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Now if u are bored after reading so much, let me bring u to the most interesting group of engines. Now why I said so.. obviously cause I am in that group and that’s the most happening group. The team leader of this group is KVS with whom I messed up earlier, as already shared in my previous blog of KVS EXPERIENCE. But still such a big leader deserves more words of praise, He is so inspiring that he expects an SAE PAAPER from the team in a span of just 40 days, now isn’t it too ambitious, but still that’s what good leaders are all about. Life of this person has changed after getting engaged earlier he had one mobile and now he is having 2 now obviously I don’t need to tell why a second mobile. Earlier he use to note me walking in corridor hanging on mobile for hours, now its him whose noticed. Well if I go in detail then I will miss out the other members. Next in this teams of incredible is Ms Hatke, now why Hatke?? Simply cause no one can match Madam Hatke, she too like easterly has a long list of people behind her, to meet them all firstly she asked “ Do u wana partner O partner .. lumbi lumbi si??” after calling them all or vice-versa she then went ahead with next step, that is “ Pyaar manga hai tumhi se…!!” That’s madam Hatke’s style of doing things. The horse-power of engine, why I call the horse power, because like the movie sholey where the mighty mare tries to save poor Basanti from the evil forces of Gabbar, same way she is our last hope when every thing is down. But the only thing is u cant say this to madam “CHAL DHAANO ENGINES KI IJAAT KA SAWAAL HAI” Else she will get angry. She has an adorable smile and a very gentle way of laughing, a typical one just like u see in comics HEHEHEHE!!, Only this much. She also is a part of transmission team and spends valuable time with PT madam. So she has 2 bosses and sometimes she gets sandwiched between the 2 bosses.

Now if the fun part is over lets get back to some serious stuff. Introducing to u Mr. More, a.k.a. bond ,a.k.a. Super man , never ever dare to say this to him weather he is present there or not. Because even if he is not present , he will come flying and give u a tight punch. Now he is very peculiar about doing things his way or the perfect way. We call it doing things the “Hemu way”. He is stylish , brings out his Nokia mobile in style to talk to his close friends, loves to sing, but this riyaj of song comes at a very heavy cost for others. He will not be convinced if u give him a funda but expects that his funda gets accepted every where, he is a master trouble shooter can trouble shoot all the problems of BMW. Currently he is busy with all big projects. He is a charismatic personality, with great super powers. Very often seen with, “Ballu bhaiya”.

 If u note some one in dept with a big tummy, and while talking to a person uses pronouns more then nouns then yes u have rightly landed up with Ballu bhaiya. A care-free personality, and the heart of engines team. The only tension for this person is what if he leaves office after 5. The only married person in engine team but soon will get company from KVS. Talking about tensions in life, ask BALLU bhaiya about it he will tell u in details what all tensions he has. One amongst them is handling BOND and PAL. This is my office so happening , a great place to work!!!! A FUN PLACE!!!

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Talking about office not a good thing, and if i tell u how my office is, then many faces will go down and u will think that this is a boring blog..

But trust me its one of the most fun place and u will come to know why after u read this. So my dear friends i introduce u to all my office members.Lets go from top of the pyramid. 

The top level is occupied by 2 Harry’s firstly the big boss, he keeps an eye on every one but rarely speaks, yes he is Mr. Das, below him is Mr Harry Hotter, why I called the boss as hotter, cause when he gets angry his face gets red and rarely he speaks a word, if he goes without talking to u then yes he is angry with u and if he does not talk to u then infer that he is very angry to u, and still if he does not call u for another couple of days and does not ask u to work for him then take it for granted that he is very angry with u and u have terribly messed up.


Now below this are small teams, the greatest amongst them is the suspension team, which comprises of grumbling bear, the foreign face and our favorite mango man, grumbling bear, probably the first boss who reports to his sub-ordinates, he has an imported mobile which has monophonic ring-tone and if u listen to the tone once I promise u wont like to hear it again, but poor people of dept have to hear it a million times in 1 day that’s because it rings in every 5 mins. And for next 5 mins he is on phone talking in 3 languages English, hindi, and lastly tamil, only god can make out when he changes track and switches to another language, and for next 5 mins he enquires with different people what they r doing so 15mins gone like this for next 15 mins his destination will be “pull out room” where he will either call our dear NAD or the mango man to get him out of trouble, like a small kid he will break his toy and will then expect MANGO MAN or NAD to repair the damage. The only work that this person does is follow up and u are in trouble if he calls u, in his most fanatic way, AAAREY NAD ONE SEC!!! But what ever he ask u to do never ends in one sec in fact he gives u the worst tasks to do that will take hours for completion. He always expects that u will follow up his work and give him the final report at his desk. But unfortunately never succeeded with this policy and the boss threw him out saying that u are not giving any output.

