was from none other than NADIA. Pal’s dream was soon thrashed and he was back in reality and the slap made him fall on feet and he realised that if Nadia complained to any HR manager his career would be screwed and he would be kicked out of MIL. He was literally crying and begging for mercy. He was on his knees and asking Nadia to forgive him and this is what he said “I wont stare at you from now on, but its just that you are too beautiful that I cant take my eyes away and since the first meet in club I wanted to talk to you spend time with you my intentions were not wrong but I really never had courage to say this to you ever.”

Nadia with a silent smiled and a rude and angry face said no way I really need to get you kicked and get you screwed there is no other way by which you wont change. Pal knew that if women say something men would always be culprit and if she said anything to manager he would be kicked and his career is over. So Pal grabbed her feet and was begging for mercy. Nadia was enjoying, why do gals enjoy such situations?? She then said “ I would only let you go only at one condition if you take a pledge now along and promise that you will follow each and every word of it.

To this Pal agreed and immediately stood up and said what’s the pledge i am ready to take it now only. But promise you wont complain anything to HR managers. To which she agreed. But in an angry tone said “Who the hell asked you to stand up? on your knees right now!! And dare you think you will get away this easy, this is what you think about gals?? Don’t you have family??” Dare you stand up on your knees.

She brought a birthday candle and lighted it, she held Pals hand and kept it over the burning candle and hold the hand and said repeat after me what i say..

Nadia: I pledge that
Pal: I pledge that
Nadia: I would always be honest, sincere and would never think rubbish.
Pal: I would always be honest, sincere and would never think rubbish.
Nadia: I would never stare at other gals
Pal: I would never stare at other gals
Nadia: I would respect gals and they would be like my sisters
Pal: I would respect gals and they would be like my sisters.
Nadia: And would love you forever like this.
Pal: And would love you forever like this.

After this Pal’s hand was left and Pal was happy that he is safe now and his career is safe now he said thanks to Nadia and said I really appreciate that you forgive me. But he suddenly realised that what he took pledge and he was just shocked and for 2 min Pal just couldn’t believe that what he took as pledge and when he realised he was excited and he was jumping around and Nadia burst into laughter and Pal was dancing like mad, again Nadia slapped Pal. This time Pal just couldn’t realise what wrong did he do? Nadia said “Idiot never does a gal take a first step, its guy who must come and speak their heart out and you like a fool did nothing for 3 damn months, what sort of dumb head are you?? Pal to this question had no reply the only thing that was in his mind was that he proposed a gal and he is in love. He still couldn’t realise what Nadia said and he just kissed Nadia. Nadia was surprised to see what Pal did! Pal then said “I never knew this but you did the most wonderful thing of my life and I would always keep my pledge”. Both of them were so happy and both of them hugged each other and so finally my hero Pal who never got his love got his love. So my friend is committed now.

Everything has been written by the same hands and the future belongs to God, and it is only he who reveals it, under extraordinary circumstances. But when I called Pal on 19th December what I got to know was even more surprising and this is what I came to know:

On 17th December Pal and Nadia went on a bike ride, and Pal loved Nadia’s hair so he gave his helmet to Nadia to cover her hairs and enjoy the ride without worrying for hairs, it was close to 10 p.m. at night and while taking a left turn from sector 15 to highway Pal got hit by a range rover and the collision was so hard that Nadia flew to near by heap of sand and Pal went out and thrashed in Rangerover’s mirror. The driver was a son of a rich builder and Pal died on the spot. That night the driver had a break up and was drunk to his limits and was going back home in fully drunk condition. Nadia was safe and didn’t suffer any injury but what she saw took her life away. She just couldn’t believe that person whom she loved so madly and the person who in these 3 months changed her life is no more.

