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I wish..

Oh I wish I could live that life again
Flying through the sky and facing the wind
Sitting by the sea and watching the setting sun
Oh I wish I could live that life again

A night that was the one sitting and waiting for sun
Living the moment yet not speaking to one
Oh my heart my heart that beat
Oh I wish I could let it come out and show its beat
Holding the hand and soaking that heat
Oh I wish I could live that life again

So when the sun came the journey began
Your sunken eyes were half asleep then
Passing you the comfort a journey that was
Oh I wish I could have taken the jerks away
Waking you up was a crime for me
Yet letting you sleep and let time go wasn’t acceptable to me
Oh I wish I could live that life again

The talk of the tale where lips were sealed
The words were exchanged but silence was roaring
I was so joyous I couldn’t explain if only I had words
Oh I wish I could live that life again
Oh I can only wish



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We live, we die, we see, we enjoy,

life is a journey we should enjoy,

its has joy it has pain, it can be insane

we love we hate, we are happy we are sad

A day, a month an year and we are here

Life keeps passing by and the age that defy

I know I am aging its the this feeling that’s caging

I want to set it free but its still within me

the notion of this time those feeling so divine

still reside within me, I thought it was time

but those feelings are not sublime

I know I am ageing with every season facing

I am with myself hoping to see that view

Alas its life and time has passed by

I wish I could be true and don’t miss those blues

but reality is bitter and doesn’t make you better

may be one day I could go back in time

and may be then I will be fine

Its a riddle that does not die

with time passing by I wonder what it is

or may be its just me or may be its just me….


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The liable

Dear all it has been long so thought posting something different, welcome back to a new story.

 As Winston Churchill once said “The price of greatness is responsibility. ” Here is something that will talk about responsibility.

Well when you don’t write for long this is what you suffer with, an anxiety and weird ideas. To be honest as an engineer we are blessed with the most wiered of ideas. After all 4 years of last minute job and using the rest of the time for no use has some fruitful returns and one of the biggest one is innovation and innovative thinking. IF you don’t trust me ask yourself and if you are honest enough you will get the same answer. To further strengthen my words I have people who are engineers and are known for thinking out of box Nitin Gupta (rivaldo), Kumar vishvas are the few which are known and popular but there are many more who like them think out of box but are not popular. So to begin with what am I here to present you with, well thinking of engineering days here an idea that inspired me to write this blog.
All our life we think what if we were a bit old, what if we would have scored couple of more marks, what if we did good in that paper, what if we had not gone to that place, life is full of what if and that is why there is nothing wrong in thinking what if. But if we can imagine a situation for ourselves why can’t we think similarly for others. The simple reason for that is we are too focused on ourselves &  our goodness, so let me take you out of your own realm and take you to another funny ride, some of you would find it close to your heart because after all we all belong to one useful community call engineering community. So here we go with another roller coaster ride named obedience. Being an Indian you would have heard a story about an obedient child named Shravan Kumar. When our mothers use to tell us this story, she uses to expect us to be like him. But things change because change is the only thing that prevails and is consistent. The biggest credit to this change is given to college life. But what our mothers fail to understand is Shravan kumar did not go to college if he would have gone to college i.e Engineering College this is how the story would have gone.
So after all the hard work and with lots of blessings from his parents he finally managed to reach a good Engineering college. But the big question would be would he be living with his parents then or he would have left his parents? Assuming he lives with parents so all day he studies in college (did I say study….oopppss forgot engineers study only a night before exams). But what is the key difference between us and Shravan kumar when he goes to engineering college?
The first one he cant smoke or drink just like other guys, the other big difference he cant trace Engineering drawings, he needs to show sincerity towards all subjects, he cant sit at the back bench and relax. The reason pretty simple when he goes to college everyday he is been asked to study properly and take down notes of all the subject. What he misses in all this is hostel life, the fun of ragging, socializing …to certain extent. Despite all the odds he still manages to find a love for himself. What will happen and how does he fall in love, what would be the romantic side of Shravan kumar?
So he thinks of falling love so he goes to his parents and asks for what do they think about his marriage, to which he got a reply the girl should be good looking from same caste and should be cultured. Shravan thought thats a easy thing to do. So what he does next is finds out list of all the girls in college. In doing this he finds that in his engineering college he just have 100 girls overall. In a college with over 1000 student only 100 girls, depicting a skewed gender ratio. Shravan still does not loose heart, he then tries to see how many girls belong to his caste, the filter reduces the girls to just 15. He was shocked but he still was strong willed he kept his hope alive he then tried to think of how many girls are good looking, which further reduced the number to just 1. He tried to enquire about that girl but found already changed 5 boys in 4 months, so she is definitely not cultured.
Disappointed Shravan does not loose hope, he still tries his luck on other 14 so he changes his strategy tries to look for horoscope match. He finds amongst those 14 only 1 matches in horoscope. So he decides that this is the girl for me and can you guess what is the next step Shravan takes?
He goes to his parents and says he is in love with this gal and he wants to marry this gal but he finds that his parents had one more condition that the girl should not work after marriage. This was the big question and even Shravan Kumar didn’t know the answer to this. Poor guy with no time to spare and no distraction to his study he suffered no love life for whole of his engineering life. So my question to you all is what should Shravan kumar be like in todays era?? Do let me know through your comment.



