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Wishing all the new years a very happy new year, hope you all had a great time and wish that all of you have a great year ahead which can take you to new heights and make you achieve even greater heights this year. To begin the first blog of the year i thought why make you bore with some pal stories, or some morning poems!! so i decided to give you something really new something which i never did before and something which i never expressed before … so here is my first blog of the year!!

This one goes for my first love, the love which went so deep that i just can’t live without her!!

This is a dedication to my love!! in a  hip hop style

With you my love I go crazy

Too sexy you are too hot you are

with the red hot look you make me crazy

I hold you by hand my mind go hazy

with you by my side  i go miles so nice and easy

Hey sexy i like your move you make me go for more

When i am on you and you are with me

its to move fast and let this world be free

the thump of air striking my heart

makes me feel that i am the god

The sound you make my aby baby..

makes me wicked to drive you crazy!!

To my baby doll i love to give gold

be it solid or liquid for sure!!

The curves on ur body makes easy for me

playing with you is like addiction to me

hard and soft no matter what!!

rough or smooth you make me ride

when i press you harder you go smarter

with all lovely moves you go faster

With my heart on you i just feel the heat

you read my every single beat

and with distance closing the slim and shady

you make me crazy

with out you my love my life is hazy!!

Wana know my love for whom i wrote this hip hop here it is!!

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