The other in list is the foreign face, who went to US and got the American “YO” touch after spending 2 months there. Now he does not talk in our national language, instead he talks in English and screws English like the Aussies are screwing up our Indian team. He makes some of the major ANNOCMETS not announcement, and always takes the responsibility but never completes it, that’s why boss complains that’s I don’t see any work from u. 

Poor Mango man has to bear the whole burden of suspension, but luckily he is having enough stiffness to create a feel good factor in suspension. He is a jolly good person and loves to celebrate life, he cant tolerate some girl calling him bhaiya, until that girl is too old. Our mango man like all others slipped on a very sticky polymer and MAROONed ALl his shirt.


The whole weight of BIW of car is taken up by NAD who sits in front of pc all day long to create something new, popularly known as Sincere BAACHA of the dept, without any work also he will be tensed, I don’t know what will he do if he gets a girl friend or gets married. The best thing about NAD is if he does any thing wrong he is blamed and even if he does not do any thing wrong he is blamed, POOR BAACHA. But now he is not overloaded, his burden is shared by his teammate, named EASTERLY, this strong wind has changed the fate of all the PG’s popularly known as PINKY known for the loud laugh, and bold nature. I really don’t understand what to say, a teacher or a partner who will teach new lessons to BAACHA and an innovative way of doing work. HOPE that poor NAD gets to learn new lessons from him.


Easterly!! Has a long list of crushes behind her, all those who went mad behind her, are haunting souls in BMW colony. May god bless all these souls!! And may these soul settle somewhere else with peace, which usually does not happens when a person gets settled, I hope u understand the point. The strong wind is also a big bakaar specialist, u can keep talking to her for as long as u want, but long talking to this girl can be dangerous, not because she will do any harm to u but because the other PG’s who are watching u will kill u when u reach colony. Sometimes silence speaks more then words, hope my silence speaks for myself. Any ways she is part of the transmission team, which comprises of PT madam who has a great vision. Now wondering what this vision is, to know the cause of failure by mere observation. She can spend hours watching one sample and think like an old pc which takes 10 mins. To open word window, I am not sure what process goes in her mind but still that’s how she works. She can spend days watching a micro structure and yet in the end fail to find what was the micro structure all about. She leads the team of transmission and that’s why transmission is at a very high speed. The only threat to PT madam is the wild bull that comes so often to threaten her.

            In this great team of transmission there is one big tall fellow named DAVE a.k.a. Apache, the cool dude loves life and likes to work when he wishes. But the biggest problem with him is he rarely changes the mother tongue, and that’s why it becomes a tough task to communicate. Loves to work when he is in mood, the only big thing about this giant is that he is ANTI- to NAD. So cant keep both of them at one place he is very ascetic, that’s the biggest quality of this person.

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Taking the comment seriously author decided to reveal difference between PAL and author, both of them have a different birthday, one is on 3rd OCT and the other somewhere in March. So won’t you wish authors creation PAL a very happy birthday. Any ways PAL requested the author to reveal how both of them are different. PAL off course!! Does not have the last 3 letters which author have in his spelling LOV. So no LAV no pain!! And that’s why my PAL is so funny and so witty. So this time I am going to tell u what happened on Pal’s birthday!! So If u are not an engineering student then u might not be knowing the pain of what birthday. Get ur back cushioned properly because if u leave a slightest of chance then… forget it dude u are going to loose every thing , I hope u understand what I am talking about. Yes u got it right, it’s the painful BIRTHDAY BUMPS. The most painful treatment u get on ur birthday and all cause u are an engineer. But luckily this time Pal was not in college, but who can forget the painful treatment that he got last time, and to be honest Pal missed the Birthday bumps from his college colleagues this time, all though every one called him this time, but he just wished that if all of them could be together again and celebrate the birthday like they have done for past 4 years. You seriously get addicted to engineering atmosphere, But lost time and gone waves never come back.