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Dear all

After taking you to a long journey in 5 episode series here is a short and simple one, all these days what I tried was to bring to you a character of Pal, in this story I aim to bring in the other counterpart of Pal’s story, well no reward for guessing it would be Nadia. So let me take you through one of her encounter before Pal died, and thats when I would give you a chance to judge that am I really gender biased? To all those who were patient in my 5 episode series and read it out completely here is a short one to refresh your senses. It is another weekend time and Saturday evening were suppose to be Nadia and Pal together but this time Pal was away and Nadia was at home getting bored, she then receives a call from Ria her friend, she was tensed and Nadia was the one who use to listen to her carefully.

Ria: Nadia want to talk to you urgently
Nadia: Ya please honey but tell me did you buy that dress? ( gals are always more worried about dress than the actual worry surrounding them.)
Ria: No darling, my idiot boy friend did not go with me and so when I went after a week it was sold out, (guys don’t worry its usual, you always get the blame for being dull and lazy) so missed it.
Nadia: Its okkie dear so how about we have dinner together and then we can talk.
Ria: Sure what a great idea so you mean to say that you are coming to my house? Dont tell me we are going out to eat? (Guys please note if you want to meet a gal you have to spend but you should understand what I mean to say, a bitter reality but very true.)
Nadia: Come on Ria today is my turn I am cooking for you honey just get your stuff and we will have a good night out.
Ria: Wow thats a great idea, it’s been long we didn’t had a talk, this night out would give us a chance to spend some good time and have some chit chat ( a chit chat means gossips if guys have any confusion)

Within couple of hours Ria was with Nadia, Nadia had cooked boiled vegetables and tasty soup along with mixed salad. (Gals do eat this cause they need to keep themselves fit). Ria was on the door and Nadia opened to see her friend on doors. Ria with a big smile said oh Nadia you look so amazing dear and dear o dear you have maintained yourself very well.( This is a gal’s way of complimenting each other and telling each other that how good they know each other and how good friends they are)
Nadia with same joy and smile said Ria don’t just compliment me its you who keeps inspiring me. (Its needless to say that Ria was gal who was fitness freak and worried a lot to be in shape, and when gals are in good shape you can easily understand some guy would be around this gal).

They had a nice dinner and they kept talking about other gals and guys, you see the usual gossip after the dinner the gals were together and were sitting comfortably on bed and thats when Nadia asked about what is wrong, what is it that is keeping Ria tensed? Ria’s expression changed all of sudden.
Nadia knew that it was something serious otherwise a fun loving gal like Ria would not be so tensed.