Sometimes fate has its own face and Pal who never use to drive without helmet did the most unusal thing and lost his life saving his love’s life. This is how my friends my hero, my champ lost his life for not wearing helmet, the rich builder’s son is free and still drinks and drives on Indian roads. I don’t know how many more Pal will get killed like this ? Nadia is still in a state of shock and still could not believe that she didn’t get an injury while Pal died then and there itself, she still can see she flying away and Pal flying in opposite direction and the separation between them became so large that now they are separated by life and death.

I pay my tribute to my hero my star Pal who inspired me to write so good blog without him I have no clue what I am going to write? I still cant believe how can god be so rude on a person? May his soul rest in peace…. It would be great if you pay your tribute to Pal with your own comments.

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9th hour

Life gives you very rare opportunity to have fun and when you have given your heart and soul for 928 working days you expect something good isn’t it. Well I am talking about job, your workplace where you spend minimum 33.33% of your day. So my this story is dedicated to all those who resigned. Although I wont present you an account of 927 days but just an account of one day that mattered to me the most. My coming story is an account of last 9 hours before resignation. My hero Pal did a fabulous job her also.

Day: -1

As usual another day at office swipe your card before 8:30 and make your presence felt in company. After all this is the most important work that we do in our company, of course the only work for which we keep good terms with boss :D. The only difference between every day and today was Pal knew very well it’s the day before the D day and he has to keep his cool for one more day. After having morning breakfast and the work load sharing it was Pal time to just fix the priority and work accordingly. He was in no mood to work but he knew very well that the only day he needs to show he is working is today.

Its 9:30 A.M. like always boss calls up pal and asks him regarding the work. Gives him tons of work and asks him to finish in a days time. Pal happily accepted all of them. Going against Pal’s own will he did what he could do the best put all the work in no man’s land. Putting work in no man’s land means give a status where the work cant get progress until and unless some powerful agent gives a nice kick behind you. Pal knew very well if he survives today and nothing goes wrong today he has done it. By lunch he comes to know that another meeting by big boss is scheduled at 3:00 P.M. This was for “Cook Book” a book that will never come in existence.

A book which can help designer and can be a single point data book. The good thing was Pal had no role in the first edition of release but had a major role in second release. So Pal was very happy and was enjoying the day. At 3 every one was pulled to the big boss office and like the big boss music in the reality show, guys who love to be boss’s pet came and started singing time management tunes and how significant bigboss’s time is… Poor bigboss unaware that these pets could kill him if they don’t get what they want at the time of appraisal. The appraisal could come anyday any time, so till the time it does not come the battle in office does not begins. The unique spicy big boss is the king and all the pets are his blind followers. The meeting begun with a good tone and a feel good factor question.

Bigboss: What do u think about appraisals?

Pet1: It should be good we should get good grades and lots of promotions..!! (Poor pet un aware that good grades and promotion does not come for free and for services provided in last 3 months weighs less then 9 months of relaxation in work.)

Bigboss: How much promotion do you expect?

Pal: depends on your generosity sir

Bigboss ( shocked a bit) : But still?? ( trying to know expectations of the people)

Bhaiya ji: Sir we have 4 promotions this year. ( With full confidence he told the name also; bhaiya ji is our secret agent who drives all appraisal information from SAP system and his info are authentic)

Bigboss: (Taken by shock) Is this the best received by dept so far? And are you all happy??

Pal: Sir this is not the best , the best so far is 6 promotions, more so satisfaction is relative index sir, no one is ever satisfied.

Bigboss: ( he could smell the rebel within) Pal why don’t you tell what your role was in this book??

Pal: Nothing sir, my role is major in second edition where we need to project process and process details.

Bigboss: (how can I screw this bastard) Pal whats your expectations from this appraisal?

Pal: Nothing sir, I am more then happy with what I have?

Bigboss: Don’t you wish to get good grades? Pal: No sir, promotion and grades come automatically, I just expect a hike in salary of 10-12k…!! ( This automatically meant I need promotion).

Bigboss: Arent you expecting too much?

