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This one is a tribute to my friend Sukhvinder!! whom we use to call  “FOSLA”. Now i dont need to tell you what FOSLA means, fosla fell in love with a gal name MONA NAIK. And what he felt he told me and while talking to this sweet freind of mine, I came up with these lines…Hope you all will like it..



In search of sleep, I tried so hard

To give running thoughts a small halt.

Running into emotions I cried so hard,

The heart fell into pieces & I shouted aloud.


But with me now was silence my friends,

An oath to wait & let this time pass again.

Things will change, my heart brings hope,

But the lone ray of hopes has fallen apart.


Waiting and waiting I am tried of myself

Loosing my patience I am out of my control.

My habit to smile has left me now and,

Comic sense has finally said to me bye-bye.


More I forget the closer I find,

Vicious whirlpool and never ending turmoil

Thoughts in my mind has made me remind,

U were never mine, U were never mine….


How can my love be just one sided

Giving you no chance and leaving u undecided

I gave you my life, I gave u my time

Searching in your heart,  that rhythm divine.


Years passed by and many days ran away

But u will come back why do I always say,

Why thoughts of leaving you leave me gray

And tears in my eyes come from no where.


Every fallen tear, carries the pain I bear

I can’t feel my wounds just don’t heal

I still respire but I lack all my desire

Without you I dream to reach no higher


From the bottom of my heart I still love you

My love this side is still waiting for you

Come hold my hand and make me alive

Insomniac and dieing now I cant survive…


Do let me know if you like it…

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