Nadia: Look we know each other from years so you can tell me whats wrong.
Ria: Well Nadia I don’t know this thing called being in relationship $u@ks big time, its a big time pain dear, but I don’t know would you be in able to understand this, you have been so against this thing called love, you have always believed in living life peacefully so just wanted to sit with you and talk but not on this cause i know I will end up getting scolding from you, so let it go.
Nadia: (With a witty smile) Ria actually the thing is you still can tell me (with changed experession)
Ria: (With an OMG expression and state of shock) Nadia do you mean to say …. Nadia nodded
Oh My God and you didn’t bother to tell me about this? How? When and who is he?
Nadia: (with a shy expression and nervousness) Ria he is Pal and he works in BMW we just met during a football match both of us are MAN U fans and he use to look out for me in office which use to scare me but later I found that he was scared of me and he is kind of funny but cute.
Ria: Since when and what did he say that you changed your mind?
Nadia: I always believed in not to fall in trap called love but its the look in the eyes of that guy that made me to forget all my concept, there was something in that guy that just kept pulling me and thats when I fell for her, its been 3 months since than but I don’t know Ria would I be able to get along with him. He is very different ( when a love story begins every guy is different and unique in himself which diminishes over period of time thats law of diminishing return in love, and guys don’t worry whenever gals are confused like this it means they are ready to take whatever risk it takes to go beyond the limit in their commitment for you, so just keep an eye on this statement if the catalyst you used tells you this statement it means she will do anything for you)
Ria (even more excited, happy and curious like a child kept enquiring Nadia) after couple of hours when Nadia was done with telling all the story she asked now tell whats your problem?
Ria: (with confidence and pain replied) Its my boyfriend Prasana, when we started he had all the time in the world for me we use to have quiet good time and you remember in college he use to see me off till the hostel every night but during last 5-6 months it seems she has lost interest in me and she does not give me as much time as we use to have in the past.
Nadia: Its been 1.5 yrs since you left the college Ria and I would like to ask you something did your role in your job not change in last 5-6 months? Did you not feel a change in your lifestyle.
Ria: Well my working hours are 10-8 but usually i come back by 9 and Prasana’s working hours are 6 to 3-4 and when I come back I get free by 10:30 with dinner and everything.
Nadia: So when do you get time for each other? (which was actually a good question)
Ria: We get time only on Sundays and holidays but he does not feel like talking to me at all like he use to do earlier and that’s what is worrying me. ( Guys this is a stupid question don’t you think so?)
Nadia: Well its just cause your office hours clash and you have not spent time together and I am sure if you devote time for each other things would get sorted out, there is nothing to worry, Prasana is a good guy its just that job responsibility has taken a toll of him and thats why you are getting insecure.
Ria: Do you think I am getting insecure?
Nadia: (patiently) Ria can you tell me what Prasana said to you when he proposed you?
Ria: Nadia don’t you what guys say? It was just another way of Saying I Love you.
Nadia: Did he say that?
Ria: Off course.. that is why I said a big yes to her.
Nadia: Do you know what that means?
Ria: What what means Nadia? Why confusing me with your indirect questions can you tell me what you want to say in short and sweet words I am getting confused.
Nadia: When you say I love you the 3 key alphabets are I, V and U. To say and mean I Love You means keeping V in between I and U.
Ria: (slightly confused) Nadia can you please keep yourself precise I am not able to digest this.
Nadia: To keep V between I and U means to give the highest weightage to V without spoiling the identity of either I or U. If you start giving weightage to either of them you are going to end up in trouble, and you will lose the essence of the most beautiful line you ever came across in your life.
Ria: Nadia I am surprised you are saying this, you who never believed in love, anyways please let me know what is going wrong in my case?
Nadia: Ria why don’t you understand this simple thing that you are not able to give time to each other and that is why you are feeling a bit distant from Prasana
Ria: The thing is now a days he is more busy with his office colleague Parul, he has no time for me.
Nadia: Do you really think the relation which you made in last 2.5 years could be spoiled by an office collegue, I wonder how can you think this way? Did you ever tell Prasana about this confusion that you have in your mind? Did you find anything unusual going between both of them?
Ria: No but office people say a lot of things about both of them and you are right I haven’t had a word about Parul with Prasana, but why will he accept even if something is between them also.
Nadia: First thing first Ria how can you forget that when you were in college, people use to say a lot about me and Prasana as well does that mean there was something going between me and him? Secondly this is what I meant by putting V in between I and U, what you are doing now is giving more weightage to I, think about the good time and relation both of you have been through you will get the answer that will Prasana cheat on you or not. Its V who make you together and makes the relation very special. So think again my dear and think smart your answer is right in front of you dear.
Ria: Nadia I really need to meet Pal now and tell him that he is lucky to have you and what he is doing is not good, one should not change a person so much that their friend find it hard to believe that they were once upon a time friend with same person.
Nadia: (with a laugh) I don’t know what he did but all I know is “ Love is a moment that lasts forever” Its something that has capability to turn around you and your world with its one gentle touch.

By this time it was 5 in the morning and Ria decided to talk to Prasana and tell him how good she feels when he is around and how much special he makes her feel and asked Prasana to take her for a long drive this weekend.