Pal: You asked for expectations, not the actual reality, that’s why I said no one can be ever satisfied.

The discussion then moved towards the significant work done in last one month and all the pets started swagging there tail and blabbering every small bit of work. For next one hour every one proved that how smart worker rather than hard worker they are…!!

The meeting ended motivational lecture from bigboss , he knew very well that nothing significant has been done by anyone so he emphasized on monthly report just to keep a track of significant developments. Before the meeting ended he asked, Whats a scapegoat?

Bigboss: Pal you tell whats a scapegoat?

Pal: (he knew very well what bigboss wanted) sir no comments, but its given in Economic times paper yesterdays article on third last page!! ( Bigboss expcects everyone to read ET everyday and pal knew this very well and did his homework smartly 😉 few mins before meeting.

But Pal had grudge and he wanted to pay it back, he gave a skeptical smile and went away).


Another day but Pal was more then happy today he knew the day has arrived. After finishing morning meeting my boss called me for follow up.

Look boss, we have been the rebel for bigboss we have fought hard to make ourself heard, I find it hard to fight now and I think we should do as our boss says, Pal nodded the head and said ok sir. So please make the presentation of our significant work. Within 15 mins (Pal’s standard time to come back to boss if the work is in no man’s land) he came back with 2 sheets to boss’s cabin. Boss was happy excellent Pal you did a great job you are getting quick these days if you carry on like this no one can stop you from getting promoted next year. Pal interrupted and said mine was due this year but it seems I am not given what I deserve? Boss: Dude promotion is a big thing it comes with lot of pain but I assure you, this time you will get good grade a B or a B+. So B+ve…

Pal handed the 2 paper and showed it to boss. Boss read the content and could not find any significant work in this except the title which read: “Resignation letter for Pal”. Boss read the 2 sheets again and again and looked at pal. Pal don’t take decision in haste, you didn’t bother to inform me and you are doing like this? Whats this dear?

Pal: I am done sir, I am done with this department!!

Boss: Look dear you could have discussed with me atleast once or could have told me in advance so that I could plan for your substitute!!

Pal: You only said bigboss matter the most so its better I discuss this with bigboss!!!

Boss: (Totally annoyed) He is not here today and wont come today, so submit it on Monday!!

Pal: Sir keep it with you I don’t want to change dates of my resignation!! Have a great weekend sir , I would like to take a half day leave today.

Boss had no words to say and so did Pal…

What happened on Monday was just formalities and post matron of the action. Like boss said one day your attitude matters most in the company, Pal failed to show it till the time he was in company but could present a solid attitude after he resigned.

After that Pal changed his desktop and put a lion photo with a caption: ” I work for money if you want loyality hire dogs ” .

Sometimes i wonder how attitude changes with confidence… hope it gives lot of confidence to people who resign.

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Okiie here we go with another story. But this time it’s not a story, in fact it’s a conversation and before I start let me make a clear disclaimer.

Disclaimer: All the characters in this episode are unreal and fiction, any similarity would just be considered a coincidence. The following conversation is not to hurt any ones feeling but to make readers laugh. The contents are copyrighted and should not be copied anywhere without the permission of author.

So here we go with our AB Baby. Recent days Pal was in touch with a new friend AB, to introduce you about AB he is a big time flirt, a big Casanova, and with an innocent look on his face, he manages to impress as many gals as he can. Now let me present to you the epilogue of this conversation. AB is always on mobile; Pal even forgets the name of gal to whom he talks but AB has a special friend “Baby”. The moment baby calls him he leaves all work and talks with baby. The worst part is both of them have silence mobile. I don’t need to tell you all what silence offers, and still if you are curious here it is (free calling from night 11 to morning 6 day time calling to 1 number at 50paise/min.).

 So the situation is both of them had a fight at night and now AB is in office. Sitting at his place he is with pal, (AB really looking sleepy and looking at mobile again and again)

Pal: AB looking upset, whats the matter??