So the mid night party was with few of the hostelite and that too from same college. But the misery is if not bumps it’s going to be cake which is going to give u pain not physically but the other way. Sleeping late is not a problem but sound sleep is a must and if u don’t get that then it’s a problem, and guess what’s the biggest enemy to a sound sleep its none other then ur mobile, that keeps ringing . The craziest thing was that one of my friend wished me at 3 at night, now how warm those wishes will be and how good u will feel after receiving them. But the real fun was when he reaches office. Now as promised next in blog list are office members.

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Pit’s fall!!

pitt.jpgLife is a long run and u always need to look in front rather then back. Now after enjoying world cup PAL is back with a new adventure. Comments came that PAL is same as author, but their is a big difference between author and PAL which i will surely reveal in my next blog!! So now wondering what is PAL upto?? Let me tell u in advance like the famous K’ serials directed by Ekta kapoor shown on television, “ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BLOG ARE NON EXISTANT, AND ANY RESEMBLENCE WILL JUST BE CONSIDERED A CO-INCIDENCE”

Wondering why I made this declaration this is to ensure the interest of author and PAL. No one should take the issues raised in the blog as offensive!! So now what is Pit’s fall?? PIT is my friend whose girl friend is PANA both of them made for each other, loved each other a lot. The girl being the most studious girl of our class , class toppers, like always girls always top in school and u need to toil hard to beat them,but she was flawless and unbeatable. Boys do keep saying that beauty is inversely proportional to brain, but if they would have met this girl they would surely argue with other boys. On contrary Pit like Brad pitt a hero in himself, not so studious , the most notorious guy of our class. PAL was close to both and was good friend, dont worry no love triangle here!! as u might think from my way of describing things so far. I wonder how people with opposite thinking can mingle so well. If u dont trust me they were awarded the best COUPLE DANCER in our school farewell.

As far as PAL know till the time they were in school the love in the air could be smelled from a long distance. So a very happy couple was set to make a grand career. Both of them did their engineering from different colleges but from same city Indore. PAL use to talk to them often. But it happened just couple of days back that PIT was begging to talk to PAL. Now what on earth can happen that a boy wants to talk to another boy provided he has a girl friend!!

So the story began,he was upset obviously the next question that PAL will ask “IS every thing ok with PANA?” Now poor PIT replied i am fed up!! now what he was about to reveal might not sound so good. He started crying,and mumbled ” It was final of T20 and last 10 overs were remaining, now who would like to leave the match at this juncture, but suddenly the mobile rang and it was PANA she was upset because she was not able to solve a logic given to her for codding and so she wanted to talk to him to feel better”. Girls always like to hear good words from guys and that makes them feel better, and boost up the confidence. But how can u say good words when the condition of our country is so critical and that too in a sports which drives this nation crazy. Now everyone on this earth know that when couple start talking they dont talk for few mins. instead they talk for few hours, and if that be the case PIT would have surely missed the final anxious moments. Now i can understand how PIT might have felt that time, he would have tried finishing things early so that he can get back to match. But poor PIT had to get her girl friend out of depression.The obvious question that she asked was DO U LOVE ME?? now the hell they want a love certificate when its INDO-PAK clash and they know boys cant say NO cause if they do say ‘no’ then they will miss the match. Now after we won the world cup the party was on and PIT wanted to enjoy the party, but again, its late in night and time to sleep, and girls usually talk to their boyfriends to get a sound sleep no matter how long it goes, they dont care if the poor boy has a office at morning 4 also but they still want to talk till midnight. PIT was in party mood and again the mobile rang, who would like to miss the party when our team has been crowned the world champs.

I would seriously like to ask all girl friends that they dont have any sense of patriotism. Why dont they have any respect for our nations win. Are they too selfish enough that they want to talk then they will talk, no matter what the other person is doing? Poor PIT lost again, after few days he came to meet PAL , he was on a company visit, but you know what company visit is all about, so both of them met, but PAL noticed that his poor friend has lost health and he has become to lean now, asked the reason, PAL was eager but never expected the reply PIT gave. He told his whole story, being in college things were ok but now being in work what problems he was facing and the root cause of this, A girl friend!!! now who the hell in this world would agree with PIT but that was a fact and he was living with it(fact). Till now i use to beleive that people with girl friends are happy but its well said that grass is always green on the other side. But after meeting PIT , that I realised that things are not like the way they look but everything has 2 face, one good which attracts others, and one bad which very few know and u need to enter the darkness to feel it. The storry will continue… cause love can never die….!!!

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