Sometimes knowing the meaning of what you say is not easy, but when you realise the true meaning of your words, its then you start enjoying and seeing the world from a different lens. Hope you enjoyed the blog…Please let me know through comments

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Dear all

It had been a long time since we had a story to share but may be this can be attributed to that my friend Pal has nothing to tell but pages of history have always something to tell and yes they do have something to tell this time. To begin with a very happy valentine’s day to all, hope you get your true love and they be with you for all your life. Coming to love it reminds me of some of the incidence that Pal came across, let me began by saying that it has to do with just one day. Wondering what this one day is?? Well ask any guy who is not in a mood to settle always looks for a love that does not last for long, what if the length of this love is just one night? Don’t think too much the story is just about one night which came as a consequence of few days of nooks and coorks. So without any further delay let me take you to another story and another incident that Pal came across.

As you all know everyone who takes PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) in higher secondary school ends up being and engineer and to become an engineer you need to enter the great vicious circle of going to coaching classes that train you or so called “assure you a bright future“. Pal being an engineer also went through this loop and he ended up in a place called Kota. Now the speciality of this place at that time was who ever goes there should be either in one of the big names like “Career point” or “Resonance”, luckily Pal was sitting in the apex of these institute at that time which happens to be “Bansal”. Now being in this institute means that you have a high calibre and you are going to be a potential candidate in IIT (a premier engineering institute). Pal was a sincere guy and enjoyed studying physics and maths he hated chemistry for which he use to come to me, and that’s when we had long chats and we came to know each other well.

One day Pal was leaving for his hometown and I was with him, all of sudden he jumped and said “Dude, wait I am just coming”. He then rushed in to help a beautiful gal who was from bansal. She was carrying lots of stuff so he went in to get her stuff down. They talked for sometime and he came back to me. He told me that yup I made the most of this chance, I was looking to talk this gal for so long, isn’t she beautiful, the whole Bansal is behind her. I asked a simple question “Who is she?” he said “she is PVC”. PVC happens to be from the same town as of Pal and he knew very well that this journey was going to be special. The train arrived and it so happen Pal and PVC happened to be in same coach. Now guys you can imagine very well how happy Pal would have been. But the story is not about the journey but its after the journey, Pal came back and was sad cause he found out that PVC was committed. Poor pal!. It happens always isn’t it!!

So I had to console Pal and cheer him up, the story was same for few days and as the screening exams were coming closer I could see the seriousness on Pal’s face, he was working real hard but one day he came and said “Dude I don’t wana get in this, I am not doing right”

I said “Whats the matter Pal why talking so before screening, you are doing good and you will make it easily!

Pal: Dude its not screening that I am worried its PVC.

I: what??

Pal: Yup, all these days me and PVC have been studying together I help her with maths and she helps me in physics chemistry, but I am afraid this closeness has invited trouble for me, some guys are after me to get away from PVC and I find it hard.

I : Dude you are telling me now?

Pal: Dude the problem is worst I am not sure where am I going?

I: Focus Pal, you cant just give up at this point when you are just few weeks from screening, all these months you have put in all hard work for this would you give it up now?

Pal: I would make in screening I know but I am not sure where I will end up with PVC.

I: Dude what matters for you? IIT or PVC?

Pal: What if I ask for both?

I: Dude you gone crazy, better go home have a nice sleep and focus on exams.

Pal: No don’t say so, IIT is my dream.

Well it took 4 more hrs to brainwash Pal and get him to focus on his prime goal.

Screening went well and Pal cracked it with flying color, it was that eve when Pal and PVC were together and they were done with paper discussion which is a common thing after an exam, they knew what scores they were managing to get and they were hoping that they will make in with a good rank. Both of them were happy and that’s when PVC went to call her boy friend while coming back she was upset and sad, she came and started crying, Pal tried to stop her from crying and enquire what has gone wrong, he came to know that her boy friend was fighting with her since last couple of months and as he did not do well in screening his frustration came out by scolding her and breaking off, to which Pal said talk to him after few days everything would be fine, which made PVC feel better for sometime, now once the screening is over its time for mains which happens in April and in between came a February.

It was valentine’s day and after all the day’s hard work Pal was sitting in park, relaxing a bit and he find’s PVC coming his way, they had a talk for few mins and they were sitting nicely. All of sudden PVC popped up and said ” Pal I wana drink today”.

Pal: (shocked and stunned) What?? Are you crazy?

PVC: Just do it, I wana see how can people forget the pain when they drink?

Pal: I know devdas just got realised now but its no time to be one, focus on exams its right over your head.

PVC: Just do it or I will go on my own.

Pal: Don’t do it.

PVC: Ok I am going to pub if something happens you would be responsible, as you didn’t go with me.