AB: Dear I had a fight with baby; I really don’t understand why gals behave so odd on such small things.

(Guys always think that things are always small on which girls’ fight, hope gals agree with me)

 Pal: Now what’s that small thing over which you had fight?

 (off course Pal is the social problem solver, how can he be unaware about this one?)

AB: She says you don’t care for me!! Actually we had talk for around 1 hr and then I slept automatically and since I keep my mobile in silent mode so that my roommate does not get disturbed, I could not realize when I slept and how many missed call she gave. When I called her in the morning she was angry.

Pal: Okie at what time did you sleep

AB: I don’t know but we started talking at around night 1 when she came from movie and then from mobile I found that we had a talk for about 1hr 30 mins and after that mobile got disconnected automatically. There were 156 missed calls.

 Pal: God you sleep like kumbhakaran!! Why couldn’t you wake up even after so many calls??

 AB: Dude my mobile was on silent mode.

Pal: At what time did you sleep night before that??

 AB: I slept at 4!!

Pal: And how do you manage to come to office on time then?

AB: Dude I manage the sleep in office.

 (That’s why people are not so efficient at work god damn these silence mobile people poor company TMW suffers)

 Pal: No wonder why you look dizzy. But dude if you talk so late then you can afford to sleep early one day.

(pal cursing silence mobile again for spoiling a poor guys routine, and ruining life. Why do they don’t keep any offer for day time to call free?? Poor AB)

Suddenly a sound ooo jane jana dono jaha …(AB’s mobile ringtone)

AB: Sorry pal its baby, need to talk to her

Pal: Okkie dear go ahead…!! (What else can Pal say)

AB: Hi Baby: I am not going to talk to you

(pal thinking , then why the hell this gal called AB, and more so such a shameless gal no hi, no hello, anyways it’s a typical girlish attitude).

 AB: dear I said I am really sorry.

Baby: You don’t have a curtsey to call a gal and say sorry to gal

AB: Dear I called you in the morning after you kept the phone again but you just said shut up and kept the phone.

 (Gals so rude of you, cant you be a bit kind on guys)

 Baby: So what how many missed call I gave you in night and you just 2 calls, cant you call again?? Cant you see I am angry with you??

 (Pal again thinking gals always fighting for right to equality, I suppose the guys should follow the right to equality, but when gals don’t follow this rule they are not the culprit, its guys who are meant to wait)

AB: Sorry dear, I had to leave for office!!

Baby: Oh you big time liar at 6 you had to go to office??

( Pal again thinking, it seems gals forget that when both of them talk they don’t talk for 10-15 mins they talk for hrs and when will poor guy get ready, and more so a guy waking at 6, Hats off AB, guys are supposed to get ready for office in 5 mins , on contrary gals can take hrs )

 AB: Dear I know but in the morning I was not feeling well at all

 (Oh!! The biggest weapon in the armor of guys, and forgot to tell you AB was telling about the hot gal who comes for jogging in the morning and how he follows that gal everyday)

Baby: Oh dear!! Now I am even more angry cant you tell me last night?

(Gals caring heart!! So sweet)

 AB: Dear I know you care for me but you see you also came from a long journey, so I didn’t want to give you tension.

 (Liar, liar big time liar)

Baby: No wonder why you didn’t woke up after so many calls also, but if you could have told me I wouldn’t have worried, I was awake the whole night; I thought you were drunk today.

 (Remainder AB does not drink, but gals always suspect guys for this, Poor AB, and why do gals have to be so skeptical about guys?)

AB: Dear you know I don’t drink? Baby: But you had a lid of brandy a night before, didn’t you??

AB: That was cause I really had a sour throat that night and I was not able to talk to you also.

 Baby: So what you drunk?? Cant you take any other cough syrup?

 (Gals don’t you know that the cough syrup you have contains the same and a lid of brandy is recommended by doctors to cure sore throat)

 AB: It was night 11 dear and no medical shop was open my friends just recommended a small lid and I felt good after that.