(A guy who is a good friend faces this situation very often cause when people break up all the blame goes to their best friend for not being a good guy and not allowing gals to do silly things and if something goes wrong it wont be their lover it would be the best friend who would take the blame, how silly is that?)

So Pal went to pub quietly, it so happen that Pal tried 4 different variety of drinks, and those who drink knows it well that when you mix drinks that’s when trouble starts. It was 11 and they came out of pub and PVC just fell off her feet, Pal like a good friend carried her to her house, while they were approaching PVC demanded that she wants to sit in park for sometime. To which Pal agreed because he knew spinning head needs fresh air not a bed, more so he was expecting that the gal would puke. So they were sitting in park. PVC told the whole story and what was going in her love life. Pal listend quietly and said everything would be fine he would come back.

PVC: No he wont he is an egocentric person he won’t come back I know. Even if he does I am not going to him. I am happy without him.

Pal: Don’t be stressed we have a big life to face.

PVC: Pal, why are you so good, and why you always stand on my side?

Pal: That’s how I am.

PVC: Pal can I ask you something.

Pal: Sure why not..

PVC: Will you be my Valentine?

Sometimes life gives you such an unexpected moment that you don’t even know how to respond or react and that is what happened with Pal. Pal never knew that he would face such a situation and I don’t need to say what Pal said. The conversation continued and it was just close to mid night and they had such a romantic one hour. Pal was in another world and that’s when dunked PVC dropped another bomb.

PVC: Pal, I wana kiss you

Pal: No PVC you are drunk be careful

PVC: No I do, you are my valentine and I wana give you a lovely gift to make your day even special.

Pal: PVC lets go home

PVC: (with a jerk pulls Pal ) I am not going anywhere instead you are coming here

Pal tried to resist but with such a lovely talk and the occasion who can say no for long, it was the moment when Pal was about to get his first kiss and in the most unexpected way. They were about to kiss each other and all of sudden, something else came out of PVC’s mouth, finally she puked and everything that she drank was now on Pal’s face and clothes. Pal was in a yuk state and he then decided to take her to her room and which he did successfully and he informed her friend to make her drink some water and let her sleep. Nobody knew what happened and all the other gals could see was Pal in puked dress and PVC struggling to stand. Pal came back home happily and decided that next day he would talk to PVC in detail on taking this relation ahead.

Next Day Pal was moving out of coaching classes to get a rose for PVC but he caught up with PVC in the mid way, PVC stood right in front of Pal and said ” Pal I don’t know what happened yesterday, all I could remember is I went to pub and I just drank in frustration, after that I don’t know what I did, gals told me that I puked on you and you brought me home. I am sorry for making your dress dirty if you can give your dress I will get it cleaned from laundry. I really feel bad now and I don’t know what else I would have done after drinking as I don’t even remember it. So please Pal, if I caused any more trouble to anyone please let me know I will apologise to them Even my bf got angry on me and he would come down to see me tommorrow. I am so dumb Pal I am so glad I have a friend like you who takes care of me all the time and keeps me away from all the troubles. Please tell me did I cause trouble to anyone else? “

Sometimes life give you real surprises and Pal was having a big shower of surprises a 3rd one in last 24hrs. Lost and stuck Pal didn’t knew how to respond. All he could say was “Nobody”. PVC had no idea that what trouble she had caused and what has she done, it was Pal and I who know what happened that night and the secret is now with you.

Guys, if you are still reading let me tell you what happened later, PVC made in IIT and Pal, could not, he was just too lost after this incident. Moral of the story, study hard work hard gals will keep coming and going, your life will change with study and work not with gals.

Gals if you read what I wrote for guys, then let me tell you, you have a great patience for reading the whole story. You really never leave anything in the middle you finish things right till the end like you did for this blog.

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Dear all

In my last blog I told you my story because lots of people raised a lot of questions, I had no answers to them then to give them answer in my lines. So here is another Pal story , should I say Pal story or an account… you people decide and tell me. People asked me so many questions the only answer to their question is “ All the character in this story are imaginary any resemblance with anyone would just be mere coincidence.” Well life is wonderful and we all know that but so many times we take life for granted, this account is just a reflection of how taking life for granted and making assumptions about life can be dangerous. This is an account of Pal on 16th December night. Last night of Pal, that day he had a bad time in office and when he came back in the evening to see Nadia she was asleep, so he decided not to wake up Nadia and just make some tea for himself, but when you are out of your mind something wrong happens and it did. Pal dropped the cup and Nadia woke up, Nadia just lost a cup which was gifted to her by her mother, she had every reason to get angry on Pal, and she did. Pal already had a bad day and he got annoyed and yelled at Nadia and left.

It was night time 11:00 P.M. Pal had a good habit of writing an entry in diary. So here is what he wrote in his diary.

Date 16th December 2010

Dear Nadia,

I know I not just broke your cup but broke your heart, I know I am a dumb head, I know I could have reacted in a different way, I know I could have said something good that time, but I really had a bad day, I know you enjoyed your comp off but as you were sleeping I didn’t wanted to disturb you but just prepare a nice tea for you and wake you up with the smell of tea so that you could feel better and then we could go for a bike ride. I love to take you for a ride, not because I love you because I love your hairs when they fly, I feel like the breeze feels delighted and tries to play with your hair and make me feel jealous as because those hairs fly opposite to me and that breeze tries to tease me and tell me that you are not so lucky. But how can I tell that breeze that I cannot tell how much lucky I am, how great my life is with you, how good I feel when you sit next to me on my bike. Well I just wana tell that breeze that those hairs are beautiful and I give you a chance to play with them. Trust me whatever I said was my anger and I know I am very bad at anger management, you also know this. My only intention was to break your sleep with a great tea that could make you say I LOVE YOU. Ah let me tell you I don’t know weather I would have courage to say this to you ever or not, but you look great when you sleep. While you were sleeping I wish it would be dawn time and we were in a boat, I would sail the boat so that when the first ray of morning comes and falls on you, I could show them that there is something more beautiful than them. I love the glims and the twinkles in your eyes, I wish that we were laying on grass in open sky and show stars that you don’t need to be so proud of your twinkling; I already have my star with me who can twinkle much brighter than you and your beauty is nothing in front of those eyes. I saw you smiling in your dreams I don’t know but it came to my mind that I was in your dreams, I really wish I could make you smile always not just in dreams but in real life also. Your smile is something that makes my day, it s like a bright sunny day in a cold winter season. The warmth of sun would not match the smile on your face. I wish I could tell the sun that your brightness is nothing in comparison to those smile, your glow can never match my love’s face, her smile makes my day. When I close my eyes I could see your face right in front of me. I wish I could tell you what it means to me, I could tell those flowers that there is something more delicate and more joyce than them. Something more beautiful than those flowers. Your pink cheeks would make the rose shy away.

Suddenly the phone rings… DIL (NA) Dia calling…

I wish I could finish this story, I wish I could tell you how much I love you, I really wish you always be right next to me smiling talking and spreading your glow. You make this fool a genius. I wish I could tell you how much I want to hold your hand and walk with you on sandy beeches , how much I wish to take a walk with you along the river side. I wish I could explain everything to you but now as you have given a call I will finish this story later. I know you will start the call with sorry but I would like to say sorry because you can never be wrong its me who is stupid… Lets talk dear, I have lot to write would write tomorrow lot more to tell you…I wish one day you read this diary and feel my love….For now time to talk to you…

On 26th December when Nadia read this last page of diary the only thing that she could do is cry, a drop of tear fell on that page, I think that was the perfect ending to the unfinished story that Pal wanted to finish. No end could be better than this end. If life is a story not every story would be complete but its important to remember that every moment you live you make a story out of it and love life, live life, thats life.

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In the land of great poets you cant be them, neither can you imitate them nor act like them, but when the heart says somethings these lines come out, sorry for not giving a pal story. That would be next till then this is where I rest…I hope you get the depth of emotions and enjoy this rhythm divine…


The night was lovely and the wind was cool
the shadow of mine layout with me without any rule
the joy was with me and so was the pain
I was in the heaven and I saw the hell
The soul of mine was free from all tales
The brightness was in front and darkness behind
The love of my life who was the rhythm divine
Through to my soul and gave me the best of time
Gone were the days when I was dumped and I was sad
Today is mine no matter its still month eight
There comes a time when life change, after sunshine it rains
Loved your tears and more loved your smiles
The heart still beats and sings the same rhythem divine
The touch of your hand to close my eyes
The voice of yours so lovely and so fine
Gone are the days and gone are the memoirs
The only things remains is just a story of mine
I stand before the dawn in the hope of sunshine
But all could feel was the fog of mystery and glimmer of hope
Then came the fairy with the touch of light
With a look in her eyes and a faith in soul of mine
Gone were the mists and road lay ahead
No more melancholy strings its my new rhythm divine
Thats the story so far this is all mine ..this is all mine

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