 Baby: Today you were done with a lid, tomo you will be done with a whole bottle, I mean you guys can never change.

 AB: (a bit irritated) no dear nothing like that, if that has to happen I would have changed since the college days only, pls try to understand dear.

 Baby: Okie okkie but promise me that you will never get caught in such a bad habit again.

 AB: I promise dear, I will never get involved in habit of drinking.

(Ah such a sentimental seen, pal started crying).

 Baby: I am again angry with you again!!

(Oppps!! The loop goes again, a vicious whirlpool)

 AB: (banging head against the wall, yet politely) oh dear now what crime have I done?? I want to see you happy tell me what’s making you angry?

Baby: Oh!! As if you don’t know I told you yesterday night!!

AB: ya you told me something but let me think what it is!!

(Looking pal with amazement) (Pal laughing out aloud and was really enjoying that moment. Pal thought how one can remember what she said when AB slept so soon.)

 Baby: you really don’t love me at all!!

 AB: No dear nothing like it “TI AMO” {I love you}

 All of sudden someone came walking upstairs and calling AB’s name. AB at first didn’t even noticed cause it was time to go time in romance. But when the guy at the other end came and sat on his head, unfortunately it was AB’s boss.

 AB said to baby “CAPO e’ QUI”{It means boss is here in Italian}

 and kept the phone the boss asked some rubbish question to which AB was not at all interested to answer. So he nodded everything and said

AB: Boss you asked for that report and for that report I am talking to that supplier, the concerned person is not at his place he will call me when he comes.

 All of sudden!! a sound ooo jane jana dono jaha …(AB’s mobile ringtone again)

 AB said it’s the supplier can I talk to him, Boss glad that his sincere employ so punctual and hard working, said in a smiling tone go ahead talk and pls let me know the outcome.

Pal smiling like hell just couldn’t control his laughter, because he knew it was baby again. Gals are just crazy and when they know you are in trouble they will surely do the worst mischief. The boss left and then AB again called,

 AB: hi, Baby: hello darling

(Oppps so much of love!!)

 AB: why did you give a missed call I told you boss is here.

Baby: Mi Mancava voi All of sudden AB replied but what he said was not audible.

 Hmmm it seems the talk took the most romantic turn now. The reason is pretty clear such a soft talk that it barely reaches the lovers ear and only those to can hear what they are talking not even the mobile knows what they are speaking, then how can pal know what they were talking.

AB left his seat and went to a lonely corner. It was 2 hrs before lunch.

In between Boss came again, asking for AB, to handle the situation pal said he is gone for a meeting, (God please save me from saving my poor mad friend thought poor pal). At lunch when we were going to canteen,

Pal: Spero che le mancava un sacco.

AB: (smiling came running behind) How come you know italian??

Pal: Dear you are not the lone lovers, this world is full of lovers, and whatever you talk is known to everyone.

Hope everyone agrees with me.

But after telling this complete story, I just want to ask one thing love has changed life of many, some have gone to the apex some have lost their way in life. Why does it happens some go on ultimate highs and some go too low being in love. Please let me know your views.

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Talking about office not a good thing, and if i tell u how my office is, then many faces will go down and u will think that this is a boring blog..

But trust me its one of the most fun place and u will come to know why after u read this. So my dear friends i introduce u to all my office members.Lets go from top of the pyramid. 

The top level is occupied by 2 Harry’s firstly the big boss, he keeps an eye on every one but rarely speaks, yes he is Mr. Das, below him is Mr Harry Hotter, why I called the boss as hotter, cause when he gets angry his face gets red and rarely he speaks a word, if he goes without talking to u then yes he is angry with u and if he does not talk to u then infer that he is very angry to u, and still if he does not call u for another couple of days and does not ask u to work for him then take it for granted that he is very angry with u and u have terribly messed up.


Now below this are small teams, the greatest amongst them is the suspension team, which comprises of grumbling bear, the foreign face and our favorite mango man, grumbling bear, probably the first boss who reports to his sub-ordinates, he has an imported mobile which has monophonic ring-tone and if u listen to the tone once I promise u wont like to hear it again, but poor people of dept have to hear it a million times in 1 day that’s because it rings in every 5 mins. And for next 5 mins he is on phone talking in 3 languages English, hindi, and lastly tamil, only god can make out when he changes track and switches to another language, and for next 5 mins he enquires with different people what they r doing so 15mins gone like this for next 15 mins his destination will be “pull out room” where he will either call our dear NAD or the mango man to get him out of trouble, like a small kid he will break his toy and will then expect MANGO MAN or NAD to repair the damage. The only work that this person does is follow up and u are in trouble if he calls u, in his most fanatic way, AAAREY NAD ONE SEC!!! But what ever he ask u to do never ends in one sec in fact he gives u the worst tasks to do that will take hours for completion. He always expects that u will follow up his work and give him the final report at his desk. But unfortunately never succeeded with this policy and the boss threw him out saying that u are not giving any output.

The other in list is the foreign face, who went to US and got the American “YO” touch after spending 2 months there. Now he does not talk in our national language, instead he talks in English and screws English like the Aussies are screwing up our Indian team. He makes some of the major ANNOCMETS not announcement, and always takes the responsibility but never completes it, that’s why boss complains that’s I don’t see any work from u. 

Poor Mango man has to bear the whole burden of suspension, but luckily he is having enough stiffness to create a feel good factor in suspension. He is a jolly good person and loves to celebrate life, he cant tolerate some girl calling him bhaiya, until that girl is too old. Our mango man like all others slipped on a very sticky polymer and MAROONed ALl his shirt.


The whole weight of BIW of car is taken up by NAD who sits in front of pc all day long to create something new, popularly known as Sincere BAACHA of the dept, without any work also he will be tensed, I don’t know what will he do if he gets a girl friend or gets married. The best thing about NAD is if he does any thing wrong he is blamed and even if he does not do any thing wrong he is blamed, POOR BAACHA. But now he is not overloaded, his burden is shared by his teammate, named EASTERLY, this strong wind has changed the fate of all the PG’s popularly known as PINKY known for the loud laugh, and bold nature. I really don’t understand what to say, a teacher or a partner who will teach new lessons to BAACHA and an innovative way of doing work. HOPE that poor NAD gets to learn new lessons from him.


Easterly!! Has a long list of crushes behind her, all those who went mad behind her, are haunting souls in BMW colony. May god bless all these souls!! And may these soul settle somewhere else with peace, which usually does not happens when a person gets settled, I hope u understand the point. The strong wind is also a big bakaar specialist, u can keep talking to her for as long as u want, but long talking to this girl can be dangerous, not because she will do any harm to u but because the other PG’s who are watching u will kill u when u reach colony. Sometimes silence speaks more then words, hope my silence speaks for myself. Any ways she is part of the transmission team, which comprises of PT madam who has a great vision. Now wondering what this vision is, to know the cause of failure by mere observation. She can spend hours watching one sample and think like an old pc which takes 10 mins. To open word window, I am not sure what process goes in her mind but still that’s how she works. She can spend days watching a micro structure and yet in the end fail to find what was the micro structure all about. She leads the team of transmission and that’s why transmission is at a very high speed. The only threat to PT madam is the wild bull that comes so often to threaten her.

            In this great team of transmission there is one big tall fellow named DAVE a.k.a. Apache, the cool dude loves life and likes to work when he wishes. But the biggest problem with him is he rarely changes the mother tongue, and that’s why it becomes a tough task to communicate. Loves to work when he is in mood, the only big thing about this giant is that he is ANTI- to NAD. So cant keep both of them at one place he is very ascetic, that’s the biggest quality of this